Sit-N-Spin #3

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Sit-N-Spin #3

Postby LastHamlet » Mon Jul 02, 10:53 pm

So, I sit-n-spin, and what in the world would that ever mean?? I wished I had the words to tell you. A glance out the window this morning to overlook the Prinsengracht, and all seems at usual Amsterdam complexities and pace. I am glad some things never change, for the most part.
The spinning of the thoughts, and, God, are there many. I wished at times I could slow this never-ending mind-rush down, without the ghanja, but such has been the key to slow the mind-staggering inrush of endless and meaningless conundrums... Where they come from?, I also wished I knew, so I sit-n-spin.
From awaking to the end of night, I always wonder why I'm here, always figuring things are something else than what they seem. Maybe, just for a second, and at times, we try to imagine that they are, different, and at times they really are, different.

Come Viking, I need you to take a photo of the horrid disaster I spotted on the first day, and until now my mind had not processed it, but a photo nonetheless... Yes, we'll use my now infamous Sony Mavica camera. :-)
Propped on the steel, roll down door, of the what used to be, I stand. Facing inward, as if I could, or wanted to see in. So, V, snapped the shot, and the moment lay frozen on the floppy disc. (Yes, an archive of remembrance, to add to the many.) Hands on the roll down door, I was, as if to give thought to a cop searching, but minus the cop. Maybe to more represent the sadness and searching of ones soul??? The photo was of course, the now closed Old Style Coffeeshop, and I was actually adorning a shirt from their establishment, purchased years ago, while said photo was snapped. What Irony, and certainly enough to overwhelm one. To the times gone by, and to that which once was. In ways like Brian's Song, and remembrances of they way they were, they way they did exist.

The Viking is always on the move, and why not tag along to the Haarlem sector with him??? Uh, Yes, Why Not, Indeed, so lets do this thing. Ahhh, but the lesson of today's Viking is usage of the machines to score your tickets... I never knew it was so easy.
As if the lessons ended there, I forgot to mention he showed me the Metro. I never been to any of those cleverly placed underground stations. Man, when the trams are down, this is the place to hit, little did I know. Again, the Viking really gets around, and knows his AMS logistics.

Heading to Haarlem, what to do? Yes, the sit-n-spin is always handy. Funny thing, I think V understands this, as he is an April child on the Aries side, so rampant brain thought always troubles us kind.

A short skip, and we only got a little off track, and poof, right there was MHD, sitting in front of the Indica Coffeeshop, looking just happy as hell. Let's venture up he says, so we all climb to checkout his pad. SWEET!!!!!!!!! this is too much to my likings, I may have to kill MHD :-) We were being our usual selves, and MHD had the web cam rolling, so at points we got to wave back at you,,,,,, BTW, we did miss all of you.
Afternoon turns to night, so a venture for a meal. As a friend of MHD was in town the 4 of us headed out.

What a bitch of a waitress, but still I never let these things trouble me, not here anyhow. We divide up the check, I am thinking tip, when MHD's infinite wisdom prevails... As rude as she was, leave a few Euros, and that is more than enough.
Normally, I can't force myself to not tip in Holland, but between MHD, and some lessons from Maid Marion in the past, I have learned to not be generous to those that are rude to me, so be it... See ya, Bitch.
Dam, left my bag of goodies at a coffeeshop, and who saves the day,,,,, MHD and his trusty bike, wheels all the way back to that shop, scores my bag, which had the infamous camera, an OZ of freshly scored weed, and a WW shirt I had bought from MHD... All Safe, as I note that I have always been lucky here, can't understand it, just lucky.
Part for the train back, all smiles, all the days are still spinning though. What a magical time, and can't for once I have a groundhog day experience??? Just once, let one day, last forever. That way, I can live it multiple ways, learn the piano, ice sculpture, maybe even get some... One may never know, so the story has to keep spinning. Besides, try to imagine the Earth, in the stopped position.
Only but hopes this evening bowl will slow the internal spin???

Awaiting The Next Circle,

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Postby viking » Wed Jul 04, 1:49 am

LH, I'm indebted to you for bringing these moments back
to life for me. I truly never would have recalled them
otherwise. I can't even remember what day we hit Haarlem and
met up with MHD. Meaning was it my first day back in town, or
the second. Either way, both days were very foggy ones for me.
So much for starting off slowly. Ha!

How'd that photo from the Old Style turn out?
I was way high when I took it and wonder if
it's clear. Probably not.

Oh, when PurpleHaze and I were on tram 2 headed to
Centraal from Leidseplein later that month, we passed by
Old Style and I noticed their front gate was pulled about
3/4's of the way up like someone was inside. I remarked to
PH that I'd have to tell you. So there you are.

Glad you liked the tour of the Metro. I've dragged a lot
of Channelites down there and they all seem to enjoy it.

One thing that I learned about automated train ticket
machines this trip is that there are no coin-accepting
ones in the Haarlem station. PH and I were returning late
from there one night, after getting there by bus via Schiphol
where we saw theguest off to London, blah, blah, blah...
Anyway, we looked over every machine in the Haarlem
station to buy tickets back to Amsterdam and found none.
No windows open that late either (11pm-ish).
No buses back either, and a bus driver told us to just ride
the rails back without paying as no one would be checking that late at night. We did and no one checked. We were both very high
after a long stop at Birdie's cs before hitting the train. Fun night.

LH, keep writing, man. It's coming back to me now......

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Re: Sit-N-Spin #3

Postby islandgurl » Wed Jul 04, 3:49 am

LastHamlet wrote:maybe even get some... One may never know

LMAO LH!!!! Keep giving chocolates to girls and keep being the sweet man you are ... you'll get some ;-)

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Postby Dogbreath » Wed Jul 04, 2:32 pm

Another nice report LH.


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Postby brightcarver » Thu Jul 05, 3:43 pm

thank you for the thoughts and ruminations!


Re: Sit-N-Spin #3

Postby brandx » Fri Jul 13, 5:52 am

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Postby MileHighDenver » Fri Jul 13, 7:20 am

viking wrote:One thing that I learned about automated train ticket
machines this trip is that there are no coin-accepting
ones in the Haarlem station.

Just so you know, yes there are. They are not clearly marked however. There are 4 of them, one in each quadrant of the station. The one you would look for is just across from the ticket window next to elevator across from hall 1. Be careful about riding without a ticket. They are checking much more often now. I rarely make the round trip without getting checked at least once.

Great trip report LH, always a pleasure to hangout with you guys.


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Postby LastHamlet » Fri Jul 13, 7:24 pm

Thanks MHD, I still may have to kill ya :-)
Maybe the Old Style could be reborn... Maybe another Rokerij, as they were owned by the same people??? Photo turned out grand Viking.
You got me X, I'll have to take the hit... Islandgurl, Dogbreath Many Regards to ya.
Indeed ruminations, Brightcarver, indeed.



Postby Birdman » Tue Mar 09, 4:17 pm


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