Singapore Day 1 "Dance Fever"

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Singapore Day 1 "Dance Fever"

Postby TheGoatMan1 » Sat Jun 21, 8:01 pm

My friend and i caught the 1630 launch ashore. Half an hour boat ride into the marina south pier.Passing many ships from every port imaginable. Taking pictures and video of the downtown skyline as we go. Excitement is mounting. Arrive at South pier and make our way to customs. Sign at the door anouncing "Death for drug traffickers under Singapore law". Not a place to fuck around, Chewing gum is Illegal here! My friend's package of foil wrapped condoms sets of the metal detector, and after discovering what it was that was causing the alarm, the customs man shakes his head and waves us through.First stop is the money changer at the pier (not very good rate here, but need cab fare). We luck out and snag a cab within minutes, and we are on our way to Lucky plaza in the Orchard Rd. area. Very friendly cab driver, points out new construction, and a huge casino being built. Over 200 cranes(!) in this one spot building one casino! We pass the Newton Circus hawkre center (Open air food court) and i make a note to stop there. Not used to being driven on the left side of the road, it makes you do a double take every so often. So ingrained is the concept of american driving.

We arrive at Lucky plaza shopping mall, and make our way to the 3rd floor. Passing a nail salon we are waved down by what appears to be an attractive asian woman, although upon closer inspection, her chin hair reveals our originol assesment to be incorrect. She gives us her number, and asks my friend to call her(him).We quickly move along to "Strumms Sports bar". Have a quick pitcher of Tiger beer, which is brewed locally in Singapore.It is the cheapest beer available, at the bargain price of 18 singapore dollars (about 14 US dollars) for a pitcher, and this is during happy hour! Very high taxes on liquor make drinking an exspensive hobby here.After 3 weeks at sea, 18 sings seems like a helluva deal. After our pitcher, i grab a seat in the food court and order a shark fin ommelet with scallops. It arrives and looks great. I dig in, although there is some confusion as to weather a bowl of liquid with pearl onions is a soup, or a topping for my omelet and rice. The liquid tastes like sweet tea,and isn't bad eaten like soup, so i eat it that way, and probably amuse some locals in the process ("Look at that asshole eating the topping like soup!").

I eventually finish my ommelet and make my way to a phone and camera shop across from the food court. I enquire about pre paid phones, and they are way too exspensive at this shop, i was quoted 85 sings for the phone, 40 for a sim card with 10 sing on it. I know (most the time) when i'm being scammed and move on. Met up with my friend again a i am leaving the shop. We make our way past shops filled with souveneirs, trinkets, videogame stores and a tax free fragrance stand. My friend purchases some cologne , in preperation for our next stop......

We walk down and find ourselves in front of the infamous Four floors (of whores). It is basically a 4 story (as the name implies) shopping center, except instead of your usual shopping center fare, it is full of bars and message parlors, all filled with working girls. Within moments of entering you are assailed by women trying to get you to enter their bar. You have the philipina bar downstairs, the cowboy themed bar on the second floor, 3 floor has some trendier, classier looking joints, and the famous fourth floor has women with something extra( namely, a penis).

The original idea was to make a quick tour of the bars, have a few beers, and move on to other things. We start in the cowboy bar. About 12 or 15 ladies present, only about 6 men in here (it is early after all). We have a drink, and move on to the next floor, we go inside the bar that is a well known "Lady-boy" bar. We take a quick look around, it being dark, they all look like ladies from my vantage point. A waitress tries to usher us to a table, but we inform her we are just "looking for a friend" and quickly make our way out.

Down to the basement, where the bar populated by philipina girls is located. We find a seat and order a pitcher, and are quickly approached by some ladies.We chat, buy them a few drinks, and then we dance. I'm a a god awful dancer, but it was a good time. I tried making it clear to my female companion, that i wasn't going to go to a hotel with her,so as to not waste her time. She decided to keep me company anyway, and i bought her drinks (15 sing for seven up?) and tipped her lots for I was enjoying the company, and the dancing. We ended up staying for about 3 hours, and my new "friend" ended up with just as much money as she would have gotten had i slept with her. It was a hell of a good time. Unfortunatly my shipmate had a camcorder, and my dance moves were recorded for posterity, and blackmail purposes. We ran into 2 more co workers , and ended up catching a cab together back to the pier. Another 30 minute launch ride, and we make it back to the ship at 12:00 in the morning. I get to sleep at 1230 and have to be up at 5. It was worth it.

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