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Postby chichi123 » Sat Nov 29, 1:24 am

Sidney is quick and naughty boyo. I saw that but I ain't a tellin.

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NewYork, New York
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Postby NewYork, New York » Sat Nov 29, 2:46 am

Philter wrote:is this a booze commercial?

No, actually it is a public service annoucement aka an Anti booze commercial.

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Postby TAK » Sat Nov 29, 7:29 pm

sidhe333 wrote:there's an exit up ahead with a HoJo's
wanna eat some clams?


Yeah! I love those clams.
Can I have one of those 27 flavors too?


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Postby Weldon » Thu Dec 04, 9:46 pm

Billy was a Mountain;
Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder.

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