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LibidoWeed day 1+2

Postby LibidoWeed » Tue May 23, 5:38 pm

Hi all. We got to amsterdam by plane on Monday morning for 10am. Left our cases in the hotel and went for a long walk/drink/smoke. I bought a gram of lebanese for 18 euro, very soft and supple. When I got to the next place I bought myself some Northern Lights 5x. Thats nice too :o)

We found the mushrooms and out of the blue the mrs says lets go back to the hotel and trip, so thats what we did. Had the most amazing start of the trip, intense confusion in the middle and a stressed out 2 hours at the end. I guess I shouldn't have got the Hawaiains first time for our lass.

We dropped around 4.30pm and managed to come out the hotel at 10.30pm and went looking for the pink links of the RLD. After spending some time browsing and dodging the shady coke/crack/heroin dealers we decided to check out the moulin rouge.

Much fun was had by all and we stayed until we'd seen most of it twice hehe. I topped up my pot supply with some Jelly hash and some Blueberry weed today and got myself some jiffy bags to try and send some home. Will try that out later.

Oh and bro, if your reading, its all VERY VERY nice :o)

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