ODD PERSPECTIVES; June/July 2003 Trip Report. Part #6

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ODD PERSPECTIVES; June/July 2003 Trip Report. Part #6

Postby LastHamlet » Wed Sep 24, 1:25 am

Day #7 Hey, Another Meeting.

I must have needed it a lot cause I slept till noon. I kind of hate doing that as it makes me feel like I have missed something. Then again, I noticed it was raining and it is so easy to sleep late when the rain is coming down. Especially when you have the attic room, you hear the rain hitting the roof. I think I have slept enough, so I had better drag my old self out of bed. (Oh my goodness, what did I do yesterday...) This “Oh my goodness, what did I do yesterday” is becoming a scapegoat sentence to try to explain away things I can’t seem to accept. Hummmm, I really have to keep an eye on myself, as I feel I can’t be trusted anymore. Ah, maybe I am over-reacting, who knows...

After a quick shower and a walk downstairs, I had a promise to fulfill to the fellow at the Fish/Sandwich Stand right at the corner. (Actually right across from the tram stop, as most of these are cleverly situated.)
I must eat one of those herring Broodjes, oh boy. As I approach the stand, he is already asking if today is the day. I nod with a yes reply and he began fixing it up on the soft bread I like. Well, I have never tried this but I did make a promise a few days ago to try one. Nudged a little by the owner who ran the stand, saying, “No trip to Holland was complete without a Herring Broodje.”
I think I got sucker punched into that one. Nonetheless, I said I would try one of these, and I will try to at least. I have to say “try” was the major word in that thought. After only a few bites, I noticed it still had the small bones in it. Feather bones or whatever you call them. (<<Unsure) Anyway, that was quite a trip for me. I just cannot seem to eat nothing with any kind of bones in it. Where you seemingly eat the bones also, that is. I know call me a lightweight, but I just can’t do it. However, it leaves me in a funny kind of situation here.
What to do? What to do?
Let’s see, I am standing at the side counter, and a small trashcan is underneath it. Have to be clever here, as the Dutch people seem very observant to me. However, as he waited on some customers I slipped the piece of Herring into the can and quickly closed the bread back together. Whew, that was close...
Well, I am gobbling down this ‘pretend Herring Broodje’ to the delight of the stand owner. You know he asked if I like it, and I have to say yes. Cause the bread ain’t bad at all, so I was not actually fibbing... HeHe, yeah I know...
I did tell him I liked the seafood or Dutch shrimp Broodjes much better though. In fact, I had to order one of the seafood broodjes to finish filling me up. The fake sandwich was not that filling, if you know what I mean. I know I faked it, but I just could not eat it. Not to mention I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He had given the Herring Broodje to me for free, so I just couldn’t be rude.
After scarffing down that real Broodje I was ready to make my way to the Rembrandtplein. Passing by the Stix, I happen to see the owner’s girlfriend again. Dam, he is a lucky fellow indeed. He better hang on to her, and I imagine she better hang on to him as well. With the thought of being a coffeeshop owner, I might date him myself… Ah, No, but I was just stretching the point. Not the he is a bad fellow or nothing, but I only like girls. I am sure he feels the same way. Of course, I am not all too sure that girls like me. More rather I seem to chase them away through some unknown means. (Hummmmm, better check into that.)

It was a nice walk through the city on my people watching adventure. You know there are so many kinds of people in the world that it makes you wonder how we all get along. Oh yeah, sometimes we have wars, I almost forgot. However, the only wars going on here are to make your way to your next stopping point. Not that your pathway is a war zone, but it can be loaded with twist, turns, and wavy stone walkways. Let’s not forget the bicycles and the infamous red paths. Most of the time you don’t check to see if you are standing on plastic, you check for the red stones to see if you are in danger. I was making a trail to the Old Style, and caught a glimpse of the pole that I ran into last night. A worthy opponent made for a painful evening’s end. I hope not to cross paths with it again.
It seemed I had a surprise in store for me at Old Style. The barkeep gave me a new replacement picture, for the one that blew into the canal in April. I was in shock, as I thought he had forgotten that part of the tragic last trip to AMS. I didn’t know what to say, as I was in a state of daze. I was actually time traveling into that photo. It was as if I was placed back to that day at the canal in Haarlem. OldHippyGuy was there and stopped me from jumping in the canal after the picture. You know I am glad he was there, as it was good to have at least one friend present. I feel the other unmentioned person would have more rather had me jump and drown. You never really know what someone is thinking if they never were honest with you.
I was pulled deeply in the midst of this new photo indeed. I felt as though I had better put it down and get some ghanja for today’s first coffeshop smoke. I neatly put the photo in my travel notebook and buttoned it in my pocket. This one was going to make it home for sure. With the picture neatly secured, I made my way over to the Bud Bar. It was already near 3:00 PM and I figured I could handle a gram and a quarter joint of their hearty Blueberry Bud. The kind barkeep hands me five or six bags and told me to pick the one I liked. I just grabbed one at random, as they all appeared to be the same.
This time I just grab one of the stools at the bar to make it easier to get a cola when needed. Plus, it made it made it easier to talk to the kind fellow. I cannot even pronounce his name, as I have tried many times, so I sure can’t spell it. He is the tallest fellow that works there, maybe 6’-5”. He has medium color brown hair, and a typical Dutch firm demeanor. I know he lives on the same street as Old Style, and just a building or two over. Most likely, right across the street from Buck-O-Five... Once you get to know him, he is really quite the friendly fellow. He is not one to go on with words, but more rather spits out little quick analogies that have a lot of meaning. As this trip goes on, you will see what I mean.
After an hour or so and smoking up the whole hooter, I found myself checking out the construction work on the street. The barkeep told me they do this every year. Of course, I asked why they would do that? He told me they have to spend a certain amount of money or lose it. HOLD ON. You know at that moment, I realized that things are not that much different here than at home. Goes to show no matter where you are it is a push and shove match over tax dollars, and how they should be spent. That being, rather it is needed or just for the sake of spending the same amount year after year. I guess no matter where you go, circles are always spinning. Go Figure...

I guess I had better grab a quick sandwich at the deli down the street. I would give the name and directions, but it was not that good. That was the second time this trip I wandered in for a bite, and maybe should have just bit myself instead. I don’t mean to be a harsh critic of the establishment, because usually I am an easy to please kind of person. However, sometimes even I have to say something is bad. Nonetheless, it was consumable and I did manage to eat it. Washing it down with one of their fruit drinks was the highlight of the shop, as it was very good. With the quick nourishment down a walk around was in order. It was not raining and seemed to be stopped for the day. There were a few white clouds in the sky and it was about 63 degrees and seemed just perfect to me. After walking around a bit, it seemed a little warmer. Of course, getting the blood flowing always warms you up a bit. I was walking around checking for a restaurant location that Banks had told me about, for future reference that is. The restaurant was supposed to be named ‘Banks’ I walked around the Singel area, and some other side streets around the immediate area. I was really scanning hard, but could not find it on any street. I figured I would look another time, as I wanted to go by, check my e-mail, and get some smoke.

I had to make my way to Siberie to check my e-mail, and make a post or two on the Forum. I got a couple of g’s of one of my favorite smoke, Siberian Tiger 1. I paid for 30 minutes Internet time and got me a cola. I figured I would make another appearance on the web-cam. Setting the tone with a post of my own, to warn those that were about to view. I began on a three finger typing frenzy. I returned some e-mails, was making a post when all of the sudden BlueBerry walks up, and ask me what's up? I had to tell her she was just in time for a guest appearance on the Siberian Web-Cam Show. I think she showed up just for the occasion. Not to mention she was right on time for the beginning of the show. I believe she got her a coke-lite and got the end of the table that seemed to be the desired focus point of the web camera. I am now starting to call it the Chess table, as many matches are played on it.
Well, it is a typically packed day at the Chess Table and a match is in progress as we begin to roll a big hooter for the festivities. Quite naturally, the fellows give us a big smile as we get the honker rolled up. I really wonder what the Dutch people think about these over sized pure weed hooters I roll up. I guess one will never know... Uh, back to the second day of the web-cam show and smoke. (Kinda like an older people’s version of ‘show and tell’.)
With the hooter a blazin’, the great BlueBerry and I smoked that thing down in no time. We were trying to make sure to keep a steady cloud headed toward the camera. I really wished that smoke would go through the web. (Technology really needs to catch up...) Well it was quite a blaze, and I sensed that the chess players were a little relieved that we didn’t decide to roll another one. Then again, they may have enjoyed such a fierce cloud over the table. At times, it looked as if it was going to rain from a few of those giant streams of smoke.

We had a meeting scheduled with Nogbin and Buck-O-Five at the Noon Coffeeshop. After grabbing a tram to Leidseplein, there was plenty enough time to make a pit stop. Other than the night of the crawl, I had never been in an American fast food restaurant while in Amsterdam. This time it didn’t matter, as I just had to use their facilities. Yeah, they charge you 50 Euro cents to use the toilet. Oh well, it is a cut above the street urinals, which I have rarely used. Better head on to the Noon, time is a wasting.
Upon arriving at the Noon Coffeeshop we grabbed a table and began to stake claim to some smoke and beverages. The Noon is always a pleasure to visit, with its intricate artwork painted all over the walls of the shop. I was told once that an American had actually done the paintings in question. It is a giant mural of the most interesting kind. One has to visit the Noon if for nothing but a look at the walls. Not to mention there has always been a Blueberry Plant growing in the toilet. Well, you know not in the toilet itself, but in a plexi-glass faced inset cabinet, in the wall of the bathroom. It seems every time I see a plant there, rather vegetative or flowering stages, they use a HPS light. Now, if I am not mistaken, MH would be better for the vegetative stage,,, Hummmm. Well, it would make it less 'stemy' anyhow. Enough 'toilet garden' talks...

It was 6:00 PM when Nogbin showed up, right on time I might add. It was so good to see his face after just meeting him this past April. He is always a connoisseur of the ghanja, and a force to be reckoned with.
Shortly after Nogbin arrived came Buck-O-Five. Casually walking in and this time he had his hat on. When we had met him at the Old Style, he didn’t have his hat. On the other hand, let me say I never seen him wearing it. (Wait, it did seem as if he was carrying it with him. Well nonetheless, the 4-person group was all assembled for the meeting. I am sure I seen someone come back to the table with a 5-gram Blueberry Bud special. Several other purchases were made, but I just cannot remember asking what they were. When the first joint was being lit, I heard BB say we were smoking this one for OldHippyGuy...
(I was having quite a deja vu of sorts here. It was just this past April when OHG, my ex and I sat there. I remember OHG said those very words for BB as we toasted a joint in her honor.)
I remember telling Buck-O-Five that I had forgotten his chocolate morsels again. However, we could run by the hotel room to grab them after we leave. Seemed like a plan, but of course we had quite a bit more smoking left to do.
I can remember Nogbin and I talking of my ex, and still pondering some of the things that we had discussed back in April. I guess he couldn’t understand it any more than I could. You know there are things that I could not tell him,,, or anybody for that matter. Things that might curl the toes of the average person, but some things you carry to your grave with you. What good would it have done to openly taint her image for the sake of my healing? None, I tell you, absolutely NONE… May it rather be thought a simple failure, than a much more complex one that caused the parting of a union. Oh, facts were given, but some things just weren’t said… Thus to the grave, I shall carry some things with me.
With all the smoke rolling, I can barely remember what all Nogbin had brought with him. He always has a very eclectic weed selection; both times, I have seen him. Very impressive from a fellow that could walk into a University and easily be mistaken for the Professor of the class. There was a lot going on inside the Noon at the time, with all the laughter and such. However, when I am in good conversation, I tend to be more like a horse with blinders on. I seem to give more attention to the close surroundings than all the calamity that goes on around the perimeter.
Somehow, we all managed to smoke over 7 grams of selective kinds of weed and Hash. I would say it was closer to 9 actual grams that was smoked. I rolled one ‘mini ball-bat’ size joint, as well as the efforts of the others. We had several wonderful joints lit at one time. Oh sure, on occasion we would let the smoke settle for a few minutes, but hey, we are in a coffeeshop. With that thought in mind, we did keep a pretty steady blaze going. You know how you have 4 people sitting there and a lot of cross conversing is going on. Well talking in a coffeeshop is no different. You begin one conversation with this person, while even adding to another that the other two are having. Rather like stacking bricks to build a house. Adding this brick and then another and then another still, to build the desired effect. Seeing the finished product is a view of an incomplete work to be added to another day.
After over two hours at the Noon we all decided to head out and add to each our adventures. I remember looking at my watch and it was 8:20, but it seemed like 6:00. It was just a little cloudy and just a bit windy. BB headed out to the left and the three of us fellows headed towards the Prinsenhoff Hotel to grab the chocolate morsels I had brought for Buck-O-Five. Still chatting all the way, we quickly made our way on foot. At the bottom of the stairs on the metal outside handrail, I hung my umbrella. Then I quickly ran up the four flights to the hotel room. Finding the chocolate morsels by the window, I looked out and yelled down at both of them. I just had to give them a perspective of the height of the room. I thought it was cool, but you know that you had to be there...
Returning down to had the bags of little chocolate morsels. As Buck-O-Five received them happily, I can just remember what he said. Ah, the last element in my masterpiece cheesecake. I told him to tell Nogbin how his girlfriend described them. BOF told him that she referred to them as a “Food-Gasam”. We good a chuckle when that was said, but BOF seemed very serious about his cheesecake. Hell, you have to admire a fellow that has a passion for something, these days.

Buck-O-Five was headed to a friend’s house and had to push off. After a few fair well’s, Nogbin and I had to head off for some chow. (Yeah, I just lost another umbrella...) He was telling me of this dish called Falafel. I had heard about it, but had never tried it. We found a place after we passed by the Munt area. A kind fellow at the counter helped us to order exactly what we wanted. Nogbin had eaten it before, but I think every place has it’s own version. Probably similar to the Broodje enigma??????
I ate the whole plate of Falafel, but it seemed a lot like I had eaten nothing. Nogbin told me that this was not one of the best he has tried, but it wasn’t that bad of an example of it. It was some kind of, maybe bean pods, fried in a pattie (Now, I think that is what it was?). It looked rather interesting and like I said it just didn’t seem to have a lot of flavor. On the other hand, It might have been that I had smoked a good bit of ghanja at the Noon Coffeeshop just an hour or so ago. ???

After the meal we had decided to walk on over to the Greenhouse Centrum. I had been to the Tolstraat Shop, bit not this one. It was at the outer edge of the action of the RLD, and I just hadn’t had any ‘recon’ on the area. Nevertheless, in the particular area I didn’t see anything that was out of the ordinary.
The Greenhouse Centrum was somewhat full so after a survey of the weed menu we went out front and plopped at one of the terrace tables. We got some Neville’s Haze, or Nogbin already had some one, that part is still unclear in my mind... It was just now starting to look like it was nighttime, and we were well into smoking a joint. I can remember enjoying talking to Nogbin. He is a real nice fellow with a most insightful take on life. We had some discussions on women in general, and how we men man never really understand them. Upon which I must say, It is my personal belief that women are not only smarter than men are, but much more complex as well. Opinions vary, but maybe I am just a dull knife in life’s drawer...
Here I was talking with Nogbin with a ‘Broken Relationship’ perspective, and he from quite the opposite. I was so happy to hear he was in a long term and happy relationship with his wonderful wife. It just does my heart good to know some things in life last. Call me a romantic if you will, but I still believe love is grand. However, we as humans sometimes stink at love. It takes a proper chemistry and tolerance in a relationship to make it work. The sometimes it just takes a little work, and together I might add.
I could have spoken with Nogbin for hours, but it was getting a little late and we had decided to head out on our separate paths. It sure was a pleasure to see him again, especially seeing how the last meeting was during a real chaotic time in my life. I wished him well and as usual he has left me with some kind of hash, that seems rather tasty. I hate I can’t remember the name of it...
Upon leaving the Greenhouse, I took an immediate left and headed down the road and over the bridge to the right. Making my way towards the Munt area again it seemed. You would think I would get tired of these same sights, but I never get tired of seeing the city of Amsterdam. It is my favorite place in the whole world. Every shop you pass is a different shop than your average one here in the states. On one block, you can go from a ‘Fetish Shop’ to a ‘Book Store’ to a ‘Bar’ to a ‘Restaurant’ and no trouble at all. Such diversity is unmatched from my viewpoint. Especially seeing how all of this meshes in such wondrous harmony.
However, the Dutch streets have a bit of a fast walking pace. I mean you had better step close to the shop window if you want to look at something, or you might be accidentally mowed down by a fast walking European. I really have no problem with their walking pace and instantly adapt upon arrival. However, in the evening hours the pace is considerably slower and more relaxed. Thank Goodness, I could use a slower pace.

I made my way past the Stix Coffeeshop, the original one, and I saw the nice lady that always seems bubbly. There wasn’t a sole in the place so I walked right in and struck up a conversation with her. First, I asked her what her name was this time, she replied Elka. Now, she is the one I have spoke of in an earlier trip report. You know, with the interesting kind of smile. She is always in a good mood and very friendly to everybody.
She began to show me some photos that she just got developed. They were of her and some of her friends. Most of the photos were taken at a party at the Melkweg. It appeared as though they were having a rip of a time when they snapped. She was telling me how she doesn’t drink, especially now. Seeing how she raised her shirt and exposed a half a soccer ball size stomach, and told me she was 5 months pregnant. I must say I was not expecting to see a stomach display, but you never would have known otherwise. She really seemed in nice shape and you really wouldn’t have known. You know that might explain that funny smile and warm glow she gave off. Well, I’ll be darn; there is rhyme in the reason... I had to congratulate her on the baby and compliment her nice pictures. (She really is such a nice person...)
I asked to see some of their hash, and wound up purchasing 5 grams of Nepalese Temple Ball, and 5
grams of their Kief, which is called Gunpowder. I purchased them separately as not to violate the 5-gram
maximum purchase. Nevertheless, with this and 2 colas I have to go, the total bill was 114 Euros. Being quite the bargain, as you get 10% off with a 5-gram purchase of any product they have. With a few more words and a tip in the jar, I headed down the quick minute and a half stroll to the hotel.
Upon making the climb up to the room, I had to grab an immediate shower. Man, it is like liquid gold, cause a shower is priceless to me. With that said and done, I was still with drying hair writing out some postcards to some friends and family back home. I remember sending out one or two the other day, but sending everybody another one insures that I will not miss anybody...
I was up until 2:30 in the wee hours still looking out the window from the ledge seat, and still hooting on the bong. What a life... I can remember only a few times today that the rain came, but they were brief. Speaking of rain, I have to get another umbrella. Those things get recycled more than the bikes. LOL... BTW, The picture from Old Style made it to the Hotel this time… No dropping this one in a canal...
I can remember the high temperature being in the mid 60’s and it has tapered off to about 57 degrees now.
I smoked 8 grams of assorted weed and hash today and felt that was a little more than needed. What the heck, I am on vacation... For July 2, 2003, I can say all is well in Amsterdam. Keep in mind though, I have a limited and odd perspective...

Day #8 Is Any Of This Real...

You have to know that waking up and packing a bowl of good weed is quite a start to another wonderful day in AMS. It was just faintly drizzling and the cool breeze was blowing through the window. You kind of always want a bright and clear day, but I will take what I get here in Amsterdam. It is the eighth day of the trip, and at the point where you just want to take up residency. Well, maybe every point is that when I am here. HeHe.
It didn’t take long to get aroused and head out for another day. Quite naturally, I had to head down to the Albert Cuyp Market for still another umbrella. You would think I could hold on to one of these jewels for a day or so, but NO… While heading to Market, I passed by the Fredriksplein Park. I wondered up on the side with the tree art in the path. I could see across the street to the other side of the park, with the water fountain. It is so nice here, and the trees are blocking the slight drizzle.
I decided to pull me up a piece of bench and have a morning cigarette. (Yeah, I am still trying to work on it, quitting that is.) I was sitting in the middle bench of a six or seven row circular run, that flanks the tree art thing. It kind of looks like a totem pole, but slightly different, or a different rendition there of. After several moments just relaxing to enjoy the view, I figured I had better push on to get an umbrella. Seeing how the rain was not threatening to stop any time soon, it might be a good idea.
Just a short hop away I made it in just a few minutes by foot. Right when you turn the corner off Van Woustraat you see one of those little French fry stands, called Vlaams Fritis. I had to stop and get me a paper cone of fries, with the mayonnaise on them. That is odd to, cause I never used to eat mayonnaise on French fries until my 1995 visit here, and now I am addicted to it. I do it back home in the States, and get some interesting looks. Oh well, I get interesting looks even not using mayonnaise, so it is not a radical change. Nonetheless, here I could use ketchup, mayo, horseradish, or dog poop, and wouldn’t get any weird looks. Ah, you better scratch the dog poop thing, that might get a stare or two.
Making light work of the fries, I headed a little bit down on the right, where this fellow instinctively knew what I wanted. After several days of buying umbrellas, he might of thought that he should have offered insurance… Well, at 5 Euros a pop it is not that big a loss. Besides that I have made several trips to the Market, and they have been enjoyable. This time I had to stop at the Post Office, also on Albert Cuypstraat. I needed some stamps to mail out the postcards I had written. You can barely see the blue lettered Post Office sign from the middle of the street. I shift over to the right side sidewalk as not to miss the little sign that marks the building entrance.
When you arrive inside you have to remember to take a number from the little ticket dispenser. If you didn’t know how this was set up, you might just be standing there wondering what kind of line up system this is. (Just like I first did... LOL..) There are ‘LED’ displays over the heads of each teller, which indicates what number he is serving. (This clued me in.) Yeah, I finally grabbed me a little number and figured this out. (I guess anybody could have made this error, unless you can read Dutch fairly well.) (I seem to always notice several bewildered tourists looking the same way I first did.) It always seems a little quite in a Post office in Amsterdam, even if the place is packed. It is kind of like a Museum entrance, with its quite orderly manner. (Like crowd control without stressing the point.) Similar but not really, to the Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi. (Hard To Explain) Nonetheless, I got my stamps, mailed the postcards and headed out the door. On the way out, I told a couple that looked puzzled, how they did it. (I might as well save them some time.)

Hey, seeing how I was so near to Katsu Coffeeshop it would be good to have a sit down and a smoke. Weaving through the shopping crowd and turning onto Eerstevander Helststraat and having the Katsu already in sight, it was to be. Finding my way to the back of the shop, I drop my umbrella down on the back table and head over to the counter. I have to get some Sage Bud and a cola, and head back to the table for a rolling event.
I was reaching into my weed pouch and noticed that I was missing all that gunpowder and Nepalese Hash I had bought, just last night. Well, I found the gunpowder, but not a good size bag of crystals from Grey Area. You know, I am also missing that heavy 2 grams of Isolator Hash I got from the Bush Doctor earlier in the trip. I am sure they were not in the room, as I try to keep my stash in my waist pouch. However, I did have some of my stash out last night sitting on the window seat, and the windows were open. I think they must have been blown out the window, as there was a heavy breeze last night.
This gives room to some thoughtful insights. For example; if you come to Holland the same time as I do, it would be a good idea to just follow me around. You would never have to buy an umbrella, and probably wouldn’t have to buy many weeds. Following me would net you a ton of umbrellas and quite a bit of weed and hash products. I seem to have a habit of misplacing many items. Hummmmm?????
Oh well, I decide to roll up a doobie with the Sage weed and Gunpowder. As I was rolling this bad boy up, a nice lady and her dog walked up. The lady asked if she could sit at the table. I immediately told her to make herself at home, as it is always good to have a conversation while enjoying the ghanja. We introduced ourselves when she returned with her weed purchase and chocolate milk. Guess what her name was,,,,, Elka... That was the same name as the bubbly lady at Stix. That must be a popular name here... Nonetheless, she seemed to have a lot on her mind. She had one of those faces that showed the thinking out loud, so to speak. Oh, she was a very pretty woman, just seemingly complex. We began talking and she said she had been sick with cancer, and was just now getting better. She was telling me of some of the processes she had to go through.
As usual, I recommend a different route. I began telling her of Colloidal Silver, and its natural healing properties. I told her of it abilities of attacking 0ver 600 different things that are harmful to the human body. Of course, you probably will not hear that from your pharmacist. Elka was lighting up her joint, but mine had long been blazing. She had made a perfect little half tobacco joint, and it looked as good as one of BlueBerry's joints. Not to say those joints are that small, but aside my 2-gram hooters, they seem over-shadowed. She got me to write the ‘colloidal silver’ on a piece of paper and she would check into it. As I looked closer at Elka, I could sense that she had been sick in the past. She seemed to be just getting her shape back and had kinda tired eyes. Just an expression I use to try to explain a look of some kind of distress. You could just tell that she seemed a little weak.
Elka was a very friendly person, and I wished her well as she packed up her little case and headed off. I hope she will check into that suggestion I made, it might make a lot of difference. It wasn’t long after she had left that I decided to head out myself. The rain was on and off, and it seemed like a small off period at the moment. Left out of the shop, right on Albert Cuypstraat until I ran into the Van Woustraat, where I naturally make a left turn...

After making my way back near the Fredriksplein Park, I then took an un-trotten path. Finding myself in a little neighborhood where things seemed to be set apart. I looked at the road sign to get a bearing on where I was at, with not much luck. I had never been on Falckstraat before. This single strip neighborhood was really neat. In the middle of the road was a nice playground for kids, with accompanying benches for the parents to sit on.
The entire area was coated with a light-red colored rubber surface. It looked more like red asphalt, but only appeared so because the rubber mimicked the surface it was coated over. No kidding, it was a thick rubber coating that I thought was just painted asphalt at first. As I examined it closer, I realized it was rubber that had been coated over the road to prevent kids from getting injured, when falling off their little trikes and such. As you walk on it, it gives back quite the spring. It feels more like a good grade of Berber carpet. This area just looks lost in time, being one of those peaceful little villages that seem to be immune to all the hustle and bustle of regular Amsterdam travel.
All the buildings are clean and look to be in a good state of repair. Everything seems in order and not a stone out of place. This seems similar to gated communities in the States. However, I never saw a single gate to block the neighborhood off. I really cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this area is. This has to be the ideal place to live in Amsterdam, if you like a peaceful and nice neighborhood.
In fact, as I was looking all around, I stepped right into the trail of a bike. Fortunately, even the bicycle people in this area are nice. He rather smiled as he curved around me. You don't see that reaction often, especially when you step out far in their lane, and don't even notice it. Although I like the solitude, I may never seek an apartment or such in this area. I just feel I would offend these nice people with my ghanja consumption, or over-consumption as the case may be. I love smoking the ghanja, but feel that some people just can't stand it. However, after being in Amsterdam several times through the years, I have noticed that you can't really tell by just looking, rather someone is or is not... Seeing how I narrowly escaped the bike incident, I better stop staring and move along a bit.

I had just remembered a place I go, for 2 of the last 3 trips... I figured I would head by there to have a conversation with a nice Dutch fellow. The odd thing is that he has been a reader of the forum for a couple of years as well. I fear that if I gave his name and the business name that it would cause some backlash. Therefore, I will refer to him as my friend. Not that he is worried about being labeled a smoker; I am just concerned for him. Well, at least concerned enough, not to cause any problems for him. Seeing how his place of business is not a coffeeshop and all (Ah, You know what I am saying.). We were talking for a bit when he asked if I wanted to smoke a joint. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I never would have guessed he smoked the ghanja.
I was stunned and looked blank for a few seconds. When I replied I asked if it was the euro type, with tobacco. He told me “But, Of course.” I went on to say that I was a tobacco smoker, so that would be fine. I still had not gotten over the shock of him being a smoker. I had to inquire a little more into the subject. He said he had been smoking for many years and just always enjoyed hash, with his tobacco. It just seemed strange to be watching a businessman, sitting in his office now, rolling a Dutch cone joint. In several confrontations, I had never heard him mention that he was an herbalist. He always knew I was, but I guess he didn’t really know my character until he read a bunch of posts on the board.
We moved over to the widow and lit the little hooter up. He grabbed me a cola out of the fridge and I was all set. Now, the funny thing is that one of his regular customers came in when we were halfway finished smoking the “J”. I really didn’t know how to react, so I followed his lead. Dam, he took a giant hit and asked the fellow what he needed. It was as if it was nothing to it. Hey, I continued to smoke while sitting by the window, and even passed it back to him a few times with the customer still in the shop. Now, I have to tell you, this did seem a little strange, as this kind of thing wouldn’t be the case back in the States. The customer was not a smoker (I asked my friend later), but he did not seem to mind us taking a few afternoon hits. It really seemed quite an ordinary event. (Isn’t that the way it should be???)
Nonetheless, I was still finding the whole event a bit of a trip. Sure, it was cool enough, but I just felt this was not the place to be hooting up a joint. You know, he is the manager, so I guess he knows what is cool to do or not. I asked him why he wanted to spark one up, and he gave me the funniest answer. With a bit of a smile, he said that he could now say he smoked one with the LastHamlet. (Hey, I was floored at his answer.) I told him it was my honor to have roasted one with him. Sure, I was shocked, but honored nonetheless. He reassured me that he was a veteran smoker, just never really saw the need to tell just anybody. I felt honored again... I stressed the point that I was nobody special and felt a bit over regarded by him. Again, he said another funny thing. “Just like Popeye, You are who you are...”
I must say that my friend is a most interesting fellow. Even when I was leaving, he had yet another thought to pass on. Saying come back to my office again before I left and we could hit another one. (He is all right for sure...)

It was time to grab a bite to eat... I was right near the Utrechtsestraat and Prinsengracht crossing, so the Fish Stand was looking good. I am so easy to please, with a Dutch Shrimp Broodje and a cola, I am all too happy to be content. The benches around back of the stand make for the perfect sit and gobble point. Then making my way up the Utrechtsestraat, I couldn't help but to see shop number #36. Quite naturally, it is a lingerie shop, named Salon de Lingerie, how perfect. The acrylic mannequins display the nice frills and even provide a view of the backside of the lingerie as well. I remember this shop all to well from 2001, when the ex and I first shopped here. She first discovered her true bra size at this shop. For years she said she had gotten 36-C, but the lady did some sizing up to discover she was a 34-D. My ex was so shocked that her particular body style was perfect for this European underwear. Through several visits to A'Dam, she had just about replaced all her lingerie with Euro-type. She said it fit so much better, and I rather agree. I guess the worst part of her leaving was watching her pack up her lingerie. (Oh well, what can you say?)

I guess I had better head on up the street, as looking at lingerie window without a girl to shop for, is a little creepy. Pretty view = yes, little on the strange side = Maybe. Nonetheless, I felt like a trip up town was in order, near Central Station that is. Never know what is going on at the CS, and not to mention some of my favorite coffeeshop's are located within a short hop from there.

Popping out of the tram at Central Station always provides an opportunity to scan the area for the missing Homeless Lady. I always make a hard scan of the area, in hopes of seeing her again. However, no luck on this day in the search. (I just wished I knew what has become of her.)
Though it was a little crowded at the Station now, it was still maneuverable enough to get around. I could even see a few street performers doing their thing on some horns. The music they were playing was some tune I had never heard, but still a catchy tune. A few Euro in the hat and off I go across the street to the VVV. In need of a phone card to make some back home calls, I purchased an 11.34 Euro phone card. Funny thing is that I have tried to acquire these back home online, with no luck. Sure you can get all kinds of cards, well access numbers, but none of them ever seem to work in AMS. Anyhow, a few steps out the door of the VVV are several telephones, so I decided to try it.
Putting the card in the slot, and remembering it only works one way, takes no more than a few reversing tries to get your call started. It was a matter of a minute and I was talking to my neighbor back home. I asked him when he was going to come see me, he replied with this weekend. I did tell him it would be a longer than usual drive seeing how I was in Amsterdam as we spoke. He really couldn't believe it, but I held the phone in the air to let him hear the tram noises and street noises that were going on. He was unbelievably excited and told everybody at his shop he was on a call from Amsterdam. I could hear a joyous round of noise from the fellows and all saying, "smoke one for me." Of, course that wouldn't be that much trouble, and a good one at that. It was like I had started a riot of sorts, and just being where I was did the trick. It seemed as if they were there with me, as I spoke to a couple of the fellows and held the phone up for each of them. You know, if I had known this would have lifted their spirits I could have made a tape and faked a few trips on occasion... Na, but it was a thought that held good intentions...

Hey, it was as good of a time as any to head to the Siberie Coffeeshop to check some e-mail and make a post or two. Not to mention smoke one on the web-cam for all the viewing Channelites. It is such a familiar walk; I feel I could do it in my sleep. Therefore, after sleep walking on over I had found myself at the bar of the Siberie. There was a friendly lady at the counter that I swear sounded like Roos.
Roos (Pronounced Rose), was a lady that I had met last year while on my honeymoon. She had been so nice to me and my now ex, that we had come here many times just to hear her say "WOW". Roos was such a wonderful person and beautiful as well, that I never forgot her. I think that even my ex could sense that Roos and I would have hit it off well if I was not already married at the time. Had I only known the disasters that were headed my way, I might have actually considered staying in Holland and sparking a romance with Roos. Ah, but those are the trails that we leave behind... Besides that I doubt Roos would have even given me the time of day. (That’s most likely the truth.)

Anyhow, this lady had almost the same sounding voice. I swear if I had closed my eyes, I would not have known the difference. (What is strange is what I learn on yet another day... Upcoming on a future trip report.)

Nonetheless, She was very sweet and quite the snappy barkeep. She had short dark hair and a beautiful smile that would light up the room. Not to mention she had a nice womanly shape to go with her personality. In my eyes she was no Roos, but she had a charm all her own. She got me three grams of Tiger 1, some rolling papers; a hot chocolate with whipped cream and 30 minutes of Internet time. As she handed my change back, I noticed that she had a tongue piercing. That is an interesting touch without a doubt. Although I never quite know what to make of it, some people really like that. I think I would have trouble eating with that thing bolted through my tongue.

I made quick work of my Internet time with some e-mail and a post on the Channels Forum. It was a lighthearted post just to inform those at their computer that I was blowing smoke again. Making my way to the usual seat I occupy and a casual greeting with some of the chess players is a regular formality. I didn't waste a lot of time rolling up a big ole hooter and expelling smoke towards the camera. (You know they may have to clean that lens if I keep doing this.) Nonetheless, I have it to do, so on with the cloud making. I must be getting better, cause I finished that joint in less than thirty minutes without so much as a cough. I must be getting adjusted to the awesome ghanja of AMS. When I had finished my hot chocolate, which by this time was slightly warm at best, I wanted to step outside for a view of the world from the Brouwersgracht. Although it is not a very long view you have from here, it is a peaceful one indeed. I really could not think of a better place for the Siberie Coffeeshop to be located. Some things are perfect, just as they are.

Smelling the nice flavors of the air led me to walk around a bit. I crossed over the Singel and took a right then left somewhere down the street. After walking through that alley, I found myself directly across the street from the Anyday Coffeeshop located on Spuistraat. (Wait a minute, I have to get out my trusty notebook.) Just as I thought, this place has a smoke recommendation from Banks. Seeing how I still can't find the 'Banks' Restaurant, I could at least check out his smoke suggestion. It's like this; Banks has given the most wonderful recommendations on restaurants that I am just all too eager to try a brand of smoke that he would rate highly. Banks has excellent taste and I have never been disappointed by anything he has written or recommended. After the Kantjil en de Tiger recommendation, his words are golden...

I have to say the place was packed, but I could still manage to get in. You really don't take but one step in the door and the bud counter is on the right. The barkeep was very nice and had quite the nice disposition about him. I told him that a friend had recommended a brand of smoke from here that I just had to try. He seemed happy that someone had spoken so highly of the place. He introduced himself as Igor, and I exchanged a handshake and told him my name. "So, what kind of weed was suggested to you, for the trying." he said in a cheerful tone of voice. "Stella Blue" I said, all to eager for his response. A huge smile adorned his face as he began to tell me that that was one real good suggestion my friend had made. Pulling a Tupperware bowl from the lower counter and opening it up left me nearly speechless. This ghanja had a most unique flavor. (Little did I know how this purchase would have a ripple effect...) The buds in the bowl were simply amazing, with some light pastel coloring and loaded with crystals. As he moved the bowl, I could smell the essence getting stronger in that immediate airspace. It certainty did have a robust smell and look like a model for good weed. I picked out one of the buds on top and asked could I get this one. Dropping it on the scales it weigh 2.68 grams, and he said that will be 19.20 Euros please. I gave him twenty-five and said give me a cola and keep the rest. He seemed most pleased as I told him I would be back for more of this smoke.
It was a shame that it was so crowded, cause I would have enjoyed talking with Igor some more. However, I did feel like a shower and maybe a heavier shirt, as the temperature was slightly dropping. Not to mention I had left my umbrella at the hotel as well. Crossing through alleyways and making my way to Damrak, I had to catch a number #4 tram to the room. It was raining just a bit, but I did make good time getting to the tram stop. There wasn't very many people standing there so I got a piece of turf under the covered wait station. Seemingly, even less time and the tram was stopping at my stop. Ah, it’s good to be home, when you feel the need for a shower.

With just an hour and a half in lapsed time, I was on my way back to the main part of town again. Quite naturally I give a peep for the homeless lady with no luck, and headed right back to the Siberie Coffeeshop. I know this is a little redundant, but I had mentioned on my Channels post earlier that I would be having another smoke out at around 11:00 AMS time. I was a little early, but that turned out to be a good thing as they were getting ready to close in 20 minutes time. Darn, that is somewhat early...
The nice lady told me that these were the hours during the week, but the weekends they were open later. I really had no idea of closing times, seeing how every other trip I have taken to AMS; my companions didn't want to stay out so late. By late I mean even my ex didn't want to be bothered with the coffeeshop scene in the evening hours. I am a 'whatever' kind of person, so I never really minded. However, I find that on my own, I will venture into many coffeeshops at whatever hour. Hummm, maybe coming without a spouse can be a good thing after all... (The Jury is still out on that one.)

I still had 20 minutes to burn up a little smoke. Fortunately, I had rolled up a joint of that Stella Blue from Anyday Coffeeshop at the hotel earlier. Pulling that big nubby out of my pouch, I had it lit in seconds. With only the purchase of a cola, I was ready to exhale a few more clouds at the camera. Dam, this stuff tastes good, and it even smells good burning. I even got a few raised eyebrows from the other people at the table. One Dutch fellow even inquired as to what variety it was. I gladly told him the info and he said he couldn't wait to give it a try. I offered him a drag off the joint, but he remembered I roll pure weed and promptly said, he would get some later. This Stella Blue is the tastiest smoke of the journey so far. I mean it has a flavor that really can't be described. It has kind of a eucalyptus back taste with a wonderful overall taste and smell. I do not know enough adjectives to fully describe this weed. Banks, you have done it again. Every recommendation he has made is with out a doubt top-notch and excellent. How do you do it Banks???

After several more tokes, the Dutch fellow changed his mind and asked if he could partake of the joint. I gladly offered him the hooter and he carefully took a hit or two. He didn't even cringe at the pure weed hooter. Instead, he was licking his lips and complimenting the wonderful tasting weed. He really was impressed, as he must have been to take a chance at one of my joints. He actually grabbed his stuff and said he was headed to get some of it right away. Man, I hope I have not sent customers away from Siberie, as that would be quite a loss. Na, he was a regular here and just wanted to try some of this stuff. In just a few more minutes, they began closing the shop and cleaning up and all. I assisted in the cleaning of the table I was sitting at, as to hopefully show some interest in future employment. (Well, you have to start somewhere. Seeing how I have already been a relief man at Old Style, showing interest might not be a problem. Speaking Dutch however will be quite the feat.

Putting all the chairs away, and helping them move one of the big heavy doorway blockades; I was being forced to the outside of the shop (politely though). Hey, I didn't mind at all, I know they got lives too. It just goes to more show that parting is such sweet sorrow. I looked in a few more minutes before heading off, cause it is just so hard to walk away from Siberie with a half a joint left that was intended for smoking. I guess some times in life, things have to be continued to the next day.

It was a little bit on the rainy side, so I decided to make my way to the tram stop and head closer to the hotel. Hey, guess who I saw on the tram,,,,, Yep, it was BlueBerry sitting a few rows up. I moved up to the seat next to her and talked on the way. When the tram got to Keizersgracht, we jumped off and headed back up one block to the Stix Coffeeshop. You can't stop right in front of the Stix, cause the Stix is actually on the Herengracht corner, and Tram #4 does not stop there. Besides one canal down is close enough anyhow. Once inside I began telling BlueBerry of this Stella Blue smoke, I had gotten from AnyDay. Seeing how most of the smoke in AMS is wonderful, she didn't really seem to think it was going to be of much concern. (Wait until she takes a hit...) Elka was off this evening and one of the other ladies was working the shop. She was also pretty as well, but with a firmer demeanor. I asked for a few grams of Shiva and a couple of colas. We didn't stay very long when we decided to walk to the hotel to enjoy a nice late evening smoke.

When I managed to break out the Stella Blue and let her give it a look, she was indeed impressed. I found that half joint I had started in Siberie and lit it up. After the first hit, BlueBerry was licking her lips much like the Dutchman earlier had. After several more tokes, she couldn't wait to get some herself. (In retrospect, this was the best tasting weed of the whole journey...) It has such a bouquet that it is impossible to describe. I need to bone up on my adjectives for sure... (Thanks Again Banks, your taste is impeccable.)

With the day in review, I found the temperature just slightly chilly and partly rainy some of the day. I believe the high temperature was 62 degrees and has now tapered off to 55 degrees. As I said at the beginning of this day, I will take any kind of weather in Amsterdam. I am like the mailman when it comes to ghanja: Rain, nor sleet, nor snow and ice can keep me from the appointed ghanja rounds... HeHe.
With a diligent intent, I managed to smoke 7 grams of weed and gunpowder on this day. Though it was a good amount, It seemed like the right amount.

I look out the window all the way to the Munt tower and ask myself,,, "Is any of this real?" I live in such a place that this would never be permitted, yet here I am being truly free. So, again I wonder,,, "Is any of this real?"

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Postby a bollocks » Wed Sep 24, 2:19 am

OK. I just tripped thru two days. Woof.

I took bunch-o-notes. I'm liking the idea of a note-"book". Organized. Nah, never work. Stella Blue WILL be tasted. That beautiful little neighborhood must be seen. I neeeeed to bounce on the red-rubber-asphalt.

You are a veritable trip, my man.

I think it is time to move on from Ophelia. Just my opinion. Altho 34-C to 34-D in the matter of seconds............ double-woof.

I would love to smoke with you someday. Nah, never work... then you would wanna take me to see some of your whores.



fatty's finest

Postby fatty's finest » Wed Sep 24, 2:35 am

Keep em coming LH! excellent report ! Can't wait to try and write one of my own. thanks again for the trip! fatty

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Postby Jujumann » Wed Sep 24, 4:06 am

Hell of a report man. One of a kind as always. I think you should compile a book of your reports someday. I would be one to buy it. LOL.

Stella Blue is definitely on my list now too. Sounds like some tasty smoke.

One more thing, I hope you can hold on to your umbrella a little longer this time.

Looking forward to the next one.


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Postby moe. » Wed Sep 24, 4:42 am

Wow, this has got to be the "War and Peace" of trip reports. I went through 4 bowls on this monster. It was great, between this one and Foxie's I've been reading and puffing all evening. Awesome read man. Put my name on the long list of people who have to try Stella Blue now. As a matter of fact, I want to listen to Stella Blue while I smoke it. "Dust off those rusty strings just one more time, gonna make 'em shine"! I'll pass on the herring broodje though, no fish passes these lips! It has been worth the wait for this 2 day offering, lets see, you were there 16 days?? You've got a lot of typing left to do man!! Thanks again.


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Postby _non » Wed Sep 24, 5:03 am

Hot Damn!

Nice to see you back in style, LH. This has to be your best one yet (no, maybe the last one.. no, maybe the one before that - bah, they are all amazing).

I actually was surfing the forum *RIGHT* as you posted this, but after reading a ways into your words I mysteriously had a craving for falafal (remembering a densly populated, but personally ignored, middle-eastern place about 4 short blocks from my house).
    Took a bong rip..

    Nabbed my Garbonzo bean sandwich ...

    & then dug into blisssful reading with a full full tummy....

    Thanx LH for the great dinner idea! =)


add note: never caring much for Stix the band, I subconsciously levied a bad association against the Coffeeshop as well (I know there is no relation). Realizing this was bad form, I proceeded to try and find a review of the shop only to come back empty handed at coffeeshop.feeuk.com. Surprised by this, I tracked down the URL for the shop and noticed that (according to a "stats4u" readout on the mainpage) that NOBODY has hit the site PERIOD for the entire duration of the statistical overview (you can go and see this period for yourself, if you wish). I'd encourage you to visit and let them know you care... :)


the statistics, if you can't find them, are here: http://www.stats4all.com/asp/overview.asp?sResolution=d

edit #2: Last, check this link out about Colloidal Silver
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Postby LaTristesseDurera » Wed Sep 24, 5:18 am

Great report, great eye for detail. I won't be inviting you out for Sushi any time in the near future...sounds like raw fish scares you.
I can't believe you never heard of/tried falafel before. As you seem curious as to what you actually ate, don't worry, it's just mashed chickpeas mixed with spices and deep fried. Of course there's a bit of goats urine mixed in (joke.) Most falafel places in Amsterdam are pretty good, on a par with the falafel we get in New York, but the best falafel I ever had was from a market stand in Israel.

Anyway, you certainly know how to enjoy yourself, and it sounds like you didn't let the guilt you mentioned in chapter 5 of your report stop you from having a good time.

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Postby Dogbreath » Wed Sep 24, 8:14 am

Ah yes, those pleasant timeless days in Amsterdam.

Life doesn't get any better.

Enjoyed reading of your adventures...

:-) Dogbreath

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Postby Newbie Doo2 » Wed Sep 24, 11:17 am

Awesome !!

I really don't know what else to say....except your style of writing is second to none, with every little detail included.

Thank you


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Postby nogbin » Wed Sep 24, 11:44 am

Thanks for the kind words. When are you getting back?


Channelites: He is just the same in person. Just as nice and fun to be with.

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Postby hebe » Wed Sep 24, 12:25 pm

nice report man,reminds me of late 80's and 15 years of wear on the old bod when i used to go every 3-4 months amd just walk until something strikes your fancy,but i counldn't write a report like that when i'm straight. thanks for the memories. 50 days and counting..

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Postby docski » Wed Sep 24, 2:54 pm

great report. Although real men can handle a herring sandwich with no problem.

There was a long stretch of time I was not following the Forum much so I missed the posts about your break up. I am really sorry for the both of you. Have never gone thru a divorce but have gone thru the death of a spouse. Those kinds of things can really turn your life upside down.

Be well and be healthy.


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Postby loser » Wed Sep 24, 6:14 pm

great report,
as they say you've got that gift- thanks for sharing it here....
all hail the king...of trip reports

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Postby Banks » Wed Sep 24, 6:20 pm

Stella... Stella... Stella...

Absolutely fabulous report! You are indeed the king!

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Postby oldhippyguy » Wed Sep 24, 6:25 pm

Your usual incredible job of tri[p reporting..its just amazing how you get so much detail remembered..I was taken back too in a very deja' vu type experience when I read my name mentioned and remembered that day In Haarlem at the canal..I am really glad you stayed dry!! I am SO glad that the guy at Old Style gave you another pic.. I told you he would, did'nt I? See, OldHippy has'nt lost all brain synapses yet!! LOL!! I cant wait to get back there with you again my brother,,it was so great and you were the best person in the world to introduce me to Amsterdam. I consider myself very fortunate. Keep up the great writing!!Peace!!

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Thanks to All.

Postby LastHamlet » Wed Sep 24, 7:50 pm

You are all too kind.
You know the real thing that makes my trip reports what they are is all of your wonderful responses. Honestly, they are strange at best, but you people are tops of the world.
Good to see you Docski, we really missed you man.
OHG, the pleasure was mine brother.
Again Banks, awesome rec.. I have been riding on your coat-tails a long time man...
_Non, killer links you posted man.
Correct Moe, 16 days and I do have a lot more typing. These things are gonna get thick.
Nogbin, Not sure yet, but of late I have met a wonderful woman, and she would so love to see the Mecca. So, it won't be that long till we meet again.
A Bollocks, I put the cup size in there just for you, enjoy man. BTW, I am over Ophelia, for good...
Hebe, you are a smoking legend man, I couldn't hold a candle to you.
Fatty's Finest, Jujuman, LaTristesseDurera, Dogbreath, Newbie Doo2, loser, and all others on the board, You people are the greatest.
All of you are the ones that really build these threads, I just start a riot and watch it happen, so to speak...

Channelites Rule...


Not a great report...

Postby Fooz » Sat Sep 27, 2:59 pm

Stylishly impressive, but substantively weak, this last report from LH was inevitable as it proves that even mundane days can occur in Amsterdam.

LH, please don't take any offense, as I, like the others have loved reading of your past endevours and agree that your writing style is a tour de force. However, that being said, you gotta admit that your past couple of days in Amserdam were kinda boring when compared with the others. Don't feel bad, it can happen to the best of us...


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Postby moe. » Sat Sep 27, 6:13 pm

It just goes to show ya, that a mundane day in Amsterdam still beats the hell out of a good day anywhere else ;-)


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Postby GT » Sat Sep 27, 11:03 pm

and the crowd goes wild as the master of the trip report domain returns in his own inimicable style. thanks for the ride.

i (independently, while reading the report) came up with the same link as _non re:colloidal silver
(http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRel ... verad.html)

and on a completely unrelated note, go cubs!

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Postby kingclevetheonly » Sun Sep 28, 2:11 am

Very good report, indeed. One problem though:




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