Great Sunday under 2 hours in the Dam

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Great Sunday under 2 hours in the Dam

Postby Philter » Mon Sep 11, 5:45 pm

Yesterday I was waiting for my flight from Zurich to Amsterdam, 12:25pm, they are delaying us bec. the Munich flight is delayed. Great. Finally leave 12:45 pm, nice little plane and flight, beers, they arrive on time anyway, don't u love that drama? THe pilot wishes us a nice week, and yes, even 2 hours in the Dam is a great way to start your week!

I make my way hastily to the check in for the evening flight. Do all of this under 20 minutes and able to catch the 14:48 into Centraal, the Snel train which I believe is non stop.

I get out and quickly walk towards Warmostraat where I had stayed last week, but I sort of get lost. Altho this is not the time for wasting time, how can time be considered wasted when in the Dam?

I notice a coffeeshop STIX that I have read about on this board many times. So I make my way there. I am very impressed with this shop, clean, excellent ambiance. Weed they have their speciality, the Gun Powder and the Royal Stix. I choose some of the latter. It is excellent and really hits the spot after 6 days w/out weed.

It makes me very socialble and friendly, relaxed. It is a mixed Ind.-Sat. The Gunpowder mentions it being based in WHite Widow, since I had some of that last weekend I chose the ROyal Stiz. But I have to leave to catch my train. I leave the rest of my gram w/ an American there. The ambience is quiet a "chillout" type of place. I will definetly visit them again. THe woman budtender is very friendly, she is a brunette or black hair, gorgeous. I keep looking for a herring shop but cannot find one.

I take alot of pictures as I am walking, some are good. I will post them soon.

I catch the 4:35PM to Schipol. THere are hardly any people waiting for Passport control, so I could have waited a bit for the next train but you never know. But I get to enjoy those meditation room chairs up on the second floor.

Best part about my flight is getting 3 seats all for me.

So until my next trip, Philter

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