22-24th September '05 a little slice of heaven

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22-24th September '05 a little slice of heaven

Postby wEEDmAN » Sat Oct 01, 4:32 pm

Hi everyone! Just got back from a sweet three days in amsterdam and thought I would post up my experiences and findings (such as I remember them) for you to enjoy vicariously through me.
We left London Stanstead at 4:30 walked out of Amsterdam Centraal station at 5pm local time, a very smooth journey. Whenever I walk out of that station onto the busy streets I feel like I've come home. People, bicycles, taxis, trams and roadworks all surrounded by huge old buildings, how does such a hectic place manage to have such a relaxed vibe? Perhaps it's to do with the relaxed and friendly locals.. or the fact that i'[m always stoned when I'm there...
And the weather. To those of you who went to Amsterdam recently, or live in Amsterdam, I was there last week from Thursday to Saturday (22-24th Sept 05)- sunny and warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt for most of the whole three days, only one of those delightful dutch rain showers that I love.

Me and two friends easily found our way to the hotel (thanks to UKBL's directions- you are the best!), booked in and dumped our bags. The guy at the hotel was incredible nice, sort of like how I imagine God to be. And He explained to us in his Dutch way about if we wanted any more eggs at breakfast, we just had to ask. "If you wish for more eggs. just ask. You can can have as many eggs as you wish. You can have the whole plate of eggs."
I have developed somewhat of a tradition of making Abraxas the first stop when in this city, so that's where we went first. Ant (one of my mates) hadn't seen 'Dam before, and was openmouthed at the selling and smoking of weed+hasj and the general colourful abandon of the multi-level coffeshop. He purchased some great white widow, my other friend plumped for the Shiva and I took a gram of the dark moroccan hash, which I can't remember the name but it happened to be the most expensive. Surrounded by people from all over the world we sat upstairs by the window and got very pleasantly stoned whilst discussing where the next stop was to be so we could load up on some 'serious' weed. Singleminded in our ambition we headed for Noon which always evades me- it took us about 40 minutes to find but we got there and picked up the five grams of some excellent blueberry, strong yet mellow and tasty. Along with some blueberry ice hash which wasn't actually as good as last time. When I attended pilgrimage last year, the bloob ice hash was compact, sticky and stinky, but this year it was more of a brittle slice.

There wasn't anywhere to sit but as we stood at the bar and had a fruit juice, a police van pulled upside and half the clientele vacated the premises! We took the window seat. An hour later we were couchlocked and hungry but managed to prise ourselves off the seats for a steak in a nearby resteraunt. QUALITY food, can't remember where we went though. As we ate, it was decided that Tweede Kamer was to be next on the agenda. We found it with relatively little hassle even though it's kind of tucked-away (isn't EVERYTHING, in 'Dam?). I love this cosy place with it's many little drawers of quality weed and hash, that incredible picture of the guy with the cigar (to the left of the bar), and... a schizophrenic dealer! This guy thought he was incredibly funny. When I asked him for a hot chocolate, he replied "ask me again." I complied, and he looked discomfited. "ask me another question," he blurts out. I laugh and say "you're confusing me!" at which point he gets incomprehensible and waves his arms around and gives me the hot chocolate. I pick up edelweiss (a killer!) and mothers finest (mellow and dreamy yet strong smoke), my buddies scored silver pearl (nice), AK-47, and bubblegum. I forgot to try any of their hash!

About halfanhour later Ant goes up for a hot chocolate, and the schizoid dealer/barman is yelling at me, "why didn't you order two hot chocolate!! You english!" and then insinuating that Ant wants to fight him. Then telling us that he loved us (again), before mock-threatening to stab my friend. it was hilariously confusing.
<<edit: thinking back, I believe he was trying to impress the woman at the bar with the dog on her lap.>>
Dampkring was around the corner but it was super-busy and loud so we didn't stay for long, instead smoking 'til about 12:30 at the bar in Abraxas. The evening passed in a haze and I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed at the hotel, but (apparently) my two friends stayed up and smoked heroically for another two hours..!

Next day we are woken by an alarm at 9:30, I'm feeling pretty good but my friends are completely trashed. We make it downstairs for some toast, tea and copious eggs which set us up for the first stop of the day: Barneys Breakfast Bar. Unfortunately they were out of all the best strains of weeds (ie laughing buddha). But that was okay because it meant we could skip stright to my favourite coffeeshop- Amnesia! Friendly staff, decent music (mostly) and a very chilled relaxing atmosphere. And let's not forget some of the best weed in Amsterdam. I picked up Bio Sage (a beautiful morning smoke) and some great hash called 'Melana Special' or something. Also purchased was Sensi Star (fruity+delicious) Amnesia Haze (beautiful), NYC Diesel (yuk... grapefruit!!) and Nepal Temple Balls which was an incredibly lovely, sleepy hash. Ant rolled a all-weed blunt with some cognac blunt wraps- a huge, fat, floppy log of bubblegum which stank out the whole cafe in a most delightful way. We were battered. It was so good we had to roll another couple of blunts, smaller and tighter-rolled, this time utilising some of the sensi, plus blueberry and edelweiss left over from yesterday.

We were pretty hungry at this point, probably around two or three in the afternoon, but we were keen to get to Grey Area so we staggered over there for some grey haze and AK-47. But before rolling up yet more zoots we fell into the doorway of that pancake house on the corner with the red overhangs and ordered vast cheese and ham pancakes. When we were finished we were still a slightly hungry and it was still irresistably blue and beautiful skies outside so we ordered apple/cinnamon/ice-cream pancakes and sat out on the river and has a spliff of greyberry with some good hash. It was a kodak moment, guys... when we flicked the roach into the canal and sat went back into the pancake house the food was just arriving. Ten minutes later, we were bloated and facing a moderate walk to our next destination: Vondelpark.

The walk across town was actually delightful as we crossed canals full of gently drifting boats and busy streets full of hot girls on bicycles, somehow not getting run over on route. One of my friends crudely surmised that "all the girls in amsterdam must be up for it ALL THE TIME, 'cos y'know they're cycling around all day like that, haw haw haw!!" *sigh* We walked through the gates to a packed Vondelpark, filled with beautiful people enjoying the late summer afternoon. Picking a spot on the grass near the river we enjoyed two hours of european idyll- ah, the population of this city seems so relaxed and happy, compared to the bitter, unhappy people in England..!

Picking ourselves up reluctantly but with our goal firmly in mind, we walked ten minutes across town to find the Bushdoctor just as a light rain started to fall. I love the hasj from here and picked up some dark moroccan, the name of which escapes me the I remember the clear, crisp high. My friends opted for some weeds, Northern Lights amongst them. I made my purchase and sat by the window on the second floor alone, smoking hash and watching people run around outside as the rain got slightly heavier. After their deliberations downstairs my mates joined me and we took this fuzzy phone-camera picture of our stash laid out on the table.


We actually lost quite a lot of time at Bushdoctor as we had so much great marijuana to smoke and my friends didn't want to leave until the rain had completely stopped (pussies!). It was around eight by the time we left and wow, my memory is really giving out at this point as I don't remember where we went for food in the evening. i remember being fascinated by FEBO and selecting what looked like a tasty fish-finger or chicken goujon, inserting my euro-fifty or whatever only to find the crunchy golden breadcrumb coating hid a centre of green mucus, complete with green and orange lumps. Yuk! HOWEVER!! If anyone reading this hasn't heard the FEBO theme tune, turn on your PC speakers and click the link below as it's completely hilarious.


We wandered the city as the evening grew deeper, getting weirded out by the red light district, laughing our way through several sex shops (I find a new and more disgusting perversion every time go into one of these places! I also love to browse through the stacks of ancient german video cassettes like 'count fuckula', Hilarity.) Finally hitting Abraxas we sat by the window opposite the bar and tried to make some headway with the pile of baggies we'd collected, and made it back to the hotel for 1am all of us passing out simultaneously upon our return to the room.

The next day, our last, we slept through our alarm and missed breakfast but the owners were kind enough to let us dump our bags in the reception until we were ready for our flight at 8pm. Ant wanted to find a cafe called Betty Boo 'cos his sister has told him that's where 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas' was written. We found it after not a little searching, and it was pretty uninspiring.. there were some cool people in there and hanging out on the patio outside though, and we stayed for an hour or so partaking in some of the coffeeshops's just-in batch of blueberry (quite palatable!). Then it was over to Amnesia where we loaded up on some final smokes and finished off the pack of cognac blunt wraps. I picked up 5g of that dreamy Nepal Temple Balls hash (which I successfully secreted on the plane on the way home, and well.. i'm smoking it now!). I had to go to the ATM first and on my way there I found Puccini. This chocolate shop is like the holy grail of amsterdam or something, expensive but delicious fresh chocolate with a multitude of different fillings, flavours and varieties. I went back to show my buddies and we picked about 15euros of chocolate each. That was some damn good stuff >.<

Then it was over to Grey Area for just a little Yellow Cab, back to Amnesia to smoke it (good thing those shops are so close to each others), and then to another pancake house for lunch. This place was more of a pancake kitchen, low ceiling'd, large and inhabited by dutch locals. It simple food but cheap and plentiful- my kind of place. A last pop-in to Abraxas for hot chocomel and a final aimless wander of the streets heading vaguely back to where our luggage was stashed, we happened upon the NES cafe and sat in the front window to clean up the last of our cannabis. Those final joints are often the sweetest, a real 'fruit salad' of a spliff! Despite our best efforts we still had a couple of grams left but fortunately, I had a 'blueberry burst' blunt wrap/tube thing stashed about my person so I heroically rolled it up- and it was a beautiful smoke.

The journey back was smooth enough, Centraal station and Schipol airport just seem to ferry you through even if you're blitzed and not paying attention to your surroundings... just before walking into Centraal station I turned around and took in the skyline for the last time until;; next time. It looked so beautiful I could hardly bring myself to leave. For all it's seediness and busy-ness and litter and drugs, I genuinely feel welcome and 'at home' in Amsterdam- like when you've been abroad so long you've started to miss your native country, and have just arrived home. I don't think it'll be long before I return.

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Re: 22-24th September '05 a little slice of heaven

Postby JohnnyHempseed » Sat Oct 01, 5:05 pm

wEEDmAN wrote: just before walking into Centraal station I turned around and took in the skyline for the last time until;; next time. It looked so beautiful I could hardly bring myself to leave. For all it's seediness and busy-ness and litter and drugs, I genuinely feel welcome and 'at home' in Amsterdam- like when you've been abroad so long you've started to miss your native country, and have just arrived home.

great report!! i haven't been to Mecca yet, however i can identify with your quote above, as that's how i'm sure i'll feel when i arrive!

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Re: 22-24th September '05 a little slice of heaven

Postby smokedawgg » Sat Oct 01, 5:32 pm

wEEDmAN wrote:Ant wanted to find a cafe called Betty Boo 'cos his sister has told him that's where 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas' was written. We found it after not a little searching, and it was pretty uninspiring..

hilarious, but totally off the mark. FALILV was published in '71 - 1) Betty Boop wasn't even in existence back then, and 2) our dearly departed Hunter S. wouldn't have conducted his actual writing in a public place, let alone somewhere as garish as a coffeeshop.

your mate's sis is getting this confused with the urban legend that Tarantino scribbled out quite a bit of Pulp Fiction in the same shop. while this speaks volumes about QT's taste (or lack thereof), most people know that Roger Avary wrote the majority of the script, while QT simply hogged the limelight and took the credit.

if he did indeed spend a great deal of time inside the shop, it was as a cained and obnoxious american tourist, not as an edgy screenwriter filling his lungs with tokefuls of inspiration.

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Postby MileHighDenver » Sat Oct 01, 6:22 pm

great report. you did good. Some nice descriptions of familiar places. Thanks.

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Postby oracle » Sun Oct 02, 12:17 pm

Nice one! Two and a half months to go. (I must stop counting.) Peace.

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Postby Boner » Sun Oct 02, 12:39 pm

Excellent report, thanks for taking the time!!


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Postby El Tesoro » Sun Oct 02, 3:22 pm

Hey, Weedman, nice fun long report. Loved it. Current info always good to read. Sounds like you lucked out with the weather.

Thanks for posting!


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Postby jerkypete49 » Tue Oct 04, 5:13 pm

Excellent report!!! Thanks for sharing.

You seem like a pretty cool dude.

First time that I heard the Febo theme song. LOL

Gotta LOVE Febo.

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