Running into Blueberry and MHD

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Running into Blueberry and MHD

Postby trekman » Mon Dec 22, 7:38 am

Nov. 26 – Day Three

I was running low on weed and had my sights set on scoring some at YoYo in the Pijp. I found that shop by accident three years ago. It had some knockout outdoor-grown weed and I liked the atmosphere. I couldn’t find it again but I did find Blueberry and MHD at Katsu which was a pleasant surprise.

After breakfast and a joint, I started out on my bike about 9 a.m. and headed east from the Sloterdijk toward the Centrum. Along the way, I followed signs for a bike route that took me off the main roads onto a bicycles and pedestrians only path that through parks and nice neighborhoods with stately old homes. It was misty and foggy which enhanced the bucolic splendor of my surroundings. I found my way to that busy tourist street where Barney’s is located and took a look inside. It was packed so I found a bench outside Barney’s wine café and burned one. As I was getting cold from being sedentary, I wandered up and down the street and found my way into a hooka café. They sold bowls of fruit-scented "herbs" that one could smoke in the hookas. I couldn’t tell by the menu if that stuff was weed or not. Either way all I was interested in was a hot koffie verkeerd.

I then made my way to Damrak and over to DeKuil, got another koffie verkeerd and started a conversation with the Scottish guy sitting next to me. With the exception of weed, we had nothing in common to talk about. Even his whole demeanor seemed to be the polar opposite of mine. Although we disagreed on just about everything, I must admit he was an engaging conversationalist and I enjoyed his company. He was such a negative person that I walked out of DeKuil with a new found gratitude for my overall sunny but slightly bipolar disposition.

Four the next couple of hours, I crisscrossed the city, making my way south toward the Pijp. The ACD map indicated that YoYo was near Sapphritti Park. I probably passed right by it. But I did discover the Nice Place Coffee Shop in the same area, bought some of its diesel weed at a reasonable price and proceeded to get real stoned. I then rode over to Katsu to get some coffee and enjoy its lively atmosphere. That’s where I ran into Blueberry and MHD. While Blue and I have never been buddies she did go out of her way to greet me and let me know the she and MHD (Brett) had a table in the back. I thought that right nice of her. I joined them.

I thought it was cool that Brett had a narco-tourism business. Haven’t we all heard the saying – If you do something that you love you never have work another day in your life. Helping people find Nord Holland’s hidden gems and get the most out their vacations, how fun!

I took advantage of Brett’s local knowledge and asked him the best way to get from the Pijp to the Sloterdijk. Following his advice, I was able to avoid another long and kind of dangerous ride at night with rain-spotted glasses by taking a short ride to the RAI where I caught the metro. You’re allowed to take bikes on the metro. I didn’t know that before.

However, in my remarkably stoned state, I was able to take that simple trip, fuck it up and turn it into a journey of epic proportions. I made such classic mistakes such as getting on the wrong train (once) and then getting off at the wrong stops (several times) and ending my misadventure with a totally unnecessary long bicycle ride in the rain through a bleak industrial landscape. On the bright side, the stabilizing muscles around my bad knee got an incredible workout, there wasn’t any traffic to contend with and nothing bad really happened. It was pure bliss to finally get out of my wet clothes and get under the warm covers of my hotel bed.

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Postby a bollocks » Mon Dec 22, 7:52 am

#1 lol
#2 Elway lies.

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Re: Running into Blueberry and MHD

Postby NewYork, New York » Mon Dec 22, 3:13 pm

trekman wrote: He was such a negative person that I walked out of DeKuil with a new found gratitude for my overall sunny but slightly bipolar disposition.

Wonderful line there trekman. Pure gold.


Postby Iceman » Mon Dec 22, 4:44 pm

It seems that you might have run into this Kingdoc character in De Kuil.

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Postby Chili Ed » Tue Dec 23, 6:57 am

Keep em comin trekman...


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Postby islandgurl » Tue Dec 23, 6:38 pm

Once again I didn't miss you by much, trekman. I was talking to and smoking with Blueberry later that day in my hotel room and she told me she had been in Katsu with him. Gotta love BB she's a great girl, and I'm sure you enjoyed your time with both of them. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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Postby ChristopherAmsterdam » Tue Dec 23, 9:14 pm


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Postby Philter » Thu Dec 25, 3:50 am

Excellent report! Brings back memories...How powerful each moment is there.

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