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Postby bigbird » Sat Apr 21, 1:01 pm

Hi everyone. I started my trip missing my connection in houston and arriving in Schiphol 4 hours late. Man I was pissed till I spent the down time drinking Amstel Lights and watching the Giants take one in the sports bar at George Bush International. Kinda strange place with a giant cutout of Terry Bradshaw looming overhead. Well I finally touched down friday about noon. My bag was one of the first one off of the carousel. I went down the ramp and the train to Central was just pulling up.Took the tram down to leidseplien and a short walk to my B&B. A short rest and I take tram 5 back up to Dam Square. A quick walk through the carnival. Even carnies seem nicer here. No way am I going up in that giant salt and pepper shaker though. I then meandered up to Dekuil for 420. I scored some very excellent blueberry and a gram of red maroc. The people were very nice but the mood is quieter with no beer. It was kind of sad with the glasses upside down on the closed beer taps. Meet up with MHD, Last Hamlet, Sawhiskey, High Country and Blueberry to name a few at Dekuil. If you have the chance these are very nice people to meet with no psychos in the group besides me. lol. Earlier in the day I had gone by Rookies and they have a smoker friendly bar across from the coffeeshop. On day 2 I got up had a nice breakfast at the B&B and went to the Rijksmuseum. It is still way far away from completion of its renovations. I then went and had a very good pizza right off of Dam Square with a draft beer. FlyByNite its was good to meet up and chat with you once again. Not is the time to go score some more smoke and check out the carnal pleasures to be had. Bye. Peace.

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Postby Anne » Sat Apr 21, 1:50 pm

When you're on the carnival on Dam square again, go into the thingy called the Roller Ghoster. My bruv assured me it really is much more scarier than you think.

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Postby Priapos » Wed Apr 25, 1:01 am

I had heard bad reports about pizza in NL, but that place off Dam Sq. serves fine slices. The cheese made it for me! Thanks for reminding me of that!!

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The Magic of De Kuil,,,,,,,,,, We Want It Back!!!!!!!

Postby LastHamlet » Thu May 03, 9:07 pm

I must say, I share you thoughts on De Kuil.
A sort of sadness looms over, and even though I have never been a drinker, De Kuil had this special kind of magic that blended the two worlds, and that is a very difficult thing to do.
The people who enjoyed a good drink, seemingly were intrigued by the ghanja smokers and the endless Channelite meetings that have taken place there.
The smokers kind of appreciated the joyful celebrations of those who enjoyed their alcoholic spirits. (At times these celebrations from the other side may have prevented whities on the smokers part.)
(All this carefully blended into the magic of the past... The Past we miss.)
Of course, those who like both substances, were for sure overjoyed with the mystique of De Kuil.
I personally hope they buy De Kroon and make that their CS, and return the bar to the way it used to be, and either can be the smoke friendly, as to return the magic.
Those were the days.
Although, I must say, at times I am accused of being psycho.

Thanks For The Memories of the 420, BigBird,

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