Free Bud's 4 U in my Hotel room

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Free Bud's 4 U in my Hotel room

Postby stevetas » Thu Jan 30, 5:52 am

but first a report on my 1 week stay in Amsterdam.

Left NJ on Continental air flt. #70. At the ticket office I asked if the flight was full & was told they are never full. I then asked if I could get the 3 center seat's to myself. I now have 3 seats for me. After taking off & having been served our food I then took my Ambian sleeping pill & streched out in the 3 seat's & slept till 1 hour before landing. This worked great, 4-5 hrs. sleep on the plane & now I feel just fine for my first day in AMS. I then got my passport stamped with another AMS stamp, got my bag & then thru customs with no problem. I took the KLM bus into town this time instead of the train. The bus is out front in spot A7, 19 Euro's round trip. A bit more expensive & slower then the train, but I didn't have the trouble of dragging my bag down to the hotel.

The bus dropped me off at my hotel, the Die Port Van Cleve. I've stayed here for the last 3 year's when I come to Amsterdam for my 1 week per year of smoking the best pot in the world. Well I got into town a bit early & my room wasn't ready yet, no problem the hotel took my bag's & stored them in the back office. It's now time to get HIGH, off the the Grey Area. It's only 2 1/2 block's away from my hotel. I was lucky when I got to the grey area because there was only 5 dutch guy's at 1 table. Plenty of room in this tiny closet/coffee shop. I sat there for almost 2 hours smoking some great "Grey Mist", this did the trick, I was wasted in no time. Back to the hotel & the room wasn't ready yet so I just sat down in the lobby. When my room was finally ready I was upgraded to an executive room on the 3rd floor. A nice size room looking out over the main road. Got unpacked & smoked some more bud before heading up to the De-Kuile & bought some of there "Knock-Out" Bud I really like this shop & sat there for 1-2 hours before heading back to my room.

Next day it's breakfast time at the Homegtrown Fantasy shop & got some of there "Super Haze/skunk" & some "K2"
I smoked here for a few hours & then went back to the De-Kuile & spent most of the afternoon here smoking bud's that I bought from them & HGF.

At Dinner time I went to go to this great steak house on the Spui, called Rancho's. I think they have the best steaks in town & are better then the famous steaks from the hotel I'm staying at. If anybody's goes to Rancho's you have to try there appitizer of baby back rib's. These are the best I've ever had. They cover them in a green chile type bar-be-que sauce, I also enjoyed the rib-eye steak very much. Stopped at the Grey Area on the way back to the hotel for a night-cap of some of there "Yellow Cab"

Another day & time for some more smoking back at Homegrown Fantasy. This shop is also very nice & mellow. I sat there for a few hour's drinking coffee & smoking & talking to the dealer named Schren. He's a real nice guy & is now on his way to Australia to live with his girlfriend. Time to eat again, but this time just 2 block's away from the hotel is another Argentina steak house called La Pampa. I had a great meal here. Back at the hotel I was looking thru some of the local magazines about the area & I saw a ad for a pastery shop called Pompadour's, just a few block's west of Dutch Flowers. I was there every afternoon for my pastery fix.

Next day, stopped at the Grey Area & picked up some of the "Double Bubble Gum" .
Every day that I was at the GA I never had any trouble sitting there for at least an hour or two. I sat there and talked to the dealer Tom from the USA & we told stories about the states & he told me about some of his business dealing's & how he & his partner got into the coffee shop bussiness. He's a great guy. Time for some lunch, then up to the De-Kuile for an hour or so. I took a walk & found the Bluebird coffee shop but it was jammed full. I thought I would walk over to the Dampkring, but that shop is always full of people. I didn't go into either of those two shop's.

All in all I spent 1 week in AMS and spent as much time as possible in my three favorite coffee shop's. Grey Area, De-Kuile, & Homegrown Fantasy, with an afternoon pastery break at Pompadours. Dinner was either at La Pampa or Rancho's. Suddenly my one week was over & it's now time to go back to NJ and being straight for another 51 week's. The KLM bus back to the airport & 8+ hours later I'm back in NJ.

If anybody is interested in seeing more pictures of this trip & the other trip's to AMS the pictures can be found at

Now about that free pot I left in the hotel.

Like I said before, I say at the Die Port Van Cleve hotel. I have some "Power Plant" bud that a guy gave me I met at the Grey Area & some "Orange Bud" hidden in the back of the mini-bar in between the cooling coil's in room 320.

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Postby confuzn » Thu Jan 30, 6:23 am

Wow, what camera did you use (megapixels)? what settings (ie resolution, size)?, those are some pretty pictures. Very good report, and now I'm hungry after seeing those slices, and berries!


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Love the pics

Postby SB » Thu Jan 30, 3:51 pm

I love the pictures that you took! Thanks for sharing!


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Awesome post

Postby Smokey Joe » Fri Jan 31, 12:32 am

Nice job on the trip report and great website, looks like you had a hell of a good time!!!



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Postby MadJack » Fri Jan 31, 1:32 am

Great Pictures !!!! How did you get them to come out so good.

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Postby Dogbreath » Fri Jan 31, 2:00 am

Was nice reading your reports....... love it... sounds just like my kinda vacation. Endless days of sloth in Amsterdam..... life doesn't get any better.

:-) Dogbreath

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Postby spliff » Fri Jan 31, 3:02 pm

sweet report,i stashed a bowl and some hash behind the fire extinguisher case on the third floor at the die port in 2001,when i returned in 2002 it was big deal,i just hope whoever found it smoked it and didn't just throw it away.i think your hiding space is better than mine was,only thing-dosen't it get hot on those coils?anyway i hope someone reads this post and finds it,would be interesting.

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