Where were you when the light went out?(Trip report preface)

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Where were you when the light went out?(Trip report preface)

Postby LaTristesseDurera » Wed Aug 20, 11:42 pm

Well, I just arrived home. Definitely the best trip yet. Very glad to be in Amsterdam while the power was out. Not sure how long we were down for, but it was at least 24 hours. Oh well, gotta go clean out the fridge...I'll post my report soon...



Postby patrick » Thu Aug 21, 1:15 am

well i was sitting here in texas but my sister on her first trip to new york city got stuck on the subway, 60 blocks from her 14th floor hotel room, needless to say she is now a urban survivalist. glad you made it back safely LaTristesseDurera and glad you had a good time.

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Postby sea » Thu Aug 21, 1:55 pm

At my office in Manhattan--nothing like a blackout to remind you you're stuck on an island! Unable to get to the suburbs, I walked 90 blocks (thanking my lucky stars I was wearing comfy shoes) to a friend's. I talked the doorman into letting me into her apartment, and I was showered and drinking her beer on her stoop when she arrived home a while later. We spent the evening playing cards by candlelight with the neighbors.

It was really an amazing experience--people were surprisingly kind to each other, and many people treated the whole experience as a big party (can't let the beer get warm!). And at one point, we went into the park to gaze at the stars--never saw so many over NYC!

And one of the first things I did when the power came on the next morning was finalize my Amsterdam reservations!

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Postby TrekknHil » Thu Aug 21, 6:36 pm

Ah...you are all bringing me back to my NY blackout in the 70's...it was a blast but then again I was a kid and didn't have to worry about anything in my fridge. I was just pissed I missed Charlie's Angels!

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