04 and 05 smoke reports

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04 and 05 smoke reports

Postby Pengaleng » Sat Oct 13, 12:32 pm

After seeing this I couldn’t stop drooling. It might be pricey but I remember when they only had 5 weeds (all E7.50 each) and two hashes. Everything sounds mind numbingly amazing.
This along with sampling some recent Dutch wares made me write up some old reports and plan for my next one. The green round here aint been to good recently so my Dam dreams have become more frequent. One of my flatmates recently returned from Mokum & Harlem, his first time. I gave him a coffeeshop map and a load of info before he went. Said it was amazing. GA’s Sour Crème, Barneys Cheese, HGF’s Amazing haze, White Dolphin were his picks. Brought me back some Mexican Haze from the top of TK’ s menu – mouth watering flavour and strong lasting high and a few other samples; Great White Shark and sum others. Also smoked some double zero from Bluebird, and Nepal crème from Rokerji 2. Zero was thick and really heavy, not so good in spiffs but bongs melt your face off. Crème was nice malleable black hash to be made into spaghetti worms. Anyway heres the reports, sorry of I ramble:

January 2005:
I mite have all ready posted a report for this trip as a guest, but my memory evades me. I have notes so ill reminisce and tell you the bits I remember. It was my birthday, my 3rd trip, 3 mates, 3 nights – stayed at the Prins Hendrik hotel, forgot where we ate out. Easy jet flights, nice n cheap. A few samples of weed were smoked back in the UK but mostly in a’dam. On my second trip I was dragged into La Canna and the weed was shit and we got kicked out for not buying drinks –of us chipped in for 2g of cali (note lack of ‘k’) mist, the waitress asked what we wanted to drink as we skinned up, we said four tap waters after hearing the price of drinks. The service was awful and the green even worse, not dried or cured or flushed properly. Get better at home. Two of my mates were on their first times in the motherland were showing signs of highness and trying to justify the weed. I thought fuck that, within 20mins we were sat on stools in the Grey Area with loads of amazing weed holding on to the bar after smoking a few pulls being pulled into heavenly oblivion. Ever since GA has been my first port of call.

Grey area
3.5g Greyberry – one big juicy bud of goodness.
2g Grey Haze. Supreme quality as always.
3g Double Bubblegum. Sweet and fruity like it should be.
1g Moroccan Soles – great taste on the exhale.
2g MK ultra http://smokersguide.com/sg/SmokersGuide ... php?id=370
Hands down the best indica over five trips, unique taste and KO high. Got a seed but the plant didn’t survive.
1g Sour Diesel – taste and high made one of my mates buy seeds.
1g Silver Blue (s pearl x b’berry) one of the best tasting herbs ive ever smoked.
3.1g Willy Nelson – awful. Same as Jamaican in the UK except worse. Taste like burning metal. (I didn’t purchase this, I already knew it was the McDonalds of coffeshops)
1.5g Temple Ball – again not my purchase, it was ok.
9.2g Afghan Power E12.50 for almost 5g. no where near the best but ok. Also had some hash shakes and hot chocolate, just got tiny bits of hash stuck in my teeth. Watched Ali G film, a Dutch football game and the Big Lebowski. Smoked my own and paid for rip off drinks but it was ok.
It was empty except a table of lost souls; an army looking bloke, a woman in a wedding dress type thing, a sailor and some more playing cards. I swear I wasn’t that high to hallucinate that shit. Didn’t seem to welcome tourists. Rasta dealer was ok. I had a big grin when I walked out of there with two big 5g bags of some tasty blue berry and 5g of some widow looking stuff.
10g Blueberry – nice taste, relaxing mellow high. Perfect anytime smoke.
5g White Mellon . heard it was white widow X blueberry. White Mellon lacked a distinctive taste, so I threw it all in a massive 7g b’day spliff with other left overs laced with gunpowder. KA-BOOM.
5g Gunpowder – laced all my spiffs with this – giving the extra throat tickle. However wouldn’t do it again, think it was E60, it was nice to do on holiday with loads of cash but realistically its not the best option for taste or getting high. My mate who only was smoking hash coz the skunk mashes his head was rolling a hash blunt here, it broke, he went to get another and we spiked his blunt with a g of THC, 2 pulls his eyes were red and he could barley between giggling.
Tweede Kamer
1g SSH – really spicy. Best SSH ive had. Salt rock looking crystals, powerful high. This along with all the other products purchased put this shop, along with other visits, puts 2e Kamer at in my top 3 shops for smokeables.
1g Moonshine n.o.1 – first ice I ever smoked. Amazingly clear high and still ridiculously strong.
1g Edelwiss – smoked it on my first trip to dam, had to try it again, E7 per/g. light but nice.
1g NYCD – stank like you’d spilt some red grapefruit concentrate all over the buds, taste was even more intense, high was good.
1g Kali Mist – crystal infested buds , smoked it in a fat pure upstairs in Hill St Blues playing pool and it was SO smooth. Ultimate sativa.
1g Mothers Finest Haze – had the MF from Pink Floyd the year before and this built on an already strong base to be excellent. Purchased it the morning we had to leave, rolled a fatty, smoked half out side McD’s on Damrak. My 3 mates said it was 2 early. Puffed all I could, threw away a nice bit. Got to the airport 3hrs early with nout to smoke. Pissed.
Elephant- after a channels tip I tried it - so so. Nothing special here.
Hawaiian Haze – another tip from the forums; this made up for the elephant, taste was HAZEtastic. High was strong and my head was spinning. Had space shakes, better than bulldog –still over priced.
2.1g Manali Charis – nice little crayon tip, ok smoke
2.5g Zero Zero
Cant remember the shops
1g amnesia haze – I really like this haze but just as I go to order another strains jumps out at me.
2g Bubblegum – ok but not stand out; had it from amnesia more recently and was also disappointed. I’ve only ever enjoyed GA’s bubblegum. Any tips?
1g Royal cream gold- rokerji I think.
1g pollen – Picasso maybe? We were in the top bit of the shop on the wooden benches high as clouds. Someone took a photo and this tramp/santa looking guy gets up and starts shouting ‘Is it legal?!?’ over and over again. We promptly left.
1.5g Nepalese temple ball – greenhouse effect I think.

Summer 2004
This report im sure I didn’t post as a guest. Stayed at the Botel with 3 friends, think it was E90 for a double room per night. No smoking the green but they didn’t seem to mind. Really hot, could barley see walking up to the Botel because of the white walkway glaring in the blazing sun. Was woken every day at 8 or 9 with a 50ft drill drilling up the ground to the north of the Botel, I’ve seen that theses a new hotel there now. Bumped into two other mates unsuspectingly, they were staying in the Ibis. While walking near Grey Area I saw an open back WW2 truck driving through the narrow streets with what first looked liked barrels of hay. On closer inspection I saw weed leafs on the wrapping and branches poking out the side. We all ran like crazy after it, only to find it was a film prop. In Ricks from the young ones voice: YOU BASTARDS! YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER BASTARDS! Ill upload a pic if I can.

La Canna
2g Cali Mist – E20, utter shit. That’s being fair.
Pink Floyd
1g Mothers Finest – great sativa all round taste, smell, high
1g Silver Haze – mite have been SS
1g 7 Seconds – same as MF but indica – all round top notch. I miss these two strains now oceans12 has taken is foothold.
1g Double zero
1g NYCD – sweet and tangy.
1g Afghani – cheap and cheerful
Prix D’ami
1g Misty – giggly
1g Eifel http://smokersguide.com/sg/SmokersGuide ... php?id=351
1g Dream
1.4g Picasso http://smokersguide.com/sg/SmokersGuide ... php?id=352 one of my mates favourites.
1g skuff coin with weed leaf on it. Crumbled really well, nice high. Worth the E15
1.4g Poison – homebrand widow like the white dolphin. Very nice. Went back for the 5g deal after trying this.
1.4g special
7.5g B52 – was nice but 3 people had 2.5g each and we got sick of it
Grey Area
6g Bubble #5 – tasted of sweet fruity spice, made my tongue num it tasted so good. Went back after 1g for 2 more.
2g Greyberry – tastes like fruits of the forest ice cream
3g Trichomes – adds the tickle that turns to a cough, would love to bong this stuff
1g 4077 Medical weed – very good
3g Grey Mist – quality
1g Sour Diesel – mmmm, I walked in asked someone what the were smoking and got it. Wasn’t disappointed as the taste was as good as the smell.
2g AK47 – strong
Dutch Flowers
1g Silver Pearl – very nice
1g Moroccan
1g Silver Haze – leafy, average
Forgot which shops:
1.6g Jack Herer – spicy
1.8g Super Skunk – not good
1.4g Red Leb – one of those plastic greasy café looking shops. I didn’t buy anything but some one got this. Worst smoke of trip
3.2g Super Crystal
1.6g Northern Lights – didn’t stand up to most other skunks
1.4g Amnesia Haze
3g Blueberry
1g White Widow
Homegrown Fantasy:
Found this accidentally. A friend got a pre roll. The next bit haunts me; as we entered a large (fat) ginger (carrot top) woman showed us the menu, it was mostly crossed off. I said what’s good, she said ‘cheese is our cup entry blah blah…’ I stopped listening when I heard it was called cheese, I didn’t want to smoke cheese. Little later find out it’s was a skunk n.o1 phenotype from the midlands and growers are going nuts for it. Then people on here stated to say how good it was. Now it’s what White Widow was to the 90’s and NYCD was to 2003+, its popping up everywhere. I did get some comfort from smoking as much blue cheese from Bluebird as I could in other trips (blue is wonderful smoke but id love some bloody cheese!, been to ask every trip since but mother died or something).

Smoked a nice fat blueberry flavoured blunt containing Greyberry (blueberry x bubblegum), Bubble 5#, Blueberry and a load of GA’s trichomes. Also tried to smoke a pure THC spliff. Put in half g, looked like a match. Didn’t burn very well, then closed my eyes and I was asleep. Woke up and felt retarded.

I would post photos but lost all my photos from my 3rd and 4th trips and only have montage videos
containing the individual images. I’m trying to retrieve the pics from my broken hard drive.

In case you hadn’t seen:
Here’s my report from the summer 2005 trip:
http://forum.channels.nl/phpbb/viewtopi ... highlight=
And my report from last summer 2006:
http://forum.channels.nl/phpbb/viewtopi ... highlight=

Amsterdam wish list; it’s whittled down (believe it or not). This is what id do if I was senseless. My nose and eyes may change my mind.
Grey area: 1g chocoloupe E13.50, 1g silver bubble E13.50, 1g mental floss E10, 2g sour cream E25, 2g lemon haze E23
Barneys:1g Cheese E11
Amnesia: 1g honey bee E13, 1g sweet tooth E10, 1g cramello cream E13
Tweede Kamer: 1g SSH E11, 1g sharazade E7, 1g Noor E13, 1g Jala E8.50
Bluebird:3.2g blue cheese E25 if available
Katsu:.8g crystal clear E20, 2g Mexican haze E20, 5g blonde morroc E20
Homegrown fantasy: 1g Ginene in the lamp E9/amazing haze E11
Mellow yellow:1g orange haze E11,1g trainwreck E11,4g blueberry E23,
1g cheese E11
Greenhouse:1g Arjens haze E10, 1g Hawaiian snow E10
Prix D’ami:1g Fisherman’s friend E7.50
Het ballonjeti:1g moroc gold E7
Kashmir lounge:1g jelly E18
Hunters / the coin:1g MK ultra E10They do 10% off 5g purchases so ill check out Wiet: bubblekush. Hasj: Malani sweet cream(dark)and Primera(light) both around E13 – anyone tried these?
Anyday:Heard they do 15% off 5g purchases.Remember reading they stock grapefruit and papaya haze/kush.
Papillion:5g marrocan crème E35 (saw MHD recommend it) out of Katsu 3 block to the right
Any shop, sour diesel, nycd = Possibly club media.
Amnesia haze.
grapefruit haze from amnesia
California X Haze from Stix. Also saw sage n sour haze on a recnt menu – could be amazing or shit, like kushage imo
Hawaiian Haze & nycd from Le Tertulia or duch flowers
Diesel X haze – green house effect
Space haze – sibere

Never been to any greenhouse shops so I want go see if Arjen deserves all those CC’s
I’m also on a mission on my next trip to find the best steak the city has to offer; I will try Iguazu and La Brasa. If I make it to Harlem W&A’s. Can’t wait to smoke a fatty of haze then go have a few Heinekens and a fat juicy stake. Mmmmmmmm Hope u can understand my long babble as it’s a bit dis jointed. And thanks again to everyone that contributes to this site, if it weren’t for you lot id be in Free Adam and Rastababy thinking I could buy the best cup winning strains. Cheers

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