October 10 -16, 2007

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October 10 -16, 2007

Postby DRRB » Fri Oct 26, 5:37 am

A perfect autumn week for a loner stoner to wander through Amsterdam, Den Haag, Haarlem, and Delft; temperatures in the 70's; no rain for seven days.
Amazing that Mauritshuis receives so little attention. Of many great paintings, my favoite: the Goldfinch. Strolling through Delft, including into the Future; in search of the best sativa for me. Willie Wortels ....wonderful as always. The Escher museum in Den Haag which I viewed through a silver haze would be a treat under any conditions.
Strange and wonderful to see a large carnival in Dam Square. Why not ?
Autumn colors from day one. It had rained the day before , so there were colorful leaves on the ground as well as in the trees.. The beauty of Amsterdam presents a glittering new facet.
Riding on or walking along the canals always is a source of joy.This time the pleasure is increased by the colorful leaves in the trees canalside, and their reflections in the water.
Best sativa for me.. Mako Haze, Tweede Kamer.


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Postby islandgurl » Mon Oct 29, 3:24 pm

Temps in the 70's and no rain? WOW you hit the "dam" lottery ;-)

Very nice description thank you, DRRB. I pictured myself walking along the canal and I will be in 2 weeks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can't wait and I also like the Mako Haze, good choice. If you like Mako Haze you'd probably like Amnesia Haze as well, it's one of my faves :-)

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