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Postby JULIET » Mon Nov 29, 4:29 am

Hammer wrote:Welcome to channels Padichar. Your writing style reminds me of a recently departed member, whose style was very human, personal, and brought you into his mind and emotions, whether joyful, sad, romantic, or lonely. He leaves big footprints to fill, but you have a wonderful way of conveying your reactions to events along the merry way in fantasyland. And also not to forget the details after your prodigious smoking intake. I hope to read more of your tales. How about previous trips? Hammer

Hammer - I agree with your sentiment, I also thought of dear LH, god bless him, when reading this trip report.

Padichar - that was a lovely read, thank you. Also a big welcome to Channels, I can tell you're gonna fit right in, it's nice to see you!

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Postby padichar » Mon Nov 29, 9:26 am

thanks for the welcome. As I have sadly returned home and not planning any trip soon to our beloved city, I will have to do some deep cave diving within my memory to put pen to paper and give the channelites a new story. I htink I have a good tale for y'all... or how I got introduced to skuff - 20 years ago-

Later though

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Postby matty223 » Mon Dec 20, 2:46 am

The man you spoke of in your report at Basjos is James , IMo your right the best shop in town. James is a great guy and always has good gear

peace matty

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