Trip 5 Feb 07 part 1 of 2

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Trip 5 Feb 07 part 1 of 2

Postby Dave J » Thu Apr 10, 6:41 pm

I've been in 2 minds weather to even bother doing a report after near 14 months since the trip. But having moved shortly after returning and the girlfriend being pregnant it prevented me from doing so at the time. Well having found some old notes written down from the trip I've decided to do it anyways lol.

But I cant really recall the name of all the buys we made after all this time!.

Here is a re-print (slightly edited) of my pre trip report where on the morning of the trip we still had NO hotel to goto:


You know it's like every time I goto my faverate city something always has to go wrong and this time is the biggest yet.

It's amazing to think and I wander if others also forget to check the plans and details with others going on the trip. Especally the vital plans like the er hotel right?. Well last night checking with my mate going with me I've discovered that we have not in fact booked anywere to stay for the next 3 nights!!!!!. An amazing blunder yes but true all the same!!!. No need to worry that as I'm posting this pre-trip report that we have no were to stay. As I'm confident by the time we get to the airport in a few hours time it will all be sorted. I mean the worst case is that we goto the same hotel as last time, Hotel Brian.

Seems I thought Mike had booked and he thought I had booked. No point in both of us worrying. So upon realising the problem I decided to keep things to myself in case mike over worry's. Phoned the hotel we were to book (Bulldog Hotel) last night only to be told that if there are no rooms available online then they aint any available. Funny that when the chap never even asked if we wanted a shared dorm (always available to my knowledge or a private roon etc). I'm hoping that when I phone just now when I get back from the library (no internet where I'm staying) I can book ok. I mean they only allocate 30% or is it 40% of there availability for online booking. So that means that there will hopefully be a room available. Afterall it is only Feb and nothing on in the city that I know of. So fingers crossed that things will work out ok as I'm noting a couple of other hotel numbers just in case.

26th feb 07 Day 1 of 4:

Well by the time I get back home the girlfriend is now rather worried that in a few hours I'll be in a foreign country and wont have a roof over my head for the next 3 nights!. Whilst slightly worried I was never in any doubt that I'd find somewere to stay. Using my mobile phone I dreaded the thought of the cost of phoning round the few hotel numbers I had got off the internet. More so in that I was unsure if there was going to be a language issue as I dont speak Dutch in the slightest.

So as confident as I was I get the Hotel Bulldog's number in first and make the call that last night told me there were no room available at all. When I asked the nice sounding lady about room availability for the next 3 nights, she said yes we have sharded dorms or private rooms, which would you prefer?. With a smile on my face knowing we was going to my first choice I tell her a private for 2 please and gave my card details to secure the booking. She seemed a little annoyed when I told her of the call I had made last night only to be told there was nothing available. I mean it was a potential loss of about €240 for the hotel plus drinks we would buy!.

On my way to meet Mike in Liverpool city centre I get a text off him to say he's in the coppers!. I thought bloody hell what's the soft bugger done now?. Getting off the bus I look round and head to Lime Street train station to have a look round to see if there is any sign of him, nothing, no sign of him or the coppers. (some will know where I'm heading with this lol). So I'm looking round wandering what the hell he means by saying he's with the coppers?.

Looking at the text again for clues I notice he's either spelt coppers wrong or I've miss-read it!. For it seems to say coopers!. What is coopers I think to myself. Standing at the top of the stairs to Lime Street station I turn round and notice a part sign inside the station. In I walk and notice that the sign is for a pub at what do you think it says?, yup thats right COOPERS!!!. You can tell I'm not to used to texting on phones to read them properly lol.

Anyways we have a drink and decide on the bus to the airport. A non eventfull trip from there except we noticed how the drinks in the bar at the airport have gone up by a good 40 pence in the last year or so. 90 odd mins later we walk out of the front of Centraal Station. Seems rather strange doing this at night even though in was the second time in a row we had arrived in the evening. Mike comments of how he hopes we dont get hassled by the same guy who threatened us with a knife for not allowing us to let him guide us to our hotel like last time. Relax I tell him, we are not heading in that direction this time, it will be fairly busy and a quick route to the Bulldog Hotel. Trust me I tell him I've been that way countless times at night.

Just before we get to the top end of Oudezijds Voorburgwal I notice a little shop and nip in for some tobacco and a clipper lighter to be sure of being ready to roll.

5 mins later we were booked into our hotel, in the room getting freshed up and ready for the first night of fun!.

Part 2 to come

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Postby SlyCrayon » Mon Jun 30, 4:15 pm

So your trip in February you wrote about in April, I'm reading about at the end of June. Thanks for a trip report, Dave J.

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