Smoke Report 15-17th June 2008

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Smoke Report 15-17th June 2008

Postby wEEDmAN » Wed Jun 25, 10:14 pm


Two glorious nights in Dam with two good friends, here's how it went down, apologies for hazey memories:

Sunday morning and we make it to Stanstead for our 07:30, frustratingly delayed until 08:30, but touchdown we do at Schipol 10:30 local time, hop on the train and we hit Dam by 11ish, check in at the which is very basic but clean & cheap. As cheap as anything can be with the crappy euro exchange rate.
'Cos we're basically next door, we hit up Blues Brothers. The stock of weed has just arrived and the bald, english dealer is hurrying us ("if you want to look at weed, there's the cannabis & hemp museum just down the road") so i decide that that we don't need anything from that shop and we exit. Over to Grey Area it is then, and we buy:
Sour Diesel- Grapefruit flavour, nice 'first high' of the trip
Grey Berry- Fruitiful and mellow

Down the road to Amnesia and-whoa, this place has got seriously smaller. They're doing a re-furb so it's just a couple of seats and a tiny bar up front. Still, we smoke up our stuff from GA and talk to the friendly locals in there. Also buying:
White Widow: Like any of the many WW's in Dam. Not especially good, or bad.
Amnesia Haze: Clear, good taste & high
Caramello: A pleasant light yet strong hash, with a piercing high
Hassan Supreme- one of the locals was smoking this, seemed VERY strong and for 10euros a gram, a hit!

Then we stomped down to Noon, pretty quiet in there around 1pm, Sat and smoked in the cool of the dark back interior
Blueberry Haze: Sticky and hooting of fruit, a lovely smoke and 10e a gram
Blueberry Haze Ice Hash- yep that's right, not the cheaper Blueberry Ice Hash, my friend plumped for half a gram of the ridiculously expensive blueberry Haze Ice hash, he kept on spiking his joints unnannounced with this throughout the trip, ridiculously strong- just a bag of what appeared to be yellowish crystals..

Into a random place for some rank frites (they sufficed), and back to the hotel to drop some stuff in our room which was now cleaned & ready for boarding. After a couple of quick spliffs out of the window (the groenendael is under extensive front refurb at the moment so the view onto nieuwendijk is somewhat obscured..) we consulted and swiftly agreed Tweede Kamer to be the next port of call, wherein
we purchased:
Super Silver Haze: this has persistently pleased on previous trips. A sweet taste and sweet high, seemingly very nicely cured.
Laughing Budda: Not so many crystals, a fainter taste. Makes for a nice morning smoke tho.
Rifman hash: Not sure which one. I think it was top of the list. This was excellent, very strong.
Cheeze: Whoa, Cheesey!! This strain is pungent like... dog shit. A nice strong skunky number. Small buds tho.

We were flagging already! So into a pancake house then back down south for the Vondelpark. Lovely weather, lots of gorgeous women, a huge blunt wrap of many weeds. Some american guy on a bike trying to sell us a joke. My memory goes hazey here. I passed out by the water only to be woken by some girls talking to us. We eventually made it back to the hotel with the intention of going to abraxas but I fell asleep on the bed mid-sentence, as did one of my friends. The remaining friend went up out and hit up Lost In Amsterdam and the Rokerij, having apparently a rather disturbing time the details of which we were ultimately unable to ascertain, and that was the end of the first day.

Up early on Monday morning for the free breakfast of bread, cheese, jam, an egg and tea at the Groenendael, I step outside as the others are getting ready and watch Amsterdam cycle to work. Up the Haarlemmerstraat to Barney's but we get distracted by Popey's on the way. Never been here before, I loved sitting on the upper deck and looking out of the windows. We bought:
Pink Kush- very fruity and strong, dark, dank buds
Alladin's Chocolate: dark dry crumbly hash, my bit looked kind of old still very strong though! minty taste.
AK-47- this was a real winner. Stankin' & crystally.. mm-mm!
Bubblegum- Nice but a bit nondescript. not as stankin as the AK.

Made it to Barney's bought:
G13 Haze: Great strong clear high, amazing taste! expensive
Chocolope: Don't remember much about this one...

Onto the Mellow Yellow which was nice and chilled-out:
Bubblegum Haze: Nice and spicy-strong, one of my favourites
Blueberry Ice Hash- the 'regular' kind. I love this hash.

Went to a pasta place for some edibles, wandered through the albert cuyp market looking (unsucessfully) for the stroopwafel seller, and into Katsu for
Crystal Clear: Weird, semi-translucent brown strips of hash in cellophane kept in the fridge, easy enough to skin up with though- just break of tiny chunks- strong, perfectly pure high. I hadn't tried it before as it is v expensive- something like 10 euros for 0.4 of a gram- but what a feeling!

We sat in sunny Sarphatipark before walking to Sanementeerung which was amazing. My new favourite coffeeshop! Bags of character and quirky charm. Can't wait to go back here. Friend picked up some
Orange Bud: which looked horrible but tasted and smoked pretty good to me.

After that we hit up Homegrown Fantasy, a friendly place from which I got a gram of Trainwreck: this stuff was very strong and very fruity! A mind-blaster. My other mate got a hasj cake which was quite tasty.

Went to Gauchos for a steak at the behest of my friend which were pretty good if insanely expensive. Then it was time to finish off the night at Abraxas and another round of purchases-
Apple Jack- really clear happy high, like this one a lot. This had me so energised I had to get some fresh air and took an hour-long walk around the city. Got back and my friends were worrying where I was, I guess didn't realise how long i'd been..
Amazing Haze- Smells really awesome.. a great haze, but there are many haze weeds like this in a'dam
Jack Herer- you can never go wrong with Jack! it was pretty stankin'.
Hawaiiain Haze: that old favourite... As good and tasty as ever.
Moroccan Cream: This was extremely strong! But i would hope so, it's the most expensive on the menu
NYCDiesel: another grapefruit-type skunk

Okay, waking up on Tuesday day feeling F**KED, but showered and smoked a joint of laughing buddah and felt better already. It's straight to Barney's to see if they'd stocked up on
Hawaiian Snow: sweaty-fruit smell, seemed like a danker hawaiian haze!
White Widow: Had that old-skool look & smell
& more G13..

And then to a coffeeshop I'd never been to before but really should have- 420 De Kuil. Awesome interior, helpful staff, didn't buy any bud but had a delightful smoke in the front window. Next, we dashed over to Hunters Bar. My feet were sore & blistered by this point! We picked up
Orange Bud: very pleasing smoke! dense orange hair-covered nugs. Classic.
Crystal Lady: skunks were tending to blend into one at this point. Oldskool, not as 'zingy' as I would have liked. Still looking for this 'Crystal Skunk' stuff I had on my first visit..
Burmese Kush: This was a bit more special. Spicy, dank & potent.

We headed down to the Albert Cuypmarket for another unsuccessful look for the stroopwafel dude (damn him) but did find a little cafe selling apple & cream pancakes which were cooked just right :) I had liked the crystal clear so much I popped back into Katsu and picked up another 50 eurosworth. Then we sloped off to the Vondelpark and sat on some rocks watching the ebb and flow of cyclists and trying to make some headway with our amassed stash before we had to head to the station around 8. It must've been 4pm.

We start the trek towards town and stop by The Dolphins, I love that downstairs area, but due to the awesome weather it was very hot and smokey down there. After a spliff we got out back into the fresh air and walked up towards Puccini's before it closed. This, if you don't already know, is a fantastic handmade chocolate shop. I spent 25 euros on 2 small boxes for for me & ms weedman. Were tempted by Grey Area as it was so close, and got a gram of
Grey Diesel- the grapefruit taste, but with sweet haze undertones. Pleasing high from it too.

Went to the NES with the aim of polishing off the last of our stash but it was pretty busy & noisy so we opted for Abraxas which was also busy but not quite as noisy. Ahh hot Chocmel with whipped cream, so touristy but sooo goood. They don't do milkshakes any more at Abraxas by the way. Pity, they were really good!

Flight back was delayed halfanhour (damn sleazyjet) but got home all in one piece with 50euros of Crystal Clear in my wallet intact. Had some lovely weather, Finally (sixth trip) managed to get my head around the layout of the city, got supremely stoned, saw many fiiiine and beautiful dutch women. Success!! All told, the trip set me back a shade under £400.

Fav weed: Apple Jack from Abraxas & Orange Bud from Hunter's
Fav Hash: CRYSTAL CLEAR!! This stuff has been kicking my arse at home. Wish I had a Vape to put it in for the ultimate pure smoke¬!

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Amsterdam June 2008

Postby SlyCrayon » Thu Jun 26, 11:19 am

Nice trip report, wEEDmAN. That is indeed what it is like here. Weather has been great, don't forget that. Cheers!

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Postby Chili Ed » Thu Jun 26, 1:47 pm

Nice report. Thank for taking the time. The Burmese Kush sounds like something for me.


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Re: Smoke Report 15-17th June 2008

Postby Generous_J » Fri Jun 27, 1:50 am

wEEDmAN wrote:We sat in sunny Sarphatipark before walking to Sanementeerung which was amazing. My new favourite coffeeshop! Bags of character and quirky charm. Can't wait to go back here. Friend picked up some
Orange Bud: which looked horrible but tasted and smoked pretty good to me.


One of my favourite shops.

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wEEDmAN wrote:Went to Gauchos for a steak at the behest of my friend which were pretty good if insanely expensive.

Love Gauchos

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