4/20 Trip Report (Long w/ pics)

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4/20 Trip Report (Long w/ pics)

Postby Couch » Tue Apr 28, 6:34 pm

Note, I originally wrote this for another forum, so some of the names may be unfamiliar, but I also wanted to share with my channelite friends too, so I hope you'll forgive the cut & paste...

First up, the pics:
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v108/ ... offeeshop/

password: fourtwenty

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v108/ ... erdam2009/

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v108/ ... 9/Boxmeer/

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v108/ ... Keukenhof/

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v108/ ... ty%20Park/

Trip report 4/15-4/22, 2009

A nice evening flight leaving at 7:30pm. As usual though, no sleep at all on the plane. I just cannot do it. Too excited, and not comfortable enough. Anyway, the flight went smooth, and we headed to the meetingpoint at Schiphol to pick up our airport transfer. Waited around for 30-40 minutes, and finally called the rental place…turns out the driver had been there all along but wasn’t holding the sign, so we didn’t know who he was. Well, we found him and off to the rental office – a bit out of the way, so I recommend the airport transfer for 35E, takes you direct from airport to rental office and then on to the apartment. Quick rental – sign here, swipe the credit card, grab the mobile broadband card, setup a checkout time, and we’re off. Apartment was good – great location near Leidseplein (about 50ft from Rookies coffeeshop). 2 bedrooms (one had 2 double beds so 6 could have slept here easy), 2 bathrooms (only 1 tub/shower though), living room with couches, chairs, full kitchen (plenty of pots & pans & plates & glasses & silverware), dishwasher, coffee maker, microwave, and even a clothes washer (no dryer, just drying racks – ok for a load or two). 866E for the whole week for 2 people. I felt it was a good value, especially since there was no way I was going to share a room with my travel companion.

Straight to Rookies. Romulan 8.20E, good starter smoke. Nice smell and flavor, and not too strong. Also picked up the Amnesia Haze for 13.50E. Also very nice looking. Didn't smoke much, but it seemed a good sativa/clear high. Rookies is nice. They have a big tobacco smoking area, and some nice tables outside and decent music. Went to Easy Times for cheap internet 1.20E for 20 min. Nice place, but have not sampled their wares. Looks like they have a good/extensive menu though.

Weather is great – 70s and sunny!

Wake & bake with the Amnesia Haze. POW!!! I know I’m a lightweight, but one hit and I was good for many hours. Super-high for about 1.5 hours and then a good long buzz for a few hours afterwards. Whew…takes some getting used to when ya don’t smoke at home like me.

Took care of some must-dos today…
Banana pancakes for breakfast.
Made it into Basjoe's coffeeshop for the first time. (was ok, got some orange bud for 7E)
Walked the RLD. (2 smokin hot brunettes right next to each other – sigh, on the street between the 2 RLD canals, either the one even with where the Old Church is or the one north of that. South-west end, 1 or 2 kamers in from the corner. Yowza!)
Pissed in a pissoir (or whatever those green cylinder urinals are on the canals)
Saw some tourist hurl his guts up in the middle of the street.
Albert Heijn to stock up on groceries.
Albert Cuyp market for more groceries.
Fresh stroopwaffels from Albert Cuyp!!! Awesome, I had two!

Basjoes was nice, but I’m not sure what all the buzz is about. Simple, small shop. Clean and has bathrooms. Coffee was good, and big drinks in ½ liter bottles were nice. 2 tables outside. The Orange Bud for 7E was a good deal. Very fluffy (looked bigger than other grams we had bought), and frosty white. Good smell and smoke, not too potent, but very good for only 7E. Had to ask for papers – they weren’t on the bar – found that kind of odd. Anyway, nice place, but nothing I’d get too excited about.

Salmon steaks from the market for dinner. I’m not big on seafood, but they were quite good with spices and a good helping of fresh cheese melted on top.


This was going to be a day trip to the WWII museum in Overloon, but it turned into a bit of a comedy of errors getting there and back. 1st mistake was that we started late. Didn’t get to the train until around noon. Train to Boxmeer via Nijmegen, and then bus to the museum, but we had to change buses on the way and due to some construction at the bus stop, we had to go down to the next stop, and missed our connection…hour wait for next bus…finally our connection comes, but we’re waiting on the wrong side of the street apparently, and the one going the other way had already come, so…hour wait for the next bus…finally we get the right one, little walk from the bus stop to the museum, and it’s 4:45pm. Museum closes at 5 – argh!!! Luckily, they were nice enough to let us in for free for 15 minutes to take as many pictures as we could manage. Wow, what a museum! Tanks, artillery, planes, machine guns, etc. as far as the eye could see. I will definitely make the trip back here again, but with more time. The grounds surrounding were nice and had a few pieces including a tank, artillery piece, some bunkers and even a Bailey Bridge. I would recommend this if you have an interest in WWII, but start early and give yourself plenty of time!

Made it to a meetup at Nes that evening. Soul Rider was the only one I recognized because of his avatar, but I was swiftly introduced to Lemming, Wolfdangler, Cattales & DHBlues, and several others. The place was packed, nowhere to sit and we had been traveling all day, so we smoked a quick J and moseyed off towards the apartment.


A 3rd person was supposed to join us today, but he was flying standby and never made it on a plane. Sad, but that gave us more time. Made another mean breakfast, had another Amnesia Haze wake n bake, and headed out for our 2nd planned day trip to Keukenhof garden near Leiden. This time the traveling went smoothly. It was another sunny day, so great for getting outside and enjoying a little nature. Keukenhof was packed!!! Must have been 60 tour buses in the lot plus tons of cars and the bus from the train station every 10 minutes. Still not so packed that you couldn’t move around, so once we got inside, we picked a random path, and started walking and clicking our cameras. Snap, snap, snap, snap…no end to the photo ops in this place. We walked around for the better part of 2 hours, had a warm ham sandwich from a stand (delicious), and just kept taking pictures until both our camera batteries died. We figured that was a sign that it was time to go, so we headed back to Amsterdam.

Went to the Meetup at Mellow Yellow at 9pm that night, and had the pleasure of meeting Trichome Dense, Liquid Swords, Red Eyed Indian and a few more. I like this place. Got the Super Silver Haze for 10E. Smaller, crumbly buds, smelled good, tasted good, but not overly strong. I thought it was fine, but probably could have been a better value. They still have a pinball machine (yes!) upstairs, and foosball. Sadly, the upstairs part was hot and smokey as all hell, so we didn’t stay very long. Kind of a shame, I really enjoy the meetups, but I just can’t take it when it’s 80+ degrees and smokey.


We had another day trip planned to Zandvoort & Haarlem, but since our 3rd person never made it, and we were pooped from all the traveling we had done for the past couple of days we nagged the trip and just hung around town. Went down to the market and bought a few goodies for folks back home. Would have liked to go on MileHigh’s bike trip, but my traveling companion was not interested in biking. We did lots of shopping on Spuistraat and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, and had some pizza at a place on Damrak (7.50 E for 2 huge slices, good for the money). Went and checked out the day crew in the RLD. My 2 brunettes were not working, but there was a surprisingly good array of talent out at midday. Back to the apartment for some dinner (spaghetti with fresh parmesan from the market – yum!!! Doing our own cooking was a good idea!), and my companion decided to have an early night. I couldn’t do that, so I smoked up and headed out for a walk on my own. Nowhere in particular to go, may have made a stop at Dolphins, and then a night tour of the RLD (I never purchase there, but I LOVE to look!). Stopped on a bench to smoke some more before finally heading back.


Ah the big day! No touristy stuff today – all smoke. Nice breakfast at the apartment, then up to Homegrown Fantasy. Nice place. Relatively roomy, and a nice bunch of tables out front. I LOVE sitting outside at coffeeshops. Cool and not smokey, and just a perfect place to sit and watch the world go by. There is very little in this world that makes me happier than sitting outside a coffeeshop with a coffee and a joint watching boats glide up and down the canals (no canals at this particular shop, but…), watching the HOT women go by on bikes, and generally just watching the world go by! Met Liquid Swords, Trichome Dense and their crew inside. Also was introduced to Twitchaldinho and Newbinho – nice chaps, pleasure meeting you – thanks for the use of your grinder! Also saw ChillyEd, then went outside to sit with Cattales, DHBlues, Hestia, and a few others whose names escape me now. I think I saw Boner there too but wasn’t actually introduced to him. Hung out for an hour or two just chatting and smoking…Super Silver Haze, Cheese, and some hash that someone passed around. After a while, folks took off and we parted ways, but would rejoin them later around 4:20.

Found Cattales and several other forum members at the bar next to 420 a little bit before 4. We hung around and chatted and had a brew until it got closer to 4:20. The 420 itself was packed so we stayed out until the last moment. When we did go in, the whole rear section of the shop was full of ACD folks. Many I had met at previous meetups, and some new faces as well. We counted down to 4:20pm, said hooray and smoked a joint in celebration, but, again, it was so godawful hot and smokey in there we didn’t stay for very long. It was a great pleasure to meet many folks, and my apologies for not staying longer and meeting more of you.

We headed back to the apartment, but the munchies had me so we didn’t stay long. We headed up to Café de Klos. This is a true carnivore’s paradise!!! We both ordered the ribs that I had heard so much about, and they did not disappoint!!! Was about 18E, but out came 3 HUGE racks of what could have been wooly mammoth ribs, all piled on top of each other in a huge mountain of meat! Served on a wooden platter that had seen the abuse of many knives during its lifetime. Perfectly done, just a little char on the outside for flavor, and very meaty on the inside. Somehow I managed to plow through the whole thing, and could barely move afterwards. Ugh! Awesome!

Headed up to Amnesia for a banana shake for dessert and to see how much it had changed since the last time I was there. Still a perfect location! Lovely spot on a quiet canal. The décor is certainly different, clean and modern vs the old eclectic and homey, but overall not bad. I still felt it was a comfortable place to hang out in. I wanted to have some Honey B that I loved so much last trip, but we were already stocked with smokables, so I just ordered a shake, and spun up some Orange Bud. The menu still looked good, if slightly expensive, but I didn’t try anything. We played a game of chess, and had a smoke, and then finally sat outside when the tables emptied. Oh yes, this is perfect. A cool evening, sitting outside a coffeeshop smoking it up and watching the world go by. It’s difficult for me to imagine anything more enjoyable.

As a bonus, I discovered that the Times Hotel right next door had an open wireless signal, so I was able to connect my blackberry and make a quick call home! Despite having the right radios in it, my blackberry was locked and didn’t want to function normally in europe, but it has wifi, so when I found an open access point, it was great! I probably could have bought a sim card for it, but it just wasn’t that important.


Last full day in town. Damn that sucks! Oh well, breakfast and then off to Katsu for my meetup at noon. Lazy stoners, we were 20 minutes late to our own meetup! As I walk into the shop, I hear someone ask “are you with the forums?� so I pop back outside and ask who said that? It was none other than Mile High sitting outside in the sunshine! We grabbed some drinks and sat outside as well and chatted for a while. MH, it was a great pleasure making your acquaintance! We must have chatted for the better part of 2 hours. Really a nice guy, and interesting to talk to. I really regret not going on the bike tour he offered. Next time I will schedule one for sure! Hearing him talk about all the hidden gems outside the centrum really made me think of how much I was missing. Smoked some of MH’s bud, AK47 was it? Can’t remember. I was probably rude by not offering to twist one up out of my own stash, but we got so baked before we got there I just never got around to it…sorry MH. Sadly, nobody else showed up so it was just the 3 of us, but it was one of the most enjoyable chats of the trip. Hope to run into you again someday MH!

Sadly, Katsu got rid of my pinball machine, but they did replace it with a nice smoking lounge, so not a bad tradeoff. I didn’t sample any of their menu, but I still enjoyed the shop. I would go back. Great people watching out front with the market so close, too!

Made another pass through the market on the way back for some wheels of cheese to bring back, and some more little gifts for folks back home. Back to the apartment to pack up all the goodies and make the day go smoother tomorrow. Then smoked up more of the Amnesia Haze (this one from Mellow Yellow I think). A good smoke, but I was finally building up some tolerance so I could take a few and still stay vertical. Don’t remember what we did for dinner, but made it up to Basjoe’s for the 8pm meetup. We sat outside and smoked and waited. Thought it was going to be a big no-show, but then Blueberry rolled up on her bike, with Wolfdangler and Soul Rider not too long afterwards, and one more (South African IT guy, wtf is your forum name? I’ll be damned if I can remember!?!) Had some hash, a spliff of my Orange Bud, and also a spliff of something else that Blueberry had…can’t remember. SR passed around a primo bud of something and while I was trying to smell it I nearly dropped the whole damn thing…pretty sure I saw SR’s life flash before his eyes when I did that! Luckily I managed to not lose any precious greenery! Whew! After a couple hours of fun chatting, we all kind of went our own ways, and my buddy and I Headed out for more meandering the streets, and eventually found the mini red light area near Amnesia. I remember there used to be a couple kamers right across from Amnesia. Those are gone, but there’s a rather extensive red light area just north/northeast of Amnesia that I didn’t realize was there. Nothing spectacular, but worth the stroll through! Finally plopped down in Amnesia again to play a game of chess (I won – yay!), and then sit outside and watch the world go by. Again, there’s very little in the world that can compare to the happiness of such moments. Just magical!

Getting late, so I borrow the Times Hotel wifi signal again and make a final call home, and then we are off for the final sweep through the RLD. My brunettes are on tonight and looking fine! Several lovelies scattered through the narrow alleys tonight. It was a good final stroll! Stopped on a bench for a smoke halfway back to the apartment and again just sat back and watched it all go by. So wonderful…so sad I was leaving the next day. Once we got back, I headed out solo for a while to smoke my last joint in a quiet spot somewhere. I found the best bench in Amsterdam while I was out. Overlooking a canal and a bridge with the Rijksmueum in the background. It was great at night with the lights from the bridge reflecting off the canal and the museum lit up in the background. I took a pic the next day…it’s in my photos. Anyway, back to the apartment and out.


Final packing and tidying up the apartment, then across the street to the Saloon for some breakfast. Bread, cheese, ham, jam, OJ and coffee. Yummy. While we’re eating, I notice Wolfdangler pull up on his bike. I say hi and he says he’s meeting Blueberry at Rookies. So, after breakfast, we head over there to have our final smokes while we wait for the apartment folks to come and pick up the keys. Nice, sunny morning. Good smoke and coffee. A wonderful way to spend our final minutes! We pass along all the things we can’t take on the plane…our nice glass pipe first and foremost, plus some lighters, etc. Blueberry, I hope the pipe is serving you well! Please pass it on before you leave! Maybe post some pictures of its travels – haha! Anyway, noon is time to go, so we take a few hits and head out. The apartment guys are waiting for us, so we hand them the keys and take off, catch a cab to the train station and then off to Schiphol. We’re a bit early, so we check in and head outside to have a cig and wait. When we can’t wait any more, I sneak off and finish a last half joint I had been saving, and we leave our lighter and a little nugget of bud in the planter for some other lucky traveler to find.

Farewell Amsterdam, until we meet again!

Best Smoke: Amnesia Haze (Rookies)
Best Coffeeshop: Amnesia (new decor may not appeal to some, but it's not bad, good tunes, pleasant staff, and a location that can't be beat!)

Great to meet everyone at all the meetups! Hope to run into you again someday!

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Postby richwes » Wed Apr 29, 9:57 pm

Did we have a great time or what?
The party continued at Nes for a long time after with many bowls from the Volcano and the VerDamper, sorry you didn't come along, this is where the real party is, not the 420 but Nes.
( Twitch from ACD/VDF )

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Trip Report

Postby DRRB » Thu Apr 30, 12:58 am

Thanks for the enjoyable report.Sounds like we view similarly Amnesia, Basjoe, and Katsu.
Your descriptions surely brought up memories...

The Mysterious Mister X
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Postby The Mysterious Mister X » Thu Apr 30, 5:15 pm

ok ok next time i will stop feeding you amnesia haze for breakfast.

but it was sooo sooo soo nummy.

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Postby ForeTwunTee » Fri May 01, 3:21 am

Thanks for the report man!
Nice pics as well.

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Postby Mike » Fri May 15, 12:44 am

Very nice report. Great pics too.

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