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Dutch subtitles

Postby bongwata » Sun Dec 30, 6:52 pm

Anne's mention of subtitles in another forum made me flash on a couple of memories:

First trip - 1990 - Late night and a bunch of wasted US first-timers in a Hague hotel room, watching a Kurosawa film (Dodesukaden/Clickety-Clack). The subtitles didn't really help, but we had a great time trying to figure out what was going on.

Second trip - 1996 - In the Free Adam shop (maybe), watching Jerry Springer. It was still kind of early in that whole trashy talkshow genre, and I was a little embarassed that crap had already crossed the ocean. Subtitles not needed - what do they think of us? Also a bummer was how sticky the weed was, and I couldn't get it lit worth a Dam.


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