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20 20 20

Postby patrick » Mon Jan 12, 3:34 pm

20 20 20 24 hours to go

i'm going to get sedated

put me on a plane

then put me on a train

hurry hurry hurry

before i go insane.

sorry to ripp off the Ramones but its excately how i feel, under 24 hours now, trip reports to follow.

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Postby Otis » Mon Jan 12, 3:45 pm

See you Friday at either DeKuil or Smokeys. I'm working on making a big blunt of Budsie and Grey Mist Crystals for Friday. I'll try and finish it tonight and I'll send photos of it to my "gearpics" list and if you PM me an email addy I'll send you pics too, but we'll smoke it friday. Have a good trip over! It's raining and overcast in Utrecht but plenty of fine herb awaits your fire.


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Maid Marian
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I can only imagine

Postby Maid Marian » Tue Jan 13, 4:29 am

Patrick, It gives ME goose bumps thinking about it being that close to going........It must be one of the times when time really c r a w l s.
Have a wonderful time, and we'll be waiting on those trip reports.

Peace............................Maid Marian

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7 7 7 7 days to go

Postby dapoopa » Tue Jan 13, 12:00 pm

7 7 7 days to go

That's one week in human years

Gonna get away from all this Moscow snow

and smoke fine Amsterdam gears



Postby patrick » Tue Nov 18, 7:37 am


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Postby chigusa » Tue Nov 18, 10:38 am

paddywank, pwank, paddywank.

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