Dispatch from Zandvoort #3

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Dispatch from Zandvoort #3

Postby Gilby » Wed Oct 06, 9:12 am

Dispatch from Zandvoort #3

Day six of my stay in Zandvoort. It is very pleasant, quiet as well, except for the sound of the sea. The town is winding down from the tourist season and some of the clubs and restaurants are closing up until next year. The boulevard that runs alongside the beach is busy all day with folks getting exercise and fresh air so there is life at the beach. So many people walking their dogs. There are signs all over forbidding dogs on the beach, yet every other person walking on the beach has a dog. The dogs of course love it, all the tails going back and forth, proudly strutting alongside their human. I was overlooking the beach before sunrise early one morning and could see dogs with LED lights on their collar. It was too dark to make out the form of the dog, but you could see the lights dart and dash in haphazard directions along the surf. It was joyful just watching frolicking dogs and the humans they have trained to take them to the beach every morning.
Shared supper last evening with some very nice folks from Cologne Germany. Wonderful people, this hotel seems to attract lots of Germans, all the cars in the parking lot have a “Dâ€￾ on the license plate, which is the country stamp for a car registered in Germany. The language issue was difficult but we made pleasant conversation and I learned again, people all over the world are basically the same, share the same hopes and fears. Its always groovy to make a new friends, so today is German appreciation day for me.
Back to my writing. I haven’t been away from home long enough to be homesick, I do however, miss my wife Tammy and daughter Alissa. I don’t miss the grind of daily life, haven’t had the urge to drive around and fix stuff since my arrival. Which is evidence of my sanity, it is good to know I have some left.

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