may 28-june 3 ( part 3)

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may 28-june 3 ( part 3)

Postby loser » Thu Jun 12, 6:16 pm

Fell asleep saturday at 7am slept in till noon, another hot day the sun is blazing and I really needed to get something to eat ,figured I would check out china town. Went to Nam Kee, had chicken with veggies for 9e , not bad filling but i did not notice things that are on typical menu that you find in the states . i figured i would play it safe with something I could understand.walked thru the rld to the greenhouse to pick up a gram of nevilles haze for the rookies meeting at four pm. wandered around on my bike taking in all the people and sights on a bright sunny saturday afternoon in amsterdam. back to the room to freshen up and head over to the rookies . got there and saw deadbud inside ordering beers and he pointed me to the table, progrees was inside rolling a joint with his brother so we all headed outside and after some introductions we got down to tipping a few and smoking a few in the afternoon sun outside on the side walk. very enjoyable. to all that were there ( see details in deadbuds report): It was really great to meet you all special note to SB and his wife and Trekenhill So sorry I missed you guys on sunday...Thats what staying out and drinking till 5 am will do to ya...Didn't wake up till 11:30 ,next time ,read later that everyone had a rough nite that saturday...oh well.. some of the best made plans get trown out the window ...hung out at the rookies till maybe 7 -730 not really sure, Headed down to excalibur at around 9 pm ran into a couple of guys that were there from the night before they brought thier friend from rotterdam ( who was a member of the Rotterdam rugby club) we closed the bar then headed out for a stroll down the red light canals ... headed back to the bike to negotiate a drunken ride back to leidsplein watching the sun rise for day three in a row. i really connected with someone last night, while i was standing outside getting some air having a beer watching the world pass by in the rld , I started up a conversation with a lady from Ireland via canada, Her name was lisa ,talked her and her friends into coming inside for a beer,co-workers were celebrating a birthday midlife crisis in the rld, what a sweet heart and what an impression , I was so burnt I forgot to get her email or anything,still a fleeting moment that I will allways have a fond memory of.

Got back to the room crashed till 11:45 was to meet up with Sb and trekenhill at 10, oh well...showered headed out on the bike to albert hein for breakfast, stopped by the rojerki on the amstel for a smoke and to catch up on my notes in my journal, decided to head out to vondel park sweat out the drugs and booze and relax , write a couple of post cards , headed out and brought a towel , food and drink and rolled a joint of yellow cab and grey mist crystal, nice combo, laid in the sun till around 6 then headed over to the pancake house for something to eat. tried a banana pancake, got my first cup of bad coffee in the dam there, it really was not good. headed back to the hotel to freshen up and head down to the Other Place,my friend was working tonight,Stopped by the sibire- actually ran into deadbud who got me headed in the right direction, got some sibirian tiger 2 g and a gram of some hash, i think it was pollen, sat down and made a bone while db had a coke , i had a cola also and sat out in the doorway and smoked my joint, finally made my way to the bar , my friend was working, still havent ran into someone who I have hung out with on every trip, my friend gave him a ring he said he would be down around midnight. I was talking to people from the states via england, had a beer and was smoking a joint asked them if they wanted some ,the guy starts pulling hard on my joint of pure mix and takes about three or four heavy pulls then tells me he never smoked before, I tell him lighten up he takes one or two more pulls and with in ten seconds he is down for the count on the bar, two candy bars ten packs of sugar, but the heat , booze and low blood sugar had the guy not wanting to stand, parinoia started to creep in on them, and my taunts that we were sending them out to the farms to be in the movies didn't help, after getting the guy outside for air we called him a cab( after 2 hours he couldn't make the walk to dam square), kinda funny we all laughed about it later but I did feel really bad i never wanted to give someone a bad weed experience... My friend finally came down the bar , I met up with a guy from Toronto (sars anyone) we ended up going to an afterhours bar and shutting that bar down ...many shot and beers about riding drunk.....made it home again to find the sun shining, haven't had a drop of rain yet...ran into a my good friends and they are healthy and in good spirits....Life is good

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