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day trip to Amsterdam

Postby Otis » Sun Oct 19, 10:42 am

Saturday always seems like a nice day for an Amsterdam journey. About 30 minutes from Utrecht by train. It's supposed to be easy to ride the trains, but every time I make this weekend trip seems like it's never the normal posted schedules. Last weekend there were "engineering repairs" going on, so the the Utrecht to Amsterdam schedule was basically useless and you had to use other means to find the right train/track/spoor/time/day. Yesterday again there were lots of Dutch announcements about the train and words in red letters posted on the boards for that train. Never did figure out what all the red words were, some sort of important announcement I guess. Dang, I made it there and back. It would help to be able to read some Dutch, but the train conductors and personnel are always helpful when asked.

Met up with BOhannan and gang and had quite a party. Yes, QUITE a party. Met Hillary at Tertula and she thought she heard voices from above talking to her. She did, BO was talking to her from the upstairs and she hadn't seen him up there (she was downstairs). It was kind of funny. Only in Amsterdam. We did some smoking there.

Stumbled on to I forget where but we smoked some more. I didn't have a beer all day. Smoke...smoke...smoke. Now I remember, we all went to BO's citymundo apartment and what did we do? Well, we smoked. Hash, weed, hash-and-weed. BO rolled another fine joint with a fat thread of hash in it, from Hillary I think it may have been. Hard to recall all the details.

Sometime later on Hillary left us and we stumbled on to the "Soup Kitchen". Had great bowls of soup, really good. Dutch pea was good and the tomato someone else had looked pretty killer also.

Then we stumbled and found the smart shop. Never tried shrooms before. Not sure I tripped but had more of a heavy overall stone-buzz. I actually stopped smoking for a bit under the effects of them. It was fun sitting in the big rental unit and chomping shrooms. The young blond lass that helped us make the selection was so helpful. Rather attractive, also. :-)

I think we went to Amnesia before we ate the shrooms. Nice coffeeshop, one of my fav's.

Froze my butt off walking back to Centraal Station from BO's place. Got back to Utrecht about midnite and the last bus that I need to take leave there at about 12:04am. Running, barely made it, but luck was with me and I got back safely. What a trip. Shrooms. Life is an adventure.


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Words from above

Postby TrekknHil » Sun Oct 19, 12:20 pm

Hey Otis!
Yes, it was very weird to hear my named called out from above.

Yes, it was my hasj...nepal from Kadinsky. I told you it was good :)

So, you little shits did shrooms...I would have paid to see that.

Glad to have met ya...keep on Boldly Going!

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Postby Bohannon » Tue Oct 21, 6:49 pm

Otis my man, you were tripping your ass off! You just didn't know it, LOL. TreknHil, thanks for the hash and sorry that we didn't get to spend more time together. I think that many laughs could be had! If I had spent more time with TreknHil and Otis I wouldn't even need to file a trip report! I kept notes on a small mini-recorder but I am afraid that much of it isn't going to make sense. Well two of my traveling companions live very nearby and might be able to help me fill in the holes!

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Postby running wild » Wed Oct 22, 2:19 am

Thanks for the trip report. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Cann't wait - only 25 more days till the plane leave for A'dam. I'll be checking out Amnesia on the 16th of Nov. Hope we can get lots of channelites for the late afternoon meeting. Till then keep them trip reports coming. Running Wild

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