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You Decide

Postby slither » Sat Apr 04, 3:00 am

She closes the kamer door and slides the red curtain past the glass.

My heart races.

Moving over toward the radio, she looks back over her shoulder and smiles at me.

I feel my throat go dry and tighten just a bit.

“So baby, how you feeling tonight?�

I smile.

She smiles again.

“Feeling better now,� I reply.

She laughs a little, and when she opens her mouth slightly I catch a glimpse of her beautiful smile.

“So how long you have een Amstahdam, baby?�

“A couple of weeks.�


“Ja,� I say, an then we both laugh.

She is fucking beautiful, and she smells like the afternoon rain.

“Feefty Eu-ros?�

I ask her how much it would be for an hour.

She gawks at me and says “One hondred feefty eu-ro,� she replies.

I look her dead in the eye and smile, and she looks me dead in the eye and smiles right back at me.

“Okay,� I say.

“So how you want to begeen?�

“Maybe I szock you a leedle, ja?�

She tells me she will be like my girlfriend.
My “special gerl,� she says.

In the meantime I am amazed at her beauty. She is tall, thin, very toned and golden blonde. Not only does she speak English, but she also has that sexy accent that really turns me on.

She steps in the back for a moment, turns on some soft music and asks me if I “like spliff.�

“Ja, of course.�

She lights a nice cone and draws deeply. She holds it in for a moment, exhales and draws again, then passes it to me. I accept willingly.

Then she proceeds to kiss me slowly down my abdomen, working gently toward my navel and then moving back up toward my chest. She takes each nipple in turn and bites it teasingly.

She stops all at once and looks at me.

She smiles and then takes out some sanitary wipes and a condom.

“Normally we wasje dem, ja?� And the she says “but I theenk thees ees goot for you, baby.� She next opens the condom and begins to roll it into place.

To be continued…

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