New Restaurants to try.

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New Restaurants to try.

Postby MileHighDenver » Wed Jun 17, 9:59 pm

The Rijks Museum has a new restaurant called "Rijks". It features an outdoor terrace in the Rijks Museum gardens away from the crowds. Jackie says it's very upscale and the food and service are great. They even bring a pitcher of water to the table at no charge. Looking forward to trying it out. She has several other new ones on the list to try too. My favorites are still Elkaar and Vamos a ver. The later closing for a month so the owners can have a Holiday starting June 26th.

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Re: New Restaurants to try.

Postby NewYork, New York » Fri Jun 19, 12:05 am


Please ask (or post it yourself) Jackie to post the list of new restaurants you mention in your post.

Sounds intriguing.

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