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Postby bigbird » Tue Apr 24, 8:56 am

Well yesterday was a fun day.I spent the day wandering around and stopped by Dekuil once again.Had a good meetup that night at 7:00 at Old Church. Still the best seats in town but watch out for the prices. For the cost of a couple of orange juices you could make a good down payment on a prostitute next door. Later the Old Church group went to eat shoarma, drink beers, and ended up at Nes for beers and smoke from other places. I had a nice palm beer and hammer tried a beer from Amsterdam Brewery that had some extra kick but he did not act like that beer was too good. While checking out the Red Light ladies this man kept coming by and asking for change. One of the prostitutes got mad and griped out the beggar. She called the beggar by name and told him you are always here and bothering my customers. The man walked off and a short time later the coppers showed up. Dont mess with a prostitutes money. Peace

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