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Amsterdam Red Thread

Postby shlo » Sun Nov 19, 2:31 am

The last trip I took, a year ago, January 2006, was a quite amazing trip, but not only because I smoked five blunts a day. The excessive pot smoking was just a compliment to the Outlandish good time I had. Staying right across from Blues Brothers, I had the chance to make bed in one of the oldest whorehouses in Amsterdam, the Flying Pig Hostel.

The beds were uncomfortable, the walls were dirty, the lounge reeked of smoke, I had found my home. The next six days found me busy as a bee exploring just the few blocks from my hostel. Trying to avoid street dealers took me up Nieuwendijk to Harlemmerstraat, and I frequented the singel RLD, and the shops in the area. I found the best chocolate, the best buds, (Which OHD and I agreed on, Katsu hasj and Hawaiian from grey area, or Abraxas). My blessings were huge, and the things which happened to me were beyond compare. The most amazing thing that happened for the whole trip, however, was that when I was flying over to the US, I started finding red strings all over me. Red string is good luck in the Jewish faith, so I took one and I wrapped it around my wolverines hat, and I am looking at it right now.

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Postby Meegybaby7 » Sun Nov 19, 6:13 pm

Very cool thoughts, Shlo. Thanks.
I am now looking all over the floor for thread.

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