Short Report #2

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Bon Bon Billy
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Short Report #2

Postby Bon Bon Billy » Fri Dec 12, 3:59 pm

Sitting at the Freeworld, slightly drifty based on earlier visits to the Tweede Kamer and Kadinsky's Spui shops, I will offer a small report After 5-1/2 days of sunny skies, the rain came, but with the rain, slightly warmer tempratures and I can leave my gloves in my pockets.

We are getting very close to Winter Soltice and the days are amazingly short. The sun never rises more than a few degrees above the skyline and it's travel line takes no more than 60 degrees of the total 360 degree horizon. I feel 'up-north'; closer to the ultimate source of winter.

I've been on what could be called a very slow crawl lasting 6 days now. It's amazing how tense I was coming into the trip and how long it's taken to unwind. I developed a nasty habit of getting up around 7:30 AM and going down for the hotel breakfast, then returning to the room. There I take a few pipe hits and off for another few hours sleep.

I have found my Dutch legs. After a few sore days at the beginning, I now walk at the same pace and distance as my Dutch counterparts. I feeling of health follows the arrival of the legs. I am now looking forward to a brisk kilometer up to the next stop.

I did visit for the first time this trip; Grey Area, Siberia and Amnesia. I must have hit the Grey Area just right. The dealer was friendly with a great product and I had a place to sit down and roll one. I like Siberia. The fact that there were 3 middle-aged local ladies sitting up front catching a buzz enhanced the mellow atmosphere of this shop. The tiger weed is great. Amnesia is noted for it's enthusiatic dealer and wonderful front window view. Just outside the Amnesia is the start of the Singel Red Light District. You can watch the ladies chatting up their customers while you zoned out on NYC Diesel.

The city has taken a more pronounced Dutch feel to it. The throngs of summer tourists are gone. Everywhere the language is Dutch and it's sweet music. Christmas spirit and street decorataions are up. There's an ice rink in Dam Square. The mood of the city is wonderful. It's a good time to visit Amsterdam.

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Postby BlueBerry » Fri Dec 12, 5:48 pm

God, I sure hope that ice rink is still there when I finally make it to Mecca on the 29th. I can't wait to give it a whirl round or two,,, all stoned trying to ice skate,,, HEHE,,, me thinks it will be hilariously fun :))

Glad to hear the weather Gods were watching out for you,,, they definitely must have been pleased ;)

Happy you are having a terrific time!


BTW... If you make it back to Grey Area, please tell Jon I said 'Hello' and that I will be there shortly... Thanks...

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Postby DedBud » Fri Dec 12, 9:22 pm

Hmm...that gives me an idea. I wonder if I can hook up my digital video camera to my laptop and film stoned ice skating channelites from my hotel window and send it back to the rest of the regulars via the web.

I'd prolly be way too stoned myself to figure out how to do it...hehe.

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Re: Short Report #2

Postby dannymac » Sat Dec 13, 5:05 am

Bon Bon Billy wrote:....There's an ice rink in Dam Square.......
Last winter trip I made (Feb/March 2001) they had an ice rink set up in the Museumplein also. Is this one there this year?
Besides the rink, they were blaring music from a P.A. system also.


Postby patrick » Sat Dec 13, 12:37 pm

if i am walking out of grey area which direction should i turn to go to amnesia?......great report i am glad you are having a good time. 30 days to go for me.

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Just The Opposite.

Postby LastHamlet » Mon Dec 15, 12:11 am

Wow, it is just the opposite of the summer trips, where the days are so long.
Glad to hear you liked the Siberie Coffeeshop, it is one of my favorites. The Tiger 1 weed is also one of my favorite smokes.
I wished I could have been there with you BBB, and Thanks for the Memory.
Best Regards Bon Bon Billy.

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first trip part one

Postby daddy » Mon Dec 15, 3:51 pm


liked it so much i posted my trip report here to, that is before the edit.

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Postby TrekknHil » Wed Dec 17, 3:16 am

They had a rink set up in Dam Sq last Christmas...I think it was actually mostly plastic...I think


Postby Miguel » Wed Dec 17, 4:19 pm

BBB I forgot to mention - thanks again for turning me on to the bon bons - they were really good. I made my way to Cafe Chocolata a few more times after our meeting - nice place - good vibe - kinda small, but one of my new favorites !

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