Father and Son Day 8

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Father and Son Day 8

Postby El Tesoro » Sat Nov 05, 2:26 am

The son caught up with me having a Gauloise (or was it having me?!) on a bench in the Thorbeckeplein, after losing a Dispatch From The Front I was emailing to friends back home. PC ran out of my money or something. Whatever.

We decided to sample a "traditional Irish Breakfast" at the St. James Gate on Rembrandtsplein. Two big platters of food arrived after a just a 10-minute wait. Four kinds of sausage, two eggs easy-up, practically a loaf of toast, butter, jam, and several slices of thick bacon. Extra yummy. More fat than I normally ingest in a year. Alright, a month.

Rolling out of the restaurant, we tumble around the corner to Free I coffeeshop. We choose their Special Bud for 5E a gram and the Casablanca hash at 7E. Much to the amazement and amusement of the budtender, I crumbled up the hash gram into my Earl Grey tea, stirred it up real good and knocked it back all in one long gulp. I had a slightly slurpy smile onboard the entire day.

The son and I choose a trip out of town this day. At Centraal Station we book passage to Haarlem, a 15-minute ride. When we arrive, it's pouring down rain and of course this is the only day I forget to pack the slickers. Venturing forth anyway, we pound the pavers in the direction of the Grote Kerk and 10 minutes later we see it, on our left.

For unknown reasons, we skip the Kerk and opt for the more contemporary scene at Empire Coffeeshop, though the son insists later that it was the shop next door. I honestly don't recall either shop. We may or may not have bought a pair of space cupcakes. Who remembers such things?

"Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin, into the future....."

Despite the wind and downpour, we eventually find ourselves at the Frans Hals Museum. It's undergoing renovation (!) so they charge us just 1/2 price. Nice. We do a slow visit of the galleries in about 2 hours. Very nice paintings, nicely shown. There are lockers for your outerware. I bought a scarf in the giftshop for my wife. Highly recommended.

We fight our way through the wind and rain again until we ackowledge our folly and weigh anchor at the first bar we spy, the Cafe de Huifkar. This be a comfy little nook, where we sip jonge jenever and gulf draft Amstel, the full-bodied brew, not that lite crap they have in the States.

We chat with the barmaid a bit, eat a snack, have another brew, then enquire as to the location of the nearest Willie Wortels establishment. With a smile she points the direction and gives detailed directions, which got us to Sinsemilla in 5 minutes.

Now this was Sinsemilla in March 2004, before the recent renovations. It's an upstairs shop, spacious, with pool tables, loud music, and bong service, using a proper glass waterpipe, not some flimsy toker.

We ordered Nepalese Temple Ball and some weed whose exotic name escaped us at the time of purchase and remains a mystery to this day. Note to self - next trip bring a Sharpie!

The hot cocoas were deliscious and we enjoyed them at seats overlooking the street. After a while the rain stopped and we were hungry and decided to head on back to Amstelsnitzer. We did some unintended sightseeing on the way to the Haarlem Station, but we didn't mind a bit.

Back in the Dam, we trammed down to Utrechtsestraat and up to the Fredericksplein. Dinner at Cafe de Zak. We suck back Leeuw beers, eat a half-ton of fresh bread and unsalted butter, then tear into plattes of Gambas, chicken satay, and vegetarian lasagna. Everything is deelish! The desserts were ordinary, yet the cappacinos were very nice. 50 euros for the both of us, about average for a nice meal for two, for us on this trip. Good night!


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Postby JohnnyHempseed » Sat Nov 05, 3:48 am

ahhh, another great report. who could ask for more? MORE!! MORE!! :D

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