Bolsy-2006: My Beots...five.."DOH!"

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a bollocks
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Bolsy-2006: My Beots...five.."DOH!"

Postby a bollocks » Sat Apr 29, 7:08 pm



lordy. I first saw him at vapo party. Another viking lmao. A true Norskie. Said "HI & JA" a lot.

looked like Albert Einstein on acid. or was it Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein without the clogs?

i had no clue.

...Once upon a time, as this author sat at the window at Ziggy's Bar, next to Old Church....
people were late. It was 18:00. Of course "Sundown" lasts for three fuggin hours up here...
at 18:23, i am intrigued by a suave gentleman entering Old Church,,, IT'S THAT DAM GUY!
hmm...i got a beer so I stay.. now...about 18:45, i think (which is dangerous as we shall see)
.. dude ain't come back out, there must be people in/up there... DAMMIT!

i choog out da door and into OC and up the stairs, waving off the barkeep.. whoa stairs.... lmao

HA!... there.... upstairs at Our Altar is DamOften kinda wandering about in figure-eights or infinity-symbols... hands-in-pockets, i think, humming Pearl Jam's "Black"... i could be wrong on the song..

DAM! .. "YOU LIKE TO DRINK" <making drink gesture>
foller me.
as we trip the stairs-fantastic, i feel must be the coca-leaves in my shoes...

over to Ziggy's, our two diverse compadres traipse... Beer? Ja.
more beer, more beer, dam this guy is from the Nort. all they got is beer..."They throw you in Prison for seeds"

DOH! orders a Southern Comfort from Ziggy. A couple cubes. .. DUDE!

you are an Norwegian Cracker!
Southern Comfort. i know a guy.. well you do too... Bonette? ... <shit>
.. on my shoulders were the proverbial yin/yangers arguing.....

this Norser & I proceed to drink and drink and wait for , well not really wait... we discussed fiord-pining, and ice-fishing, and sheep-uuhhhh.... he wanted to know... all they got is big salmon....and stuff. Quite the groovy chat. We became a laughey-smiley drunk bunch.

OH! there's Oteez & OHDA & Irene and Birdie!


outside, tables, tobac joints, vodka, southern comfort, LAFFS & LAFFS................AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

OHDA has pics. i am no fun I fell right over.

DamOften stayed for the nacht and I got to know a true Norskie Beot. It was one of the most treasured nights of this trip.



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Postby Otis » Sat Apr 29, 7:27 pm

Twas the night you could not keep you chair. And it was a very good one.


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Postby theguest » Sat Apr 29, 8:15 pm

hehe, you obviously don't remember me trying to stop you walking drunk into the entire Old Church terrace full of people! lol!

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Postby a bollocks » Thu May 04, 2:59 am

this is just wrong.

he, obviously hate being "Paul".


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Postby LastHamlet » Wed May 10, 6:42 pm

The times,,,, they never last long enough,,,, thankfully we are able to pull them up in the archives of the mind.
Sounds like a very happy evening, and I just wanted to say,,,,,,, you fellows ROCK!!!
Peter Boyle, without the clogs, in Young Frankenstien, That had to be a hoot.
All The Best,
LH AKA: Abby Normal

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