Jamaican vacation - day 4

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Jamaican vacation - day 4

Postby dannymac » Mon Apr 27, 4:10 am

Day 4:
Today we depart Treasure Beach for the 'white bread' Hilton Rose Hall Resort. We're using the same point system we used last year for the Amsterdam Hilton, so essentially the 2 nights are costing us $69. It's close to the MoBay airport and will give us a day to just lay around the beach.

Start the day with the usual toke in the room, while we pack up our stuff; & another toke on the beach before we hunt down W. to settle our account. Before finishing, Mr. Palmer shows up, with Janet & daughter in tow once again. We say our goodbyes and off we go.

Our Tentative plans had been to take the long way around to MoBay, through Negril, but the mrs. doesn't relish spending most of the day in the back seat with Janet & daughter. We suggest just hangin' in Withorn for a bit before heading off to our resort. Janet is not having any of this, and she calls up Shaun (her brother & the mrs. co-worker) back in PA. Shaun insists that they drive us to Negril, if only to see where he use to work. A bit of a waste of gas & time, but can't talk them out of it.

We have a pleasant drive to Withorn with one stop along the way for food. We end up stopping at a group of stalls with vendors selling various types of seafood. We settle on fish soup & conch soup, eat up, take a few pictures of the little lagoon behind the stalls & head on our way. Eventually making it to Withorn well before noon.

We hang for a bit, toking & drinking in Janet's little roadside rum shack. A couple of the joints had a fair amount of 'gum' in them because I get close to a whitie - but manage to keep myself upright. Meanwhile an uncle shows up with a coconut he had just plucked from a tree. Wherein he proceeeds to hack at it with his trusty machette & hands me a straw for some fresh coconut water. After a few sips, I hand it over to the mrs., who immediately tops it up with some overproof rum!

When I turn back around, the uncle now has a spear ganja on display. Unfortunately, I have to tell him we have plenty of smoke & I'm not interested in purchasing anymore. Not to worry he says, while he snaps off the uppermost buds & hands them to me - no cost. I thank him and we party on.

While we're tokin', a girl I recognize from our previous visit shows up. Evidently a neighborhood 'hanger-on', who appears to be in her late teens. She asks for a bit of gum, and I suggest that she was a bit too young for it (which I believe she was told by someone on our previous visit). We continue to party for a bit more before deciding it was time to head out.

Mrs. Jean (Shaun's Mother) had put together a homemade slaw for us to take back, and Janet had procured the chula-chula{sp?}(Jamaican moonshine, distilled from sugarcane). So we load this stuff up, say our goodbyes & load into the car.

Before Mr. Palmer even gets the engine started though, a van full of police stops directly in front of the driveway, and backs up to Janet's rum shack. Several officers jump out and head for the front of the rum shack.
Turns out that the young girl who had asked me for some 'gum' earlier, was smoking a joint in sight as these cops drove by. Janet jumps out of the car to find out what's going on, and the cops want to see her licenses for the rum shack.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting next to Mr. Palmer with my pockets full of ganja & 'gum', wondering what I should do. I suggest throwing everything into the bushes next to me but Mr. Palmer says to just sit tight. The confrontation at the rum shack proceeds a bit longer, & Mr. Palmer suggests I put all my stuff in his center console. After doing so, the mrs. & I get out of the car & hang on the porch until the cops drive off with the girl. Apparently the cops never really did care what a couple of crackers were doing in these parts & were only enforcing the proper 'respect' they think they deserve.

Besides smoking openly (openly enough that the cops saw her), it turns out she had a bag of ganja on her too. Late we were told that she'd be fined about JA$1500 (less than US$20) and released. We on the other hand, loaded into the car and headed off for Negril.

Pleasant drive out of Whithorn, through orange groves, and down to Savanna-la-Mar. It's a busy pay day in town, and we head straight for downtown, which borders the coast. Janet, daughter, & the mrs. unload and head off for some spice shop while Mr. Palmer & I circle around.

I didn't get a peak at the spice shop, but the mrs. said it was the real thing where you pick out your spices & they bag 'em for you, and that she was the only white person in the place.

While Janet is doing the shopping in the local patois, the mrs. sits herself down to watch the proceedings. While sitting there, some Rasta looking guy walks in, spots the wife and immediately starts with the sales pitch, in a loud voice, that he's got the best ganja in Sav'-la-Mar. The wife just waves him on.

With their spice shopping done, we pick the girls up - and the car immediately fills with the aroma of Jamaican Jerk. A quick stop at a little 'department store' for some additional souviners (snagged our obligatory Blue Mtn. Coffee for a great price & large beach towels for JA$800, less than US$10 each).

Although I suggested something a bit more traditional, evidently Kentucky Fried Chicken is quite popular because this was where we ended up for a quick bite to eat before leaving town.

The rest of the drive into Negril was pleasant enough, if uneventful. We stopped at a little restaurant where Janet's husband worked and visited. Unfortunately, none of us were hungry - KFC wasn't that long ago. It was just a short bit further and we were at the 'famous' Rick's Cafe.

It was only mid-afternoon so there weren't any drunk tourists diving off the cliffs. There were a couple guys jumping for a fee - US$20. I contributed JA$500 to the cause and got this video.

We really didn't do much else here, left; drove right by the famous '7 mile beach'; & they pointed out the resort Shaun had worked at - without even slowing down.

That was my exposure to Negril - party capital of Jamaica. Sorry I can't report much more than that, but I hope to return & split our time between Negril & Treasure Beach.

Onward to MoBay on one of the better roads we traveled since being in Jamaica. Still only a 2 lane highway, but the road surface was in good condition the whole way. Just outside of MoBay we stopped at a roadside rum shack for drinks and a toke. To put it in perspective, it was not much different than sitting down in the Nes Cafe for a beer & a joint.
Rose Hall is further east past the MoBay airport. From the airport to the resort was the grandest road of all, an actual 4 lane divided highway. Not quite a limited access/dual carriageway but still quite a departure from the narrow, twisty, pothole infested lanes we had been driving on for the past few days.

So we pull up to the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa's guarded entrance, and drive up to the main lobby - in the only beat up route taxi in sight. Check in was a breeze, & no problem with the whole crew going up to the room. We've got a nice oceanside room, fairly close to the pool, restaurants, & bar.

Stepping out on our balcony, I'm immediately struck by the fact that there's more white folk here than we've seen in the past 4 days. I'm wondering how many of these people get off the plane; use the only 4 lane highway in the west of Jamaica; spend a week at this lovely resort; go back down the 'super slab'; and then return to wherever home is? And have those people really been to Jamaica? But I digress, it's best if I just roll a joint - which is what i do.

Mr. Palmer & Janet want to be on there way so we settle up & say our good-byes, & the mrs. & I walk about the place and then to the beach to smoke the joint.

I had a nice oxtail stew for dinner, can't remember what the mrs. had; but we wanted to call it an early night so we headed to our room after dinner. That's when we found out that our balcony door wouldn't seal out the sounds of the band playing, which was within a stones throw of our balcony.
At least tonight we were so tired that we passed right out & wouldn't find out how bad the band really was until tomorrow evening.

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Re: Jamaican vacation - day 4

Postby smokedpeppers » Mon Apr 27, 12:53 pm

dannymac wrote:Day 4:
Stepping out on our balcony, I'm immediately struck by the fact that there's more white folk here than we've seen in the past 4 days. I'm wondering how many of these people get off the plane; use the only 4 lane highway in the west of Jamaica; spend a week at this lovely resort; go back down the 'super slab'; and then return to wherever home is? And have those people really been to Jamaica?

thank you!....quite obvious, you and mama didn't do the typical cracker excursion

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Postby Mike » Fri May 15, 12:55 am

Nice report and some nice pics too. Thanks!

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