Nov 07 Trip/Cup Report

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Nov 07 Trip/Cup Report

Postby nemesystem » Tue Nov 27, 2:19 am

lol.... so yeah not really sure if this is thread worth... but what the hell lol

1st Day

So yeah my friends and I arrived at Schipol at 5:30 am on the 17th. After getting the passports stamped it was off to the taxi's this time we only paid 27 Euros (plus 5 euro tip) for the ride to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel I had to wait about 25 mins as a very large group of tourists we attempting to check out and with only 1 person at the front desk at 6 am I kinda felt bad for the guy. Anyway after dealing with that I asked if we could leave our bags there in hotel until it was time to check in (2pm) He said that was fine however he neglected to give us luggage tags.

We all then bought 72 hour passes for the trams although we should have gotten the 96 hour passes which I didnt see until I had already bought the other ones.

Made it to Central CS about 6:45 -7:00 ish and couldnt wait to have the first smoke of the day. First bag was CHEESE! yeah the name jumped out at me when the weedtender opened up the large book.(the high was good just because it was the first smoke of the day however it wasnt the best cheese I've smoked, I've gotton some from cali that was 100x better) So we sat and blazed a fat joint before figuring out where we wanted to go (not to mention figure out what was open at 8 am in the morning) Finally decided to head towards Barneys and Picasso's to check out the Breakfast..... however upon getting to Harlaamstraat?(sp) we noticed the new Green House and decided to pop in......and like always TREATED LIKE ROYALITY several doormen welcomed us in and treated us to who knows how many vapor bags....mind you this was before the Cannabis Cup even so I was kinda of suprised to see the staff as helpful as they were where as im used to just chillin and getting stuff my self Arjan's staff was on point as far as Bongs, and drinks were concerned. They even gave us grinders and keychains (the same stuff that was included in the giftbags during the cup) While there we bought some NYCD, Hawaiian Snow (the last of it as I remeber) and some Super Silver Haze (cup entry) Vaped 4 grams of NYCD and Sup.Super Haze and took a few bong rips and decided it was time to bounce as more shops were starting to open.

Finally made it to Barneys where the Weedtender was a prick right from the get go...... he was mad cuz we didnt have a judges passes and we were asking about the g13 haze (wtf?) I explained to him that we were waiting to pick them up but that it was not 10 am yet.... he then told us that we would have to wait to get it with our judges passes... so we ended up just buying some more NYCD from Barneys and leaving. Walked around the city and went into a few more shops I believe we stopped into the new Dampkring as well before we hit barneys but I dont remeber anything special from there.... We were about to head to Amnesia to pick up our passes when I remebered I had forgotten the email confirmation along with my Itinary for the trip we then had to trek back to the hotel and retrieve however since I didnt get my bags tagged intially when we arrived that caused some-what of a hassle as the person behind the counter was not the same as before and she had no idea who we were I explained to her that the guy had forgotten to give us the tags earlier that morning but she wasnt gonna let me get my shit.. Finally after a few minutes of arguing and having them check my reservations she allowed me to retrieve my stuff.

Walked into Amnesia around 11- 11:30 and there was already small line after waiting 15 mins or so I was able to pick up the cup passes however They were limited on T-shirt sizes (luckily they had my size) and they were out of Guide Books they did however give us a map but no HT Events schedule or anything of that nature the plus side of things was during our wait in line we were handed personal vapor bags that you could re use thru out your stay and a keychain. We then bought the entry and left as it was really starting to get crowded. Then walked to Grey Area where once again we were able to grab a seat but sadly they were out of Trichomes until the following day however I bought 2 grams of chocolope which was outstanding (taste that is) and the fact that the weed tender gave me the judges pass deal a day early minus the kief. So after smoking a blunt of chocolope and a few vapor bags it was time to leave.

Decided it was time for us to head back to the hotel to see if the room was ready. before taking the tram back however we stopped at a headshop and bought a 22 Euro glass bong (Hate how most of the bongs in AMS have carbs*except roors* especially when they have glass on glass bowls makes me wonder what the fuck the person was thinking blowing that piece) Got back to the hotel around 3:30 and decided to rest for a little bit..... watched a little CNN and played some PSP and took a few bong rips. I then remebered about the Meet Up at freeworld, Funny thing was.... we got all turned around and forgot were exactly free world was LMFAO! so we arrived a little bit late. Took a seat towards the back after buying some herb (what I can't remeber lol) and waited to use the internet so I could post on here lol however some guy was playing poker and was obviously gonna be there a while so we smoked a joint chilled in freeworld for about a half hour and decided to leave. By this time the Jet lag was kickin in and I still needed to pick up mushrooms for the night lol. As we were leaving I believe it was Moe and MHD who introduced them selves along with a few others (sorry I dont remeber your names) Btw thanks for the invite to the party MHD and im extremely sorry I didnt make it to the party it sounded like it would been alot of fun, I did however make it to Harlaam that day, just not able to find the right coffeeshop).

So after leaving freeworld we stopped at a smartshop and bought some Hawaiian and Ecudorian(sp?) mushrooms.

All I gotta say after that is WOW...... had a crazy night back at the hotel watchin tv and shroomin all night long lol.

2nd Day

We didnt really do much this day other than go from coffeeshop to coffeeshop smoking all the entries...... I believe we hit about 15 shops that day as well as a few others inbetween. We wanted to go to the CC Expo but had no idea how to get to it other than the shuttles in front of Hotel Victoria but after seeing the crowd of judges waiting for the bus it didnt seem like there would be enough room on the bus(sure enough I was right as I was told by numerous people that actually made it on the bus that they had been kicked off because the bus was over crowded)

Ended the night a little bit early but only to catch up on much needed sleep and adjust to the time change.

I'll post more as it comes to me. lol FUCKING SHORT TERM MEMORY! hahah

that and I need to smoke another bowl.

btw I agree about the ams depression... SHIT SUCKS! lol.

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