trip report part 2

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trip report part 2

Postby patrick » Fri Feb 14, 2:10 pm

hello everybody

day 3 in amsterdam started kinda late do to staying up late watching das Boot on tv, once again it was a muggy cloudy day fortunatly not too cold. first stop was the cannibis college to see the grow room and try the vaporizier. spent along time talking to the gardner, he seemed to be more interested in talking about the pending execution of 3 mexician nationals in texas then his 5 huge plants. seemed as soon as people found out we were from texas they wanted to talk about the death penelty. the garden was wonderful but not as full as the last time i saw it. the super skunk plant was at full bud but the other 4 plants were not completely grown yet. he also had 4 or 5 peyote plants that were several years old. like i said in a different message our city mundo was inbetween the cannibis college and the hash musuem. the cannibis college is free but they do ask for a 2.50E donation to go downstairs and look at the garden. the hash musuem has more to look at but also cost 5E to go inside. the garden at the hash musuem is alot bigger but you can not get as close and there is glass between you and the plants. one good thing is the guy will let you try his giant vaporizer for free using his pot, at the cannibis college you have to provide your own weed for the vaporizier. for the rest of the afternoon we stumbled around looking at canals and people then finally took a short nap before heading over to de kuil to meet vermeer, dapoopa,douglas,buc o five and james. had a great time. de kuil has a high powered microscope near the pool table to view the crystals on your weed with. the kali mist had the most crystals on it in my opinion. we had a great time talking and playing pool, mostly watching dapoopa on his winning streak. side note to dapoopa's trip report, the irish people who tried to take the table away from dapoopa had to help one of their party out after he had either way too much to drink or way to much to smoke. we also meet a nice couple from america who had just gotten married and were on there honeymoon. while at de kuil i sampled their red lebonese hash 1G for 7E. i smoked the whole gram at once. i also tried the Kali mist 1G for 7E and de kuil's cannibis cup entry Knockout 1G for 7E. douglas's friend james had some really good red morrocan hash we sampled. i really liked de kuil. nice decor, great music, full bar, free vaporizier to use and a good menu. over my weeks vist i tried everything on the menu excet some of the hash. i am just not a big hash fan. after that it was time for a quick trip around the RLD and then to the room for sandwiches, bowls of weed and wacko television. speaking of wacko television i was flipping thru the channels and found "sex court" it is kinda like our court tv here in the states but the judge was a leather clad domenextriss (sp?) and the baliff was a nekkid lesbian. the two plaintiffs were argueing over who slept with who and at the end the judge would declare who should sleep with who to make things right, then they would "do it" on the court room floor, i am sure it was all just a act and the sex was probably faked but still it was interesting to watch. then time to sleep and hope for a sunny day tomorrow.

day 4 found me almost out of weed so a trip to grey area was the first thing on my mind. (side note:grey area was open everytime i went and jon was the only person i saw working) i decided it was time to go for trichromes 2G for 30E. that was incredible and as we walked towards the anne frank house i thought it would be a good idea to check out the cheech and chong coffeeshop but it was not to be found. i think i found the place it used to be but now it is a resturant. i was sad it was closed and took a few minutes to decide what to do. we just took off walking down the canal actually hoping to get lost and stumble upon something new. the trichromes had me really buzzing and as we passed what i thought was a window display of the viagra drink for ladies ( i saw this on tv awhile back) i yelled at my wife to come back as she had not seen the display and had just kept on walking. i showed her the window and asked what she thought about trying it out, as she thought about it and examined the window display she realizied it was some kind of italian import store and what i thought was liquid viagra turned out to be a fancy bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

we finally stumbled upon dutch flowers, i know this place just bad reviews here but i love the place. nice, clean, good soft music, beer and some killer weed. the window seat looking out on the single canal is probably the best coffeeshop seat i found. we sampled the Zenith weed 2G gold resin dripping bud for 14E. this bud was beautiful and i wanted to photograph it but just could not wait and ended up smoking it up. not too far around the corner is the dampkring and i thought this would be a good time to get the moonshine, moonshine #1 was not on the menu and had been replaced with bubble hash, 1G for 25E. this is water/ice hash just like moonshine. it was very very hard and kinda difficult to smoke, the best method i found was to heat it up slightly and then crumble some onto the top of a bowl of weed. this gear is top notch and only a couple of hits will make your head spin no matter how burnt out you are. i also picked up a few sample menus there for 5E apeice. the place was and always is crowded so we headed out.

after lunch at the room we walked over to the bluebird. pretty nice place, kinda crowded but nice. the gear was prepackaged and we sampled the star warz 1.7G for 12E. this gear also looked great under the microscope. next stop was Hunters bar, 1G of NYC diesel for 8E. i liked this bar and the dealer and the barmaid were both very nice. clean good music and a older crowd. here in texas when it gets really dry sometimes they smuggle the weed in diesel gas tanks, makes the weed taste nasty. this NYC diesel was not anything like that and was really very very tasty. then it was off to de kuil and sensi seeds for heavy duty smoke fest.

that evening the tv said it might rain so i had to make a run for more weed in case i had to stay inside. went by chocolata and tried choco mist .5G for 5E. this place is very very small also, it had a upstairs but i did not go up. everybody there was very nice, the entire bar told us goodbye when we left. stopped by de kuil again and got a large 5G bag of creeper haze for 38E. this gear was also killer, had a very very strong order.

that night it did not rain but i thought it might so we would roll a giant kief laced joint and walk around the RLD, then stop at the room roll another and take another tour. the old sailor pub was rocking and i spent alot of time looking across the canal at the previously mentioned beautiful "nina kramer"

stopped in a place called the Bass-ment but was turned off by the dealer, left and went upstairs to the RLD bar. one thing that amazed me during my RLD tours was the long line caca rosso, lots of asian tourist and too my wifes surprise lots of ladies in the now long line to get in for the live sex show. i have seen it before and she was not interested so we just enjoyed listening to the guys out front trying to pull people into see the show, also took alot of pics for people who wanted their picture taken in front of the giant penis shaped water fountain.

well thats it, more details to come from my great coffeeshop tour of feb 2003...............................................patrick

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Postby Dogbreath » Fri Feb 14, 2:41 pm

Excellent post, Patrick.

Nothing better than ambling around amilessly checking out the many many coffee shops.

:-) Dogbreath

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Wow, Way to Go.

Postby LastHamlet » Fri Feb 14, 2:47 pm

Was it the Grey Mist Crystal(Tric.) that made you see the Olive Oil sign wrong.??? It has that effect on me. I was just wondering Patrick, was the Crystals from Grey Area stronger than that Bubble Hash from Dampkring?? I never got to try the Dutch Moonshine so to me the strongest stuff was the Grey Mist Crystal??? Which is the best?? When you get time, give us the low down on it. Killer part 2 of the trip report. Way to Go.



Postby patrick » Fri Feb 14, 3:12 pm

it was the grey mist crystals that had me dumb-founded, as far as comparing the bubblehas/moonshine to the crystals, the crystals were not as hard on the throat and lungs and seemed to smoke alot better in joints or on top of bowls then the ice hash did. the biggest difference to me was the trichromes were cheaper (15E a gram compared to 25E a gram) and just alot easier to use. the 2 grams of trichromes lasted longer then the 1 gram of bubblehash for only 5E more. both would give you the big buzz but all in all i preferred the trichromes from grey area.

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Great report

Postby Bohannon » Fri Feb 14, 4:42 pm

Thanks for the great report. I am aching to get back, will have to wait for the fall though. BTW a lot of people do not know that De Kuil has a "BYOF" (bring your own food) policy and with two really great sources right across the alley, it is a great place to refuel on so many levels!



Postby patrick » Fri Feb 14, 5:15 pm

bring your own food policy at de kuil......i sat in the window seat and looked at the pastry shop across the alley till i just had to go eat, but after watching the staff at de kuil exit the door and turn right then return with food i had to ask why they did not go straight across the alley. they told me they all go 3 doors down towards the damrak, it was more like a deli then a pastry shop and every sandwich was not made untill ordered. plus it was not as expensive as the pastry shop. all in all a better place to get your food for de kuil's B.Y.O.F. policy.

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Postby BlueBerry » Fri Feb 14, 9:37 pm

Nice report!

And thanks for the tip on the deli shop as opposed to the pastry shop across the street from the De Kuil. I know everytime I sit at the window those sweet awesome-looking pasteries always call out to me.......come and get some;)


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Re: trip report part 2

Postby JohnnyHempseed » Sun Sep 04, 3:57 am

patrick wrote: the trichromes had me really buzzing and as we passed what i thought was a window display of the viagra drink for ladies ( i saw this on tv awhile back) i yelled at my wife to come back as she had not seen the display and had just kept on walking. i showed her the window and asked what she thought about trying it out, as she thought about it and examined the window display she realizied it was some kind of italian import store and what i thought was liquid viagra turned out to be a fancy bottle of extra virgin olive oil.


ROTFLMAO!!! EVOO!! Musta been some good trichromes!!

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