Singapore Day 7 & 8 "Goatman Bugis down"

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Singapore Day 7 & 8 "Goatman Bugis down"

Postby TheGoatMan1 » Thu Jul 03, 11:46 pm

Singapore day 7

Tonight some fellow coworkers and I hop on the MRT to get to the Orchard Rd. Area. Our first stop is the Takishimaya Mall. We head to the Harley store to pick up some gift T-shirts. I also snag a shot glass for my friend who collects shot glasses.( This broke while in transit) We exit the mall and head in the direction of the hard rock cafe. On our way, we stop at a craft store, and I purchase random gifts for people back home. We finally arrive at the hard rock, and we all purchase some shirts as souvenirs. It is getting late, and we won't be able to make it to bugis street market tonight as we had hoped. Ah well, another day. We take the long MRT ride back home.

Singapore Day 8

Tonight I decide to head to the bugis (pronounced "Boogies") street market. I take my usual mode of transport,the always clean and efficient MRT. I arrive at the Bugis station, and make my way down Queen Street. Lots of stalls in the street hawking everything from T-shirts to statues. I find the entrance to the market. The layout is fairly chaotic. The building very large, and filled with hundreds of stalls selling everything from trinkets to fried squid. Lots of junk here, but there do appear to be some good deals if one looks hard enough. Ipod cases are cheap, and the selection is vast. I purchase some Tiger beer T-Shirts. I make the rounds, purchasing some Durian fruit candy, some mango gummies, and wasabi peas as I go. I eventually see all of the market, and head out the exit.

I find myself in the middle of a fruit market. Longen, Lychee, Dragon fruit, startfruit, and the infamous durian fruit are all being sold here. I find a stand selling cut up durian for 5 sing. i purchase a to-go carton and head away from the market. I see a hawker center across the street and I decide to check it out, and maybe eat my durian there. As soon as I enter, I know this won't be my favorite dining experience of the trip. The floors and the stalls are very dirty. Several stalls are hosing down there prep areas, and there are several stalls with barefoot workers scrubbing dishes on the ground, with dirty buckets of water. My stomach has been bothering me a few days, so I figure it's a good idea to get rid of whatever I already have before I aqquire some new intestinal parasite. I do purchase a coconut dessert, and also a red bean cake from a stall for the bargain price of one sing. The red bean cake is awful. The coconut dessert is exactly like a homemade " Snowball" ( A marshmallow treat with cake and coconut inside) except even more delicious. I exit the hawker center and decide that i should sit o the curb by a night market and munch on my durian fruit.

By this time I have tasted durian juice twice at Newton Circus, and I really enjoyed the strange flavor. I am really looking forward to trying the actual fruit. The smell is akin to rotting fruit and and garlic. I cease breathing through my nose, and take a bite. The texture is very Pulpy, or mushy. The flavor of the fruit is about 1000 times stronger than the juice I tried, and I decide that it must have been diluted with cream and sugar. The taste has an overwhelming garlic taste. The flavor of rotting garbage and garlic is a taste sensation everyone should try at least once. Out of five large pieces I only consume two and a half. I think I will stick to the juice. I stand up and continue along.

On my left there is building called the Fou shou complex. It is a small shopping mall. Many of the stores are closed, but one of the few open has jade on display. I check out some jade buddhas, until i realize how exspensive jade is. I find a rock carving of what I think is a bhudda. It is of the six armed variety. The saleswoman offers it for 60 sing, but i am able to talk her down to 40. I exit and make my way to the MRT. The ship's A/C feels particularly nice as I enter my stateroom this evening.

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Postby FitZerOy » Tue Jul 08, 3:20 am

I must have been inadvertantly adding durian fruit to most of my culinary attempts since entering batchelorhood...LOL...masking that rotten garbage taste with too much garlic!!

Seriously I think I'd mange a bite at most...

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