Day 3 - Saturday 17/02

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Day 3 - Saturday 17/02

Postby 27guldens » Wed Feb 28, 2:59 am

Day 3 Saturday

We woke up late, and as we had different preferences on what to do that morning, we decided to split up. Some went to see the Van Gogh museum, and some others went to the Waterlooplein market.
I left the bike parked outside the hotel and opted to go for a walk in my own. I wandered around the canals, having a look at some curious window shops and watching Amsterdam life. (I also bought some weed from the Grey Area).
It was 13.30 and I hadnt had breakfast yet, so I bought a sandwich and ate it on my way to Dam square. ... CN3748.jpg

I had a coffee and a joint at TNes, and bought some more Hindu Kush. I wanted to have a look at the cool shop that sells framed holograms, and that is at that street at the end of Nes. I bought two for a gift, and left in the direction of the Nieumarkt.
The joint I smoked before had put my Amsterdam mode on, and I enjoyed a lot the walk, and those sights of the city that most of you had seen many times. ... CN3760.jpg ... CN3772.jpg

I stopped at Stix 2, to buy 5 grams of Nepalese temple balls and continued my walk to Nieumarkt. The Chinese new year celebrations that were held that day where already finished when I arrived. ... CN3774.jpg ... CN3776.jpg

I phoned my friends and we arranged to meet together at Hillstreet Blues. I took a stroll through the RLD to make some time until theyll arrive. I dont like at all how the RLD looks at daytime. It looses all it character and charm. ... CN3779.jpg

Warmoestraat, was, as always, crowded. My mates were already at the coffeeshop having some beers when I arrived. We had a smoking session, and talked about what we had seen/done/purchased that morning.
Excuse me for the off topic, but this bar / coffeeshop reminds me a legendary club I have visited in New York, where everything was also covered with graffiti, and that had recently closed: CBGB. I dont know why the Newyorkers, didnt do something to try to stop the close down of such an icon for their city.

The Hillstreet was quite empty and we could grab a sit in our favourite table (at the back, downstairs, overlooking the Damrak and the Grasshopper). ... CN3785.jpg
We continued our fun down the street at Hunters Bar. This is my favourite coffeeshop to buy weed in this area, but, I hate to say it, this time I was quite disappointed with the Manala sweet cream we bought from them.
Give the place a try anyway. I had bought some good damn weed here in previous visits, and it is a nice place to have a drink, although as another channelite had mentioned in his report, the house/techno music they play can be sometimes too loud for the daytime.

We went to the hotel to leave our shopping bags and smoked a joint. While some of us stayed at their rooms to rest a bit until dinner time, me and one mate picked up our bicycles and rode to the Amstel to smoke another one by the river. ... CN3763.jpg

Then we wasted 15 euros each to enter, have a drink and make some pictures inside that ice bar that have recently opened there by the Amstel. ... CN3807.jpg

We recovered from the cold with a pair of pints of Guinness, in the warm Irish pub located to the left in the same street. By that time we met the others and went for dinner.

We made a reservation for Tujuh Maret, an Indonesian restaurant in Utrechstraat. It was the first time I tried a Rijstaffel and it was very good, we all liked it a lot. We didnt understand the explanations the waiter gave us, and it was funny to discover for ourselves which were the hottest and most spicy dishes. For those who matters, I think we paid around 35 euros each, and we had four bottles of a decent red wine for the six of us.

We moved our bellies in the bikes to T Nes. We grabbed again the outside table, and the long drinks started to show. I continued discovering new things by buying my first gram of iceolator haschis ever. It was the most expensive of the three varieties they had on the menu at 23 eur/gram. It was called Tibsla or something similar. It was fucking strong. A half gram joint of it got very stoned the six of us.
We then went to show the little alleys and the cul de sacs of the RLD at night to our yesterday arrived friends. As we were walking by Damstraat , we realised that nobody carried the bag with the rest of the ice, and that another hash bag was also missing.
We all blamed each other for not keeping the bags in the pockets and returned to the Nes to see if by any chance the bags could still be there. When we arrived they had already taken the empty glasses and cleaned the table; but we asked, and the waitress took the two bags out of her trouser pocket and returned them to me. We left saying like thaaaanks, oooh thank you very much These details make a trip to Amsterdam even more wonderful.

After our stroll through the red lights, we were still stoned as hell from the ice (call me lightweight), and not wanting to think too much of where to go, we repeated at the Waterhole.
The same band was playing, a different repertory. I think they deserved every cent they earned. The doorman was a Hell Angel, even bigger than the one that was there the night before. 2 meters of muscles and tattoos. He seemed a nice guy.
In the crowd there was a beautiful girl dressed someway like Courtney Love. She had big beautiful eyes, and she was asking random boys to kiss her passionately while her friend took pictures. She kissed two boys near us, and then I thought she was coming to ask someone in our group, but she moved to the other part of the bar.
I blamed it on the iceolator that the girl didnt find us sexy enough for her performances.

We left the Waterhole and tried Lux in Marnixstraat, behind the Melkweg, but it was too crowded and we were looking for a place where we could sit down, so we headed to the bars at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, near our hotel.

I really enjoyed the relaxed night ride by bike, without the cars and trams. I stopped to smoke a joint a take some pictures. ... CN3859.jpg ... CN3851.jpg ... CN3876.jpg

The Absinthe and the other bars around were either packed or closed. We were tempted to go for a drink to the Vranjkrij squat, but being Saturday night it would probably be full of young punks dancing pogo, and we were a bit tired for that, so we called it a night and when to the hotel.

I said goodnight to my gazelle and went to bed. ... 3869-1.jpg

I think my roommate fell slept even before his mp3 player started playing a Bloc Party song.

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Postby mobiljenny » Wed Feb 28, 3:55 am

Bueno amigo, bueno.

Nice photos.

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Postby hebe » Wed Feb 28, 5:47 pm

nice read. real nice. we appreciate the details and with pics.

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Postby brightcarver » Wed Feb 28, 6:53 pm

I really like how you illustrate your story with photos!!!
keep em coming!

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Postby hank » Thu Mar 01, 3:03 am

What an enyoyable report. The photos connected was pretty cool. Felt like I was right there with you, thanks...

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Postby sidhe333 » Thu Mar 01, 8:17 am




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Postby Fred Lemonjello » Thu Mar 01, 9:18 am

Thanks for sharing 27.


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Postby Planning-A-Trip » Fri Mar 02, 12:52 am

bravo! you are setting a very high bar for future reports!

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