Trip Report August 07 (Days 1-4)

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Trip Report August 07 (Days 1-4)

Postby Jay_K » Mon Aug 27, 9:37 pm

Ok, so I've finally got round to writing up my recent trip, I apologise in advance for some of the missing details but you know how it is...

This was my 8th trip to Amsterdam and the 6th time for my girlfriend, Flick. We both concluded that its out best trip to date and are of course already scheming to get back asap....

Photos can be found at ... dsAugust07

Day 1 - Sunday 12/08/07

After an uneventful flight from Coventry we landed at Schiphol at around 15:20 local time, fully laden with heavy backpacks as this trip isn't just for Amsterdam, we were also going to the Lowlands festival, the Dutch equivalent to Glastonbury (but much more on that later).

We got into Central Station and as much as we wanted to dive straight into a coffeeshop we decided to get rid of our bags and freshen up first so we headed to the GVB to pick up our 96 hour tram passes which at E16.50 each worked out to be an absolute bargain. After getting our tickets we hopped onto the number 4 tram for a journey we'd get to know well over the next few days out to the Old South. For for the first time we were renting an apartment and really wanted to see a different side to the city so we opted for one on Pieter Aertszstraat (2mins walk from Greenhouse Tolstraat for those who like me navigate the city using coffeeshops and bars).

The apartment was great (Citymundo apartment L01398) and met our needs perfectly, one bedroom with ensuite, good size lounge with TV, a small balcony and a kitchen (with a hob and microwave but no oven, is this normal in Dutch houses?). It was clean and nicely decorated (mostly) although we weren't expecting all of the hosts possesions to still be in the apartment, even clothing and food however this didn't bother us at all as we found it great fun trying to figure out what kind of person/people lived there!

After unpacking (carefully folding for Flick, holding a bag upside down and shaking it for me) we headed back out just in time to get soaked by some typically heavy Dutch rain. We got back on the number 4 tram and got off at Rembrandtsplein to get some food and buy the essential grinder and papers etc. After a quick discussion on where to get our first smoke from we decided on Tweede Kamer as it was the first coffeeshop that Flick ever went in and both love it in there, however that plan was quickly changed when we saw how busy it was so we headed for Dutch Flowers instead.

I've heard lots of bad reviews of this coffeeshop but personally have only ever had friendly dervice in there and this visit was no exception. As I looked at the menu I remember MHD posting on here that the NYC Diesel was good from there, and he wasn't wrong (this is not the Diesel in the photos). More of a citrusy taste than diesely which was a nice suprise and a very nice high, perfect for watching the world go by for an hour or so.

As the gram came to an end we decided to go for a walk along the Singel back towards Rembrandtsplein but not until after I'd popped into 2e Kamer to pick up a joint of Dutch Moonshine for later. Next stop Barney's Lounge to pick up a gram of the much talked about Cheese, unfortunately the shop was pretty busy so we didn't stay and instead decided to venture to a coffeeshop that neither of us had been to before, Mellow Yellow. I can't believe its taken me this long to visit they original Amsterdam coffeeshop and it certainly didn't disappoint, far more spacious than it looks from the outside as theres a large raised area at the back. I was disappointed to see that the Trainwreck was out of stock so instead got a gram of Orange Haze and 2g of Blueberry. We sat in the raised area at the back and enjoyed a joint of the Orange Haze which had a lovely citrusy taste and quite a kick to it, certainly got my head spinning. I'm not really a big fan of sstivas, unlike Flick but we both agreed that this one was top notch.

After Mellow Yellow we walked back to De Pijp, picked up some falafel at Maoz whic was delicious, although beware of the yellow sauce! From there we wandered around De Pijp and back to our apartment for the evening, where we listened to music and smoked some the Cheese and Blueberry, both certainly lived up to their reputations; the Blueberry was beautifully smooth and I couldn't stop smellying the big fluffy buds. The Cheese was a much heavier taste and smelt how I imagined, lovely thick flavour, very heavy couch lock. After finishing off the Cheese we decided to give the Moonshine ago which in hindsight was a bit of a waste as we all know that at the end of the night you're not gonna get much more stoned and the joint had little effect on our already baked brains, still quite a nice taste and would give it a go again for sure.

Day 1 Purchases

Dutch Flowers - NY Diesel - E9/g
Barneys Lounge - Cheese - ?/g
Mellow Yellow - Orange Haze - ?/g
Mellow Yellow - Blueberry - E13/2g

Days 2 and 3

From this point on things get a little hazey so the next few days will be a lot shorter write ups than day one.

Both days were fairly similar, a lot of relaxing in the apartment and various coffeeshops, looking around the Jordaan and De Pijp, drinking and eating in cafes and bars, generally enjoying Amsterdam doing all our favourite things. Its probably easier if I just list a few of the things we did instead of trying to remember the order...

Prix D'Ami - Didn't stay but picked up some Kali Mist which was a fairly mild high and quite a smooth smoke. Also got some Fishermans Friend which had a spicey taste and was fairly strong, neither were anything special.

Homegrown Fantasy - Stayed here for a couple of hours chatting, playing cards, reading... Flick got the Amazing Haze which she loved, I wasn't such a fan, a very string cerebral high that I don't really enjoy.

Arend's Nest - So many wonderful beers, we spent a couple of hours working through the sizeable menu putting the world to rights.

Da Vinci's Calzone - Best calzone I've ever had, I go back every time I'm in town, more of a take away than a restaurant but theres a few tables and its quite an interesting view from the window.

Coffeeshop Little - Certainly lives up to its name but the space is used well and we got a table easily, they were out of the Citral so I got some Jack Herer instead which was a really nice smoke with a good buzz.

Greenhouse Tolstraat - Didn't buy anything but stopped in late one night on the way back to the apartment, great layout, nice place to hang out for a couple of hours, definitely worth a visit.

Cafe De Klos - Great place, amazing ribs! sat at the bar and had a plate of ribs each with all the trimmings - salad, dips, bread, baked potato all washed down with a couple of heinekens. Will definitely go back next trip but maybe share one between us, their portions are HUGE! Also, we weren't big fans of the smoked ribs, they were REALLY salty, much more like bacon than ribs andthe regular ones were just so much nicer.

Boom Chicago - Just went in for a couple of beers (Palm) after cafe de klos. Really friendly guy working, it was his last shift there so we bought him a beer and had a good chat about the ins and outs of Amsterdam life.

I'm sure there were so many other great places we re-visited and discovered but it already feels like so long ago...

Day 2 and 3 Purchases

Prix D'Ami - Kali Mist - E9/g
Prix D'Ami - Fishermans Friend - E7.50/g
HGF - Amazing Haze - E10/0.8g
Little - Jack Herer - E8?/g

Day 4

We spent the Wednesday stocking up on weed for Lowlands so took a trip to Haarlem in the morning to visit Willie Wortel's Indica, one of our favourite shops. Whilst in Haarlem we went on a long walk all around the town which in some ways has a lot more character than Amsterdam. We got some Frites from a small place near the Grote Markt and ate them whilst wandering our way towards Indica.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I LOVE THIS PLACE! So friendly, comfy seats, a nice mix of locals and tourists, a pool table, board games and great weed! We got Powerplant, Skunk Special and Honing Maroc. We stayed there for a couple of hours playing cards and drinking Strawberry Lozas before wandering back towards the train station.

Once back in Amsterdam we talk a walk up Harlemmerstraat so flick could do some window shopping in her favourite shops, Mono and La Grote Avonteur (sp?). We slowly made our way upto Pink Floyd where we bought some Diesel and Lavender. The Diesel (this time it is the one in the photo) was a really nice smoke but came very crumbled, no big buds unfortunately. Only real complaint with the diesel is that is really lost its taste and smell after a couple of days, we were sleeping in a tent which is hardly ideal conditions for storing weed but it was the only strain to do this, nice while it lastest though. The lavender was a lovely smooth indica which definitely lives upto its name, unmistakeable taste.

This was the first time I'd been into floyds since he dampkring take over and I was glad to see nothing had really changed apart from the menu which I think is a vast improvement. Always get great service in here.

From Pink Floyd we wandered the canals down to Grey Area for some Chocolope which everyone seems to have recommended recently and I can see why, worth every cent. Also got some Grey Mist which was ever so slightly harsh on the throat but still a nice smoke.

Last stop before the apartment was Barneys Lounge, which was a lot quieter than earlier in the week so we stayed for acouple of joints and watched a music concert on the big screens, I think it was Phish? From here we got some Morning Glory which was a perfect evening smoke at the festival, very chilled great taste.

Day 4 Purchases

WW Indica - Skunk Special - E16/2g
WW Indica - Powerplant - E16/2g
WW Indica - Honing Maroc - E6/g
(These prices areexcluding discount for spending E25)

Grey Area - Chocolope - E12/g
Grey Area - Greay Mist - E8/g
Pink Floyd - Diesel - E?/2g
Pink Floyd - Lavender - E?/g
Barneys Lounge - Morning Glory - E?/2g

More to follow when I can get the time....

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Postby Pengaleng » Wed Aug 29, 1:03 am

Great report, cant wait for the rest. Its like being a kid looking into a sweet shop.mmm orange haze and cheese mmm. how was the fishermans friend? ive been meaning to try it for a few visits.

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Postby 27guldens » Wed Aug 29, 4:13 pm

Nice reading Jay K. I love trip reports with pictures. Thanks for sharing amigo.

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Postby SlyCrayon » Mon Sep 03, 12:46 am

Your trip report gave me a vicarious buzz, and some new info for my next trip. Cheers to Jay_K and Flick!

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