How I got introduced to skuff

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How I got introduced to skuff

Postby padichar » Thu Jan 27, 10:18 pm

In fact I was in the Dam twice after my last report. Not much to tell but this which I thought was really amazing. As I told everyone in my first and only trip report so far, I discovered somewhat late for my taste the Basjoe coffeshop. Previous to that trip I had absolutely no idea what I was missing. I even had the nerve to call the wonderful person that owns that shop “the black dudeâ€￾. Anyway as the story goes, I finally got the confidence- maybe I was not yet completely backed to introduce myself to James. I mentioned to him that I had written a piece on my last Amsterdam crawl about the great atmosphere I had encountered there. Upon telling the story James asked me what I had been smoking last time. I answered not knowing... Royal Hash why? He then very kindly presented me with about half a gram of the stuff. In over 20 years travelling to this city this had never happened to me apart from some of my past friends. Basjoe might not have the best gear, yet the ambiance, the friendliness of the place puts it in my mind pretty close to if not the n° 1 shop in Amsterdam.

Anyhow back to the original story that I had promised to tell. About 20 years ago when Amsterdam in my virgin mind was all about partying with my Dutch and French friends – I had no idea the RLD even existed aside from the odd comments now and then. Back then please realize that the “nederwietâ€￾ was just coming to the coffee shop scene and was considered to be the WEED. I had been a regular pot smoker for a little while enjoying the effects of mild African ganja and as such I was not prepared at all for what was going to happen. At the time I was living abroad and after a few phone calls with my friends, I decided to drive to the Dam accompanied with one of the biggest herb smoker I have ever known. I mean this literally that friend would probably go through a 50 g soap bar – weak Moroccan hash- in less than 5 days.

Upon arriving in the city we met with a great Dutch friend that was putting us over for the week-end. He immediately told us that while he was really pleased to have us, he had almost no time to feast with us because he was in the middle of his exams. He knew the two of us had a great appetite for marijuana. He hinted without further explanation that we should try to hook up with one of his French friend we had previously met while partying. His ways were so secretive we knew something was up! He gave the phone number and address, we then went to bed.

Next day we woke up, had a cup of coffee and a few brodje to start off an unexpected day. We had called that friend and he was expecting us around mid afternoon. I guess I do not have to spell out what our activities for the day where we smoked ourselves silly from about 9 am to the time of the meeting and remember what I told you earlier. I was in the company of a real chimney… I was really fried sunny side up of course!

My not so keen sense of direction was now completely upside down. It took us a good couple of hours under the light spring rain to find that friend’s place. Not that we minded, we were way too busy trying to find our brains somewhere around the canals….

Well after some considerable efforts on our part, we made it. Now at the time I thought the guy was making a living out of computer game shop he had set up. My big fucking mistake, in fact this was only a front to a sizeable grow operation, he had set up in the basement of his place. I mean when we entered the place he asked us if we would like to smoke a joint... We sort of rebuffed him saying we were fully stocked from our earlier tour at different places. He then laughed and beckoned us to follow him. We got introduced to his grow room alright. No lie, he was drying the herb and there must have been a least 40 plants hung upside down. You will all guess that our next move was to sample every strain pretending somehow to be weed connoisseurs. I think there was one sativa and maybe one indica phenotypes; it has been a very long time so bear with me. The immediate result was that our brains were turned into instant human pulp. For the life of me I do remember being unable to thing straight for a minute. Then again this was the idea, get utterly wasted.
The rightful bastard had set us up I knew in some way this was only the beginning and not the end and to plagiarize a great Englishman I should have known it was going to be the beginning of the end.
After the huge smoke out That Friend – I was starting to wonder if he was a real friend, just kidding- offered us coffee and biscuits as a token of his hospitality. Right then he asked in an outlandish way if we had enough to smoke and if by any chance we would like to try something new. Hum hum what did youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu say? We answered. More partaking are you out of your mind? Well then why the hell not!

I thought we were going to smoke some ultra tasty green but I also wondered what could be more flavorful that the weed, he had kindly bestowed upon us for the last few hours. How wrong was I. He said to us that the stuff, we were about to sample was in his long experience the strongest gear, he had ever tried. We were presented to his own hand made skuff right there and then. First time for me and my chimney friend. Ah to this day I have the olfactive memory of that piece of hash. The smell was great but the effects of that joint were closer to speed mixed with some sort of hallucinogenic potion than weed. Don’t get me wrong this was just pure really fresh skuff, probably the harvest of a few rotations in a tumbler something which today seems utterly mundane. Yet at the time I got a real whitey, had to lie down for what I thought were a few minutes which in fact lasted the whole night.

Slowly skuff and then water hash and then ultimately icehash have appeared in almost every coffee shop in town but at the time nothing was close to what we had smoked. Oh forgot to mention, my chimney friend had a whitey too!! So I was relieved not to be the only one going down.

Alas the day of great weed and hash discoveries are no more. Nederwiet and icehash are everywhere to be found. I miss those early days for they were a lot of fun and everything seemed so new. Since then I have more than once tried nederhash but nothing has ever been close in flavor, strength and duration from that little joint we inhaled over 20 years ago.

My tale is told, I hope to read more of yours.
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Postby Jessica » Thu Jan 27, 10:29 pm

Good read. Thanks for sharing.

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Postby worldcitizen1723 » Fri Jan 28, 2:07 am

everything is better the first time!!

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