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last turn

Postby hebe » Thu Nov 20, 1:49 pm

write this before my memory fades even more. this trip hasn't had that vacation and lay back feeling due to not having a lot of time (4 days) so it just doesn't seem like this was a real .on the last day and every one had left , anyway i had a case of sore feet and a little swelling from several beers that i had consumned so i thought i would just take it easy. when i went outside the driving rain and wind were a little much .in the mood i was in i changed plans and decided to do nothing. of course i hung at dekuil and a few other places smoking up my stash .dogbreath and myself was walking down the street the day before and here comes trek-in-hill just a truckin down the sidewalk eyes straight. we went over and we all thought it amazing to run into someone you know on the streets of a-dam(i have done this before with doc around the muntplien). anyway we were going to get together at dekuil at 0600p. i waited, i really did trek but i left at 6 exactly cause i was just done in by the smoke and having to leave the next morning. well thats it. as alwaays i had a very good time and met up with a lot of nice people.remember,SMOKE IF YOU GOT ANY AND ALWAYS SHARE.

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Postby Weldon » Tue Nov 25, 1:36 am

Ya gotta get Sock Liners from REI or some camping place for your feet. I have the same problem you do and the sock liners have worked ever since I first used them. I pondered getting a walking stick (cane) for my last trip and saw some cheap ones in Delft when I was there but decided against it. All the canes were light colored and were decorated with all these mountain badges.

Glad to hear you had a good time. I hope to meet up with you in Amsterdam again. Or maybe Houston, by god!

All the best


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