3 November 2012

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3 November 2012

Postby Dogbreath » Sun Nov 04, 10:22 am

A satisfying, long nights’ sleep and that nasty cold is clearly on the way out. Energy, once again.

We take the train to Haarlam to buy Ecco shoes and Thai sticks. The train ride is a nice interlude from the city. A look at the “countryâ€￾.

We see small farms, some idyllic looking. The grass fields are wet… the kind of saturated wetness we see at home only during spring snowmelt. Red wonders why there are so many miniature horses. We soon see a family on a trail with two of these micro horses with very small kinder on their backs.

There are residential areas we pass… neat, clean and orderly. One moment looking out the train windows you see “wildernessâ€￾; the next moment some industrial facility. Excellent civic planning.

Strolling down the main shopping drag in Haarlam, the population differs from Amsterdam. More folks our age and lots of ordinary Dutchies. Mother and daughter walking arm in arm shopping together. Young Dutch guys on bikes texting with their iPhones. Couples with kid strollers, some with fancy contraptions to keep the rain out. Dogs…. Lotsa dogs, city dogs, and most are on the small side.

We find the Ecco shoe store and soon I find the shoes I want.

“But those are identical to the shoes you haveâ€￾, Red offers.

“Yes, I want them because they were very comfortable, they have lasted six years, and still have a year or two leftâ€￾.

Must be a Venus/Mars thing.

We amble to the end of the shopping district, find a mailbox, and drop off stealth seed letters. We turn around and trace our steps. Red sees a tempting Dutch pastry stand, and loads up. She returns with a large bag of goodies, saying she bought all of this at half the cost in Amsterdam.

How is it the Dutch have such sinfully delicious treats and candies, yet it is uncommon to see fat Dutch people.

Hunger beckons, so we go into a crowded restaurant. We settle in, feel the dry warmth now that we are out of the rain. Then a woman with seven kinder comes in and they sit next to us. Six boys and one cute girl, all about eight years old, over flowing with energy. The kids pull out candy from each of their little treat bags; throwing gasoline on the fire.

Not many tourists here, if the menu is any indicator. All in 100% Dutch, only the word “pizzaâ€￾ having meaning to us. We study some more, figure out a category having the word “broodâ€￾ in it: bread, so these must be sandwiches. There is only one offering we can understand: club sandwich. So we order it. With fuel in the furnace, we go outside and cruise the farmers market in the open grotte. Red buys a package of stoopwaffels.

Ready for a coffee and smoke, we stop in at Willy Wortels Sativa coffee shop. This placed has really changed in six years, completely redone. Other than two Dutch guys having a quiet conversation at the counter, we have the place to ourselves, and enjoy our coffees.

A most friendly budtender, upon inquiry, informs me they haven’t sold Thai Sticks in three or four years. “Ees too risky importing droogs into de Nederlands anymoreâ€￾. For a moment, that statement made me take pause. Importing weed into NL? Like when I once overheard a Dutch conversation, “She speaks Dutch with an American accentâ€￾. Different perspectives. So we buy two grams of “regularâ€￾ Thai weed, imported, not too potent, but okay for 5 euros a gram.

We drink our coffee smoke our weed and feel quite relaxed. That special Thai high.

How wonderful is it to be able to take a break from shopping by pulling in to have a coffee and a few hits?

After the late afternoon hotel catnap, we go off again into the night. We first want to stop at 420 café for a smoke and coffee. But the place is packed, not a seat anywhere. We try Homegrown Fantasy, Abraxis, Nes Cafe and Greenhouse: all like sardine cans. We find a seat at GOA coffee shop. At the counter we order drinks. We are informed we must buy weed to have seat. How can such a policy be legal? Now I remember why I have never patronized this shop.

We find seats at Bluebird coffeeshop, and go upstairs to get drinks. Here we see the same indifferent service I recall from the past. Some things don’t change. People who work here seem like employees who hate their job. Like surly teenage girls. The weed line is very long, so we defer. We sit at our table downstairs, drink our coffee, and smoke our weed. The table next to us has half a dozen rough looking middle eastern guys smoking. We can’t understand a word they are saying, the tone does not set well with us…. The vibes are telling us this is not a good environment. We feel increasingly uncomfortable. We soon depart.

Pizza and salad for dinner very late in the evening. Refueled, we are off.

We wander out yet again into the night, to replenish our supply of Laughing Buddha, a strain we have taken a liking to. We get to the Barneys weed counter. Sold out. So we pick up a gram each of Dr. Grinspoon and Nevilles A5 Haze. As we expected, the place is packed.

We saunter in this most excellent late Saturday night evening. We pull into Freeworld Coffeeshop to smoke our weed. Ah yes, we once again have adjusted our attitudes. We make it back to the hotel very late. Just as we enter the hotel, it begins raining like hell…. An intense drenching rain.

Changes in Amsterdam:

The street drug dealers are gone. It used to be walking across certain bridges in the main red light district was like walking the gauntlet.

Beggars: we have yet to be hit up by beggars. Oh, there are still folks on the street looking for coinage. But they at least attempt to offer something… some silly trick or poorly executed music.

De Dam: The festive air I recall seems to be missing. There are few street entertainers.

Coffee shops: there are fewer now. All of the old Rokerie shops are closed. There is more demand than coffee shop capacity. Many evenings it’s very difficult to find seating.

Another day of sloth successfully completed.

Life is goeden.


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Postby Tall Guy » Sun Nov 04, 11:48 am

Great stuff DB, dankuwel.

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Re: 3 November 2012

Postby alpha » Sun Nov 04, 4:20 pm

Dogbreath wrote:How is it the Dutch have such sinfully delicious treats and candies, yet it is uncommon to see fat Dutch people.

Perhaps it's because of those tourists, with them insatiable munchies?

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Postby chichi123 » Mon Nov 05, 2:36 am

Dutch are tall and ride bikes.

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