the long weekend, day 1

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the long weekend, day 1

Postby StemsnSeeds » Sat Oct 25, 8:37 pm

Day 1

Nice drive to the airport, colors really starting to come out in the trees. However, I was suprised to see customs agents in the gangway leading to the plane. They were stopping random people asking about how much money you were taking out of the country. I was stopped (shocker), dude wound up asking where I worked, what I did, what kind of software we make, where I was going...unbelivable, then looked through my pack. I had to sign something stating how much $ I was taking with me, then I was off with a "have fun" from the agent. After that the rest of the trip was uneventful, 2 movies and dinner made 7:12 go by very quickly. I don't know about you folks, but the smell you get when you go downstairs at Schiphol to get to the train platform always makes me smile. Not an offensive smell, just a unique one that says Ansterdam is near and all major hurdles have been cleared.

Popped into the Coin after stashing the bags at Central Station, weather was rainy with occasional flakes of snow mixed in. Since it had been mentioned here on the forum, decided to try NYC Diesel, 8.50 euro/g. Rolled and smoked fine, taste and effects were very mild, no big deal. Went to Baba to use the coin internet box and email home I was safe and sound, bought some Moroc Carmello to add to the Diesel, 9 euro/g. Blond hash is so tasty, nice uplifting buzz. Headed cross town to meet Puffin13 at the Noon, fortunately the sun came out and provided some great photo ops, the trees along the canals are looking great, nice colors. I can report that the following shops are not open at 10:00 - Grey Area, Dampkring, Dolphins, Rokerji or Rookies. Met Puff and some folks from Sweden, had some conversation and smokables. The blueberry was definately better than last time, back to where it tasted the 1st time I tried it, yummy. I got some White Melon, 6 euro/g. Had this wonderful lemony taste on exhale, one of the most unique tasting weeds I've tried, highly recommended.

I would like to point out at this time that this is where I was the 1st time I wrote this and then tried to save it as a draft. I inadvertently deleted my recent copy and left the original draft, which basically said "Day 1".

Left the folks at the Noon, made a smart 5.80 euro daypass purchase. I usually walk everywhere, but it's really nice to be able to pop on any tram any time. Checked in and relaxed a bit, then headed to De Kuil and tried some 420 Haze, and folks, I just can't smoke haze srains. Got that funky soap-like flavor to me, I gave it to Trek when I met up with her and Dr Tak at Rookies. Otis popped in while we were there, had come over from Utrecht. Trek had a big bag of little bags, hazes everywhere, hash of all kinds. We toked and chatted away, sharing from everyone's stash, Dr Tak's Northern Lights was excellent, don't remember where he got it. I bought some house skunk, 1.7g/12euro. Had a nice smell and burn, nice visual buzz. Left the folks at Rookies in pursuit of food. I usually go to Ghandi Indian on Damrak not too far from Central Station, and this time it was knock-down outstanding Palek Paneer, naan and Samosas for dinner. After chowing and chilling at the room a bit, headed to DeKuil for some puffs before attempting another Channelite meeting. Although I was trying to stay aware from strains I've already had, the Shiva was too tempting, and I'm glad I broke my rule. This stuff is my current favorite, no doubt. The taste is out of this world, and it's got a nice kick to it as well, 7.50 euro/g. I was watching these guys play pool and noticed the guy scratched shooting at the 8 ball and didn't lose. They also spun the 8 ball in the rack before a break, interesting. Headed across town, but the meeting didn't work out, so I went over to Dampkring for another favorite, Buddah's Sister, 8 euro/g. Place was packed and smokey so I copped and left, walked back to De Kuil to clean out some of my stash and wait till it was time walk over to Baba and use their internet access to chat with my lovely wife at home. The Buddahs Sister was a heavy stone for sure, had me staring at bar items for no apparent reason. After chatting for a while, stopped back in De Kuil for a nightcap, where I was told I resembled some famous porn star by this young English lass. After I stopped laughing at the prospect, the barmaid appeared asking for ID, which not all in their party could provide, so off they went as I chuckled at the bar. Couple more joints and Amstels and off to bed, smiling all the way 'cause I know when I wake up I'll be in Amsterdam.

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Postby TrekknHil » Sat Oct 25, 9:02 pm

Nice report!
Yeah man...waking up in Amserdam. Today I woke up to a bit of rain. I looked outside to make sure I wasn't missing any snow. Great day anyway.

Hope to see ya Sunday night.

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Oh Goodness...

Postby LastHamlet » Sun Oct 26, 3:25 am

I hated to hear that about the random stop. You think they would long have figured out how much in revenues the US is losing with a silly weed law.
Wonder if they spin the eight for luck???
Great report StemsnSeeds...
BTW, You And TrekknHil, burn one for all of us...
Rememebr,,,,, Boldly Go...

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