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Christiania update

Postby viking » Sun Sep 10, 8:32 pm

Back in the Dam tonight after a week in Christiania.
Be here for until I fly home on the 23rd.

Had the best time in Christiania this trip.
Hash was great as always!
Police presence was less than last Sept., but they were
still roaming around. Didn't see them interact with anyone this time.

Even the Moonfisher coffeeshop there has gone non-toking.
But you can toke out front at the picnis tables, which was what I was
doing just 10 hours ago.

Smoking some Dealer's Special maroc at the get Down right now.
It's better than the shit they sold me avout 5 years ago, the last
time I bought anything here. It's decent, but far down the hash
scale from what I've been toking up the past week in Denmark.

Strange, and nice, that my friend and I could roam around
the amusement park Bakken outside Copenhagen toking, but
had to be more careful in Christiania. I even saw some young
kids around 12? toking at Bakken. Only them and us seen toking
there by me.

While I'm in Christiania, I smoke in a private sports club
or in friend's homes, but there are still people dealing outside.
As long as the police aren't around, if you hang around looking,
someone will offer you hash. And only hash, nothin else.

Well, it's still about 72/22 degrees out and I'm heading to Febo
after I finish this j. And maybe another one.

I need to toke!

Bevar Chrhstiania!!!!

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Postby this girl » Sun Sep 10, 8:47 pm

enjoy your FEBO!

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Postby a bollocks » Fri Sep 15, 11:35 pm


you magnificient Bastard!, I READ YOUR BOOK!



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Postby theguest » Sat Sep 16, 12:02 am

Enjoy the Febo man! What is the 50 cent special at the moment?

Any new nice hashes to report?

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