San Francisco Trip Report Medical Marijuana Coops Part 2/3

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San Francisco Trip Report Medical Marijuana Coops Part 2/3

Postby Chili Ed » Wed Oct 22, 4:46 pm

Lunch at Tommy’s Joynt was superb. I have a friend who is a local and he mentioned that I must have lunch at this popular spot. It’s a great place for some bbq-beef, pastrami, or a sliced pork sandwich.

At this point we decided to head back to the hotel for a brief rest and to prepare our medication using papers. We headed down to the Ferry building using the muni/metro. We made our way to a quiet area along the Bay to sit and medicate momentarily. It was a “Blue Lightening� moment.

Next, we walked to the California Cable Car Line and took it until it ends at Van Ness. The Cable Cars are great! I didn’t want to sit down, I much preferred to stand and ride. The hills are extremely steep.

We decided to head over to the “Vapor Room�. We jumped on a bus and found our way into the Lower Haight.

Upon arriving at this house-like dispensary the staff member at the door told us to come on in and stand near the door so he could check our recs. He asked for our I.D.’s and mentioned that he would have to call our doctor because he wasn’t familiar with him. At that moment another staff member looked at our recs and said that he was familiar with that doc, so they let us on in.

My first impression of the place was a good one. It was spacious and had plenty of seats. I noticed about 3 Volcano Vaporizers around the patients lounge. Very cool.

We made our way back to the budtenders area. I noticed they had a good selection of edibles, which seems to be quite standard at this point. The budtender greated us with a smile and a “what can I do for you guys�. I went through my routine of asking about their top Indicas and asked about the Kushes. He showed me a few strains that smelled and looked very nice. I made my choice, I can’t remember what the name was, but I was happy with my purchase of $20 for a gram.

My friends made their selections and we made our way to the lounge area. I sat on the couch as I rolled my meds. My friend immediately grabbed a Vaporizer and asked a staff member for assistance and was given the complete lowdown. The staff member was very cool. Little did he know my friend’s attention span was not at it’s best. I decided to just watch the whole thing go down.

It took 2 more patients to explain exactly how to use the Vaporizer to my friend and then he became the Vaporizer expert. The whole time my other friend was medicating with edibles quietly watching the whole event.

After a few bags of vapor we decided to head out for a coffee and our 2nd wind. The Vapor Room is a perfect place to stop and medicate when in the area. The Volcanoes are excellent.

The Next day after breakfast we headed to HopeNet by way of the Folsom Leather/Fetish street festival. It was an unbelievable site! I told one of the security guys that we needed to get to our medical clinic for our medicine, so he let us in on 7th. We walked up to Folsom then to 9th. I cannot begin to describe nor will I try to, what I experienced in that 10 minute period. The Vaporizer expert turned to me and asked me the address of HopeNet and told me he wanted no part of this shit and made a dash through the crowd. Way too funny. I didn’t know what was funnier, all the festivities or my friends emotional meltdown. He was cool, just traumatized. That short walk through the Folsom Street Festival has forever traumatized.

10 minutes lasted an eternity, we arrived at HopeNet expecting to see my friend but that was not the case, he was nowhere in site. We handed our recs to the guy at the door and he let us on in. He showed us to the back where another staff member was waiting behind the counter.

As I approached the budtender I noticed they had only 4 strains in 4 big containers. The budtender mentioned that is what they have at the moment. I checked them all out and made my choice. I don’t remember the name, but I do remember it was $25 a gram and smelled and looked quite nice. I noticed that they had some round dark concentrates labeled “Temple Balls� priced at $40 a gram, I immediately asked if they were the true Nepalese Temple Balls, one of the staff members said that they were not, but that they were made through the ice process.

On our way out I noticed a couple of guys sitting and medicating in the couple of chairs they did have, but no sign of the Vaporizer expert.

Next, Part 3 the final chapter...


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Postby hank » Thu Oct 23, 7:08 am

Pretty cool report Chili, I'll have to get over there and check out some of that bud. The leather festival was a funny bit.

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Postby Cat » Sat Oct 25, 6:59 pm

When do we get part 3 the Final Chapter?

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