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Short report

Postby Philter » Thu Jun 25, 8:59 am

Yesterday, the plane is late from Frankfurt so I run through the terminals and catch the 5:37pm with no ticket.
The line was very long. I got the train with stops in Lelystaad and Sloterdijk. At the latter, what not but a ticket inspector. I dug out an old Strippencart and told him that I had just got on. He just said, "next time, stamp it first!" Fortunately, I had 3 left, so that was sufficient. Needless to say, I bought a one way for the return.

In Frankfurt I met Penny Ford the singer really cool lady on her way to see Steely Dan last night at Heinekin. Loves Amsterdam, lives in Germany. She performs all over Europe.

Had time to get cakes at Central, thats it. Their cakes are very good. One should be quite a good experience, and I have been nibbling one all day.

But will be back next week for the better part of a day.
Great being in Amsterdam again! It's amazing how the memories of Amsterdam get replaced. Now it's all about this recent interlude.
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Re: Short report

Postby cjcarr » Thu Jun 25, 4:28 pm

Philter wrote:Great being in Amsterdam again!

I bet! Even if only for a few hours.....

And you can go ahead and call Frommer and tell him that IT is possible to go into the city for a bit during a 4 hour layover at Schipol....

Looking forward to hearing more about your return....

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