Sharing of Memories--3

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Sharing of Memories--3

Postby Lefthanded » Sat Mar 14, 9:31 pm

Not but a few years had passed this time, so with a new friend I headed off for another getaway to Amsterdam. Usually I’m a solo traveler but I got along great with her as she loved her marijuana, and that is, urmmm, alright with me. Besides that she’s a good chic, the kind that keeps a cool head under fire, and handles her business and financial affairs correctly. We both saved a few bucks to do some shopping this time, and both of us are seriously overdue some new fashions.

It was like living my first trip through her eyes, as I would see her face light up with each new building or site around the next corner. Like a child, like I must have been the first trip here. We had such a time shopping on the streets off the Dam... And shopping was good everywhere we went come to think of it.

One of the funniest looks on her face was when we first arrived and I showed her the toilets. I laughed for near a half hour about her reaction alone. She quickly got over it but it was a funny look that we gaff about till this very day.

Two sisters of the coastal waters of the eastern shore living it up in Amsterdam, who would have ever thought? This was a very nice holiday and it is good to have a dear friend to share it with... We’ll call her Zee, as she does sometimes herself, when in cognito, to phonic it out. hehe

Zee particularly liked the Royal Palace when we checked it out that day. I guess so much so that I had to go outside mid visit for a smoke and sip on a lemonade I got from a street vendor. Bless his heart for being right there when I really needed it.
Zee was like a camel she could drink a bottle water in one shot, be good for hours and hours. Darn her time :-)

Checking out several nightclubs while there and dancin’ one evening till 2AM with two very nice fellows made for good fun. We meant to hook up and go coffeeshoppin’ with them another day but never seen them again. We would have smoked them out anyhow, but still they were nice guys. We still did our share of coffeeshoppin’ but still managed a visit to Madurodam that was really nice. I still have the brochure framed here on my wall for keepsake. We also decided to take an all day bus tour of North, and South Holland, which included many other stops along the way.
Zee took a lot of photos of everything, being the camera nut she is. She managed to get some photos from a glass top, rounded tour boat thingies one day that are just glowing, but the ones from the bus tour are the most vivid and my favorite. Zee liked the Delft shop we visited the most and even became entranced with the demonstration of the making of the fine plats and other beautiful items. Come to think of it, I really like that part too.

We would coffeeshop by earl y to mid morning, all the while making a plan for that day. Our favorite shops seem to be Amnesia, Stix, Rusland and Barney's for the early morning wake, bake and eat.
A few times we nabbed a gram or two each from Grey Area that were the best of the trip.
We made a great time of it and actually carried through with our morning-buzz-plans 90 percent of the time, which I’m told is not a bad track record for morning smoke planning.

We had some great times despite five of the days out of 10 were cold, but still enjoyable with sufficient garb. Yes, we did shop for a few warm items to make things less burrrrrr. At times when we talk of this trip, we go through some of the magnificent things we saw, the good food we ate, and good times we had and so on and so on.
One thing we never fail to bring up and maybe because it’s something that’s like the unexplainable in words kind of look that you had to be there for, that we now jokingly call "the face of the toilet". hehehe

Curled up with a pillow,

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