My Bag is in Germany!

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My Bag is in Germany!

Postby Birdman » Mon Nov 30, 5:10 pm

It’s mind numbing to think that these imbeciles have actually ever been to Amsterdam because they have absolutely nothing in common with the government or the people of Amsterdam. IMO most of these pathetic jerk offs are butt-ugly fat asses or dullards who have a unhealthy interest in marijuana and need to finally get laid by something other than their right-hand. They sit in a coffeeshop, smoke weed, think about how great everything is but don’t have the mental capability of to equate that it is the policies of the Dutch government that have made everything so peaceful and free. The beliefs of these buffoons is so far removed from the majority of the residents of Amsterdam that it’s probably best that they just smoke their weed and keep their mouths shut as to not offend anyone with their thickheaded, simplistic, self-serving ideals. Then after smoking themselves silly and getting their dick wet a few times, they return to their pathetic lives in America and their mundane existence having taken nothing from their experience.
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Postby muckypup » Mon Nov 30, 6:09 pm

All I can say is that after you fucked Tutti, I hope to fucking God you didn't give her your address.


Postby Birdman » Mon Nov 30, 6:16 pm


Fuggin' thing is going from Berlin to Munich to JFK on Lufthansa not KLM. Do I get Frequent Flyer miles?

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Postby Philter » Wed Dec 02, 4:04 am

Thanks for the nice report! Hope to make it next year. What was your best smoke, anything standsout?


Postby Birdman » Wed Dec 02, 4:24 am

Philter wrote:Thanks for the nice report! Hope to make it next year. What was your best smoke, anything standsout?

Vanilla Kush.

Very nice.

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