Late report from nov 06

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Late report from nov 06

Postby NOTTOBORING » Fri Nov 09, 3:39 pm

Trip Report Long Overdue Nov 06

Ok so I’ve not posted a trip report before but here goes…

Myself and the good Hippy decided to take a wee jaunt across to Amsterdam for a short break away. Having checked in at good old Bristol we proceeded to peruse the morning papers whilst awaiting departure. Once airbourne it was 45mins near enough until we hit mokum.

After catching the train in to central we checked in to the Winston, and after a wee bit of confusion about the room we were out and on our way to Central CS for the first Purchase. We asked for a nice mild daytime smoke and were directed to XXX. We didn’t hang around and popped over to Pink Floyds for some Munch.
We both Love Pink Floyds and after a spot of nibbles fired up the first of the day. May I point out that after the xxx did it’s job both of us commented that it was NOT a mild morning smoke. Still onwards and upwards, we headed of to De Kuil where it was Beer O’clock, we had a couple and purchased some Blueberry. After Playing a few rounds of Amsterwang ( great game) and burning a few we headed off to the Nes, can’t remember what we had here but really like that place. We hung around for a while toking and drinking and playing cards.

As the day wore on The Hippy decided we needed to play some chess and flex are respective craniums, therefore I decided the best place to do this was Amnesia. So we headed of… Once inside we ordered ourselves a good old coffee and a milkshake ( for the Sugar) and set about the battle. I believe I purchased som SAGE from here but forgive me if I am wrong. Anyway, needless to say the perfect way to spend a late afternoon is in Amnesia, staff were great and so was the Dealer. So we smoked away a few hours and I won at chess which was a real bonus.

As the sun sank behind the horizon and the street lights lit up the evening mist, we headed back to the hotel for the 3 S’s. After chilling to a bit of the Doors we headed back out to Old Church where the upstairs was free. We of course scored ourselves some smokables I think it the special, and proceeded to burn a couple whilst admiring the view. We philosophised for a while on whether the area was better or worse on a week night? as the usual collection of loonies seemed to be lacking, instead there were a large collection of females meandering around laughing and giggling. And a regular police patrol which in some respects was reassuring.
After whiling away some time here we introduced a new level to the already complicated Amsterwang – Prosiwang. This had us both transfixed and in stitches �

And so after taking in the usual wander round the RLD admiring the wares on offer – we headed off to the Hill Street Blues where we enjoyed blowing the froth of a couple and blazing a couple of fatties. We had the fortunate luck of getting the window seat here as well which meant we could watch the world go by. From here since it had been an early start we headed to the hotel, where we watched the cricket and burned a few more.

Day 2 to come soon….

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