getting to the dam

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getting to the dam

Postby hebe » Sat Nov 15, 10:50 am

having woke that morning at 3:00 am ,(i was sitting my internal clock to dam time) i started to get ready. my suffering wife said what the hell are you doing then went back to sleep. good flight over and landed at 7:45 am. very cold as it was 75 when i left home. as i went to get a ticket to town thats when you know you're back. got to the station and my secret atm was down. thats the one dogbreath showed me thats semi-seculed so therefore not usually busy.everyone knows what i mean about those lines. the hotel i stayed in(ams trianon)could use a face-lift but whatever you settle for. dogbreath forgot that we were going to meet at siberie at 12 that day so that gave me a chance to sample some bud and i have certainly done that. my first was at central and that was their special at 12.5e for 2.5 grams. it was about right for the first buzz in the dam. off i went looking for the ciberie i sampled siberie #1 and some king hussain super hash #1 and they were good also. went and took a nap until 5:30 and met the gand at dekuil. i think they were kind of partied out because they were sort of flat.i'm going to try my best to get up with otis and trek to party. the rest of the evening we cruised singel rld and dg helped me find some shops to get smoke for the rest of the evening and when i get up,at least until the first shop it was back to the room w/my goodies and i went to sleep it's going to be a good day on day#2

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