The Long Road Home. Amsterdam Day One September 28

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The Long Road Home. Amsterdam Day One September 28

Postby brightcarver » Thu Sep 29, 11:38 am

This long awaited trip to A-Dam/Holland started with a change of plans.My best friend for 35 years(since 6th grade)died, not exactly without warning, causing a change in tickets, destination, etc. I ended up spending a week in North Carolina to attend the funeral. My friend was an amazing musician, and conniseur of fine smokables with whom I had shared every possible sort of hi-jinx over the years. So, it turns out this mortality flash will color my journey, and I deadicate my trip to his memory(he never made it to the Dam, alas.
I arrived at RDU with time to spare, sporting my cowboy hat, new hawaiian shirt, and ipod. I sat around the gate observing fellow travelers There were a lot of "uhurus". These are the folks with the in the ear cell phones, yakking away into thin air. I read awhile in my book "incredibly strange music vol 3" until my flight was ready to board. I took me seat in "chemical first class")coach with sleeping pill), and looked at the movie schedule---Herbie rides again? Damn! Thankfully it is not a full flight, so I can stretch out my long legs a bit. Dreams of the hi-jinx of yore fill my head.
I arrive in Gatwick around 6:30 and go for some coffee before my connecting flight. I have a 10 pound note from my previous trip, so, luckily I do not have to change any money. It is here in Gatwick where I rendezvous with my traveling companions to continue on to destination of choice.
We arrive in Schipol(at last!!!) and meet our dutch friend and head into town. I'm massively excited about my 3 weeks in Holland despite my being purty tired. We arrive at our friends house and hang around for a bit until we finally board the tram for a trip into town to begin making a dent in my hefty shopping list. Looking out the windows I get more and more excited--the tall beautiful women riding bikes, the old buildings, the canals...ahhhh I'm back in my spiritual home.
First stop Barney's--I know, its expensive, etc, but on my last couple of trips I have enjoyed the Barney Rubble so much, not to mention the Amnesia Haze! The shop is less crowded than usual, so we hang out awhile in the window seats, watching the increasingly blurry worls go by-- I hold off on the Rubble for the moment, and indulge in the Haze, as well as some NYC Diesel. The haze is great as usual, but the Diesel is not as tasty as the Diesel i picked up at Dampkring last trip,(with it's wonderful grapefruity taste and smell).
We take a stroll through the RLD to wake us up, but we are beat, so back to the house for supper and bed. Tomorrow I'm taking the train down to Bergen-op-Zoom for a radio gig, and I'd like to have my wits about me.
I did, however, wake up in the middle of the night....and got my Rubble on.....

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Postby JohnnyHempseed » Thu Sep 29, 12:20 pm

cool cool man. sorry about your friend. cant wait to hear more about the trip tho.

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Alas, the things that change.

Postby LastHamlet » Thu Sep 29, 1:15 pm

Your friend will be missed, but somehow will carry on with you in spirit. Goodness, he sure would have enjoyed Amsterdam, and I hate he never made it over. It's though a lot have passed this year, a lot of good people have left us with their rememberings, and we will always remember them.

I have left for AMS every single time, from RDU airport. Out front, sitting at a smoking bench and looking across the way, in some strange ways, it reminds me of AMS airport. Every time I sit there I think how it looks so familiar to the place I am headed, yet no where close beyond the airport.

Again, somebody has mentioned this Barney Rubble Hash, this stuff I simply must try on my next trip over. Obviously it makes for a grand midnight snack, so to speak.

Many Best Regards,

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Road Home

Postby El Tesoro » Fri Sep 30, 8:03 pm

"Chemical First Class" - ha, I love it!! It's called The Xanax Express in some circles.

Sorry about your friend. Death sucks!

Sounds like a great trip you've got planned. Do write more, please.

El Tesoro

Dave J
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Postby Dave J » Sat Oct 01, 1:42 pm

3 weeks worth of reporting, I cant wait for the rest.

Also sorry to hear about your friend.

Dave J

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