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Fat Freddie
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My trip report

Postby Fat Freddie » Sat Aug 18, 5:22 pm

Trip report.

I'll start with what it cost me for a week in Amsterdam.
Ferry tickets (Dover Calais) both ways €126
Camping for the week €101
Fuel for 300 miles each way 60 litres @ €1 per litre =€60 using a diesel estate car
and I used approx €450 as spending money including food, drink and Tram tickets etc
So the whole lot was about £500/€700 which considering I ate out every nite and sampled more than a few varieties of Amsterdam's finest weed and hash, was very reasonable.

I camped at Camping Zeeburg which I can recommend as not only is it very reasonably priced but has a good atmosphere, friendly staff and a bar which has film's, bands and internet etc. Bikes and canoes can be hired on site too. It's well handy for the Tram which is convenient and a shop which has most of what you may need including tents.
It is a popular site so is full often at peak times of the year but if you get there about midday there is usually space.

I managed to visit a number of Coffeeshops and enjoyed the scene and the good selection of pot available, Prices varied but clearly more expensive in the centre with most quality weed being €11 to €15 per gram though i did get a good deal at the nearest coffeeshop to the campsite ( The Stud ) where €20 gets you over 3.5 grams of White Widow a book of roach and a pack of skins with the deal. With some good quality black hash, Kashmir, nepalese etc readily available I was spoilt for choice instead of Hobson's choice ie soap bar which is to prevalent here

Despite arranging to meet up with a fellow channelite, we missed each other as it's not always easy to spot someone in the coffeeshops so it's best to exchange mobile no's first though I must admit to being totally untogether after smoking plenty and being late, Doh.

I took my own bike as I had room in the car for it. Cycling is so much easier there and a great way to explore the city and the surrounding countryside. It can be a bit hectic it town but as long as you stay out of the way of the trams and the local cyclists ( you can tell them by the yells of Let Op as they hack through the morass of wandering tourists on foot and hire bikes) and pay attention to the cyclists traffic lights on junctions, is no problem.

I spent quite a lot of time at the markets, which thanks to the info here were easy to find, as I wanted to check out the prices on delft tiles etc, There's some good bargins to be had and a massive selection of stalls at markets like Waterlooplien.

Weather wise the week was mostly fine and dry though overcast, with only 1 day where it rained heavily but as long as you have a raincoat handy it's not a prob as you can get about by tram and find refuge in a coffeeshop if it pours down and at the campsite there's always the bar to shelter from the rain.

My only regret is that I didn't take 2 weeks for the holiday as there is so much to see and do.

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Postby DRRB » Sat Aug 18, 6:37 pm

Fat Freddie,
Thank you for the informative report. I was especially interested in the camping information.

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Postby Planning-A-Trip » Sat Aug 18, 9:33 pm

thanks for the report.

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Postby SlyCrayon » Wed Aug 22, 1:19 pm

No matter how long you stay, there will always be more to do, Freddie.

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Postby LastHamlet » Wed Aug 22, 5:24 pm

Nice Report Freddie, I too have always wondered how Zeeburg would be. I bet it was intriguing to awake with a mere crawl to a sky view.
Many Thanks for posting this, I have never experienced this viewpoint, and it seems most interesting.

All The Best Regards,

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