I can breathe again and I ready to go back!!!! Part 1

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I can breathe again and I ready to go back!!!! Part 1

Postby Durdy Bill » Mon Apr 16, 3:14 am

Ok, first let me say Martin I am sorry but had some kind of stomach funk from eating too many of those chocolate covered waffle things that have been in the windows for probably 12 years!!! At any rate, let me start with the plave ride out if Newark NJ. They must promote drunkeness on international flights because my buddy and I were primed when we got on the plane and the stewardess still fed us steady beers (two at a time) until we passed out. What a great feeling!!! We started passing a tablet around and having chicks and people we didn't know write parts to a story. It was hilarious stuff at the time. I have to read it now it's probably gay. So...sometime around Halifax or Nova Scotia I passed the f*ck out. I wake up and check the fancy map feature and we are over LONDON. Two zanax and 16 beers is the recipe for that majic trick, No idea where I was for those 6 hours.

Day 1 Amsterdam March 11

Jesus! We get off the plane and there is barely anyone around. We walk through all the necessary chack points and grab a train ticket. Anyone headed there for the first time don't worry. It is easy as hell. We get on the train and it is just getting light out. That made for a very surreal effect traveling while the sun was rising and seeing the Netherlands for the first time. We met two cats on the train from N.O. They were funny as hell. They work in the oil fields in Dubai or something and only had an hour layover but were riding the train into town to score a bowl of hash!! That's dedication!!!

Arrive at Central Station right around 6:30 or so. Walk to our hotel to drop the bags and then head for Central coffeeshop. I was on this forum so much that I had a lay of the land before we even hit the ground. I still got lost!!! We found Central quickly though and on the way ran into the two cats from the train. They were laughing and gave us a few wacks off a bowl of hash! Tasty stuff.

So we go into the shop and grab a few grams of Super Skunk and a table. This shop is kinda wild. Seems like a hip kinda crowd that early and it was mobbed for 7 am. We blazed a big ol' doobie and listened to our first of many Techno jams. Went back to the counter to buy some hash. There are these jars of business card type papers over there. come to find out they are for the cones people roll there. A mixture of weed, hash, and tobacco. Cool deal but not our thing to mix the two. I bought some Super Polm hash and we split.

Next we travel the narrow streets and stumble across Baba's coffeeshop. There was no one there and they were just opening so it was very chill. My buddy kicked back with a moco choco latte thing and I bought a small glass peice and smoked some of the hash. Good stuff! Had me feelin ok and the taste was good. Spacey but it's hash right.

So we hang there for a few and head to Baba's head shop. This place is pretty wild. They have everything and the staff is WAY cool. When I say everythin I mean EVERYTHING. They even had a small metal vacumm shape thing to snort coke with. So cute! Anyway we could wait and ended up buying Shrooms here. They were called philosopher stones and they looked weird as shit. Like little truffles or chocolate or something.

We take off looking for a place to get some grub and eat this fungus. We cross the Damrak and find our way to PINK FLOYD. This place was way cool. Two gorgeous girls and the boss. We buy some ham and egg sandwiches and cruise upstairs to CHILL. They bring us our grub and we eat the truffles. An hour later we are zoomin pretty good and still in total disbelief that the actual trip was upon us. We started dying laughing because we ate shrooms before we even checked into our hotel.

I will end this here because its already long. Thanks for reading. I know before I went these stories were great so I am trying to give back a little.

Stay tuned,

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Postby hebe » Mon Apr 16, 2:02 pm

keep it coming dirty, i'd like to hear about the hotel check-in while you're on shrooms. the memories, just keep on poppin up like,well shrooms.

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7 months later and the fever has hit

Postby Durdy Bill » Sat Nov 10, 8:44 am

Took me forever for this but I am going to try to add a part two to this story. By the way Amsterdam is now like crack to me and everyday I am plotting my next trip.

Back to the story. It's day one and we are messed up on these Philosopher stones inside of Pink Floyd and I hand the budtender a couple of Floyd bootlegs just as a gift. He then charges my buddy nothing for a gram of Mothers Finest. This guy was awesome and so was the bud.

On tehe bud tip the Orange bud from Rockland (i think) was the first one that hit us right in the willy. We smoked that and did the "WE ARE HERE" head nod. Stuff was pretty strong but my buddy loved it.

Somehow during this trip I gravitated towards the Haze's and got stuck on them for the rest of my time. Can anyone explain this? All I know is the Strawberry haze from the Greenhouse Namaste is really tasty stuff and I highly recommend it. I smoked that gram up so fast it was pathetic.

Next haze was from the Greenhouse Effect across from Hill Street Blues. I was reading about Bio stuff before I left and was really excited about trying it. We had a few beers before we went inside this place and what came next was hilarious. I never tried a vaporizer before so I started asking the budtender about it and he told me he would hook it up for us no problem. I buy one gram of Bio Haze and throw it in this volcano thing . He heats it up into the bag and I take a huge hit. I pass it to my buddy. Huge hit from him as well. I think I took another one and the budtender recommended I have a seat and hold on. He made it seems like I was going to go to space or something. Well...I did. I was planted on the couch just laughing my as s off listening to my buddy talk to the bartender. They were going back and forth about something and I was plastered to the couch taking it all in. Something about Americans and people and how people are people and why should people not be people. Meanwhile the techno bang banging in the brain. Some gay guy with a Dutch accent asked my if I wanted to smoke some hash and go to a discotech. ( that never happened though my neighbor said it would) Bio Haze was great!! I think I went back three more times for more of that. Had to walk my buddy home. No vaporizers after drinking all day. It's a recipe for nighty night.

We had such a blast on this trip. We even bought coke from one of the street dealers. Living in Philly has made me numb to the shady people of the world because these black guys being gangster with European accents were cracking me up. I couldn't take them seriously. We snorted the stuff and tried to will ourselves high but this stuff was no good. Funny how you keep snorting it though. We only spent like 40 but we still got robbed. I will say that none of these guys have anything good and they try to steal your money so it's best to stay clear but it's whatever.

Our shower sucked so bad. It only came out in dribbles and I am like 300 pounds!! Not too mention the water was REALLY hot or REALLY cold and you had to shower in between the temperature change. Anyone ever done this in a big bathroom with no shower curtain? What's up with no shower curtain in the bathroom? That was weird and led to a lot of soaking wet towels.

Dude we ran through the Van Gogh museum in like 30 minutes in an effort to get back to partying. He is my favorite artist of all time but there was smokin and drinkin to do!!

We ate at the Hard Rock. Twice! Expensive but like home.

Those waffle things are crazy. They aren't that good but I ate them. We had this breakfast thing in the hotel but it was runny eggs and weird lookin bacon.

I tried to get around this city as much as possible and I have to say it's awesome. There are some cool parks and markets over there. Canals and RLD are cool!

The NYCD and Sour Deisels from Greenhouse Effect were awesome!!!

Hill Street had the best atmosphere to drink cheap beer and puff. Get the seats by the window and start people watching. We met some great americans in there.

The De Kuil shop was cool. The bartender gave us a complete breakdown on how they pour a beer over there and how the head of it would leave a ring everytime you took a sip. I has like 50 rings and must of been drinking like a girl cuz my bro has like three rings!!! I did put him to bed again shortly after!!

I think we took in an entire Ramstein dvd in Route 66 baked out of our brains!

I can't wait to go back. I have to get in touch with my buddy again and score some plane tickets. I like walking around that place all day and finding shops and peeping their stash. The mush will be more involved in the next trip though. I hear it may be going away soon??

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