DedBud May 2003 - Day 9 - Great Rookies Party

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DedBud May 2003 - Day 9 - Great Rookies Party

Postby DedBud » Sun Jun 01, 12:27 pm

The awesome weather is coninuing with nary a cloud in the sky and temps in the mid to upper 70s. I had a wake and bake at Bluebird this morning, while it was still pretty quiet on the streets. I took a walk through the Waterlooplein Markt next and zoned out on the clothes and junk for sale. I did notice that one of the headshop stands there had a big sign advertising the weed and hash they were selling and they clearly had marked larger quantities than 5 grams. It looked like they'd sell up to a kilo. I've never bought in the flea market but I know other people who have and got great deals. That particular stand is only there from Weds through Saturday.

I had another beer and bowl at Greenhouse Namaste on Waterlooplein. They let me right through the turnstile with no questions asked and the seating area in back is very nice and comfortable with different artifacts in lit nooks in the wall. They gave me a free beer too when they noticed that they put too much foam on my first. w00t!!!

I found Het Ballonetje next and had a coffee while I stared at the fake frog in the vivarium to see if it would move. They have 35 teas here and it's a great place to hang in that Plantage neighborhood. I had planned on checking out the the Tropenmuseum but it was closed when I got there so I headed over to the Albert Cuyp Markt. It was mostly food and clothes (nothing I needed this late in the trip so I stopped in at Katsu to get out of the Sun and enjoy a coffee pick-me-up. I had to duck to avoid the low ceiling here but it's a great place and they have nice glass bongs and a vaporizer to use if you're so inclined.

On the way to the Heineken Experience I popped into Coffeeshop Media too and threw some darts while chilling out for a bit. They have a pool table here too.

I hadn't been to Heineken since they were still brewing here and the tour is totally changed now. For 7.50 Euro you get three small beers (or sodas) and a free gift (Heineken glass). They have some fun displays where you stand on a moving platform pretending to go through the bottling line and also another one where you are on a horse-drawn beer cart going through town trying to run over tourists and bicyclists.

I got a salmon sandwich lunch at Mankind and headed over to Rookies for our get-together. I grabbed 1.8 grams of White Widow there for 12 Euro and got a head start before other started drifting in. SB and wifey showed up and then TreknHill found us outside. As I went in for another round of beers I ran inot loser and Progress with his friend and we grabbed a larger table outside. Eventually Vermeer and Walster (Swissnout?) showed up also and we had a good ole time smoking spleefs and drinking beers until I got enough energy to stand up and walk home to make some calls.

After getting a late dinner snack I went back over to The Last Waterhole to hear some jams and make sure I didn't drop anything on the floor this time.

Now I'm down to my last full day (SOB!!!) so I better get out in the Sun and get baked some more ways than one. I'm meeting up with Progress and Josh at 6 so I better find out what the best way to spend my last night is.

Tot ziens

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What a collection of trip reports!

Postby SuZe » Sun Jun 01, 2:36 pm

Again, thanks for posting everday. It allows us to vacation vicariously!

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Suze is right!!!!

Postby oldhippyguy » Sun Jun 01, 3:02 pm

Thanks again for posting while there...I am glad you frequent a couple of my favorite spots..Bluebird and Het B...the vivarium had me spellbound one day for hours seeing if that frog would jump!!!They have some great gear there too...Ahh, it brings me right back..Thanks again!!

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Postby buckofive » Sun Jun 01, 6:13 pm

Sorry I missed you guys at De Kuil last night. An unforeseen circustance at work meant that I had to play tour guide for a former colleague who is making his last trip to Amsterdam with the company.

I ended up just stopping by very briefly around 22:00 but it looked like everyone had already departed. I guess I missed out!

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Postby Vermeer » Sun Jun 01, 6:30 pm

Nice posts DedBud,

Was a nice time at Rookie's for sure. Too bad I had to leave so early, but that's how it goes. Look forward to meeting up with you again on the next trip. Thanks again for the white filters, really appreciate it!



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